30 April 2017

Mother Of Crows

Hey loves! *Grins evilly*
Did you miss my face at all? Not even a little bit? Well regardless I missed yours so there! I enjoyed a nice day out with my grandmother. We got some amazing Dim Sum from our favorite place then swung over to our favorite Sushi place and I we even got Korean BBQ because we wanted it. It truly was a nice time out with her and I thought a great way to end the night is showing off this cute (but creepy) look I put together with the stuff that I got from Konpeitou for this round of Memento Mori which opened up TODAY! 

This is a Gacha by the name of "My Sister" and it's only 75L each try and even though I went with the nice basic black color it is available in other amazing colors too. I mixed American Horror Story with some Game of Thrones and got these sets of pictures that I'm very pleased with! Keep on reading for credits! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

27 April 2017

Bruno Mars & Me

Hey Loves!
Today I decided to do some traveling with the always adorable Bruno Mars! Stop looking around for the sexy man with the amazing voice, today I'm talking about this adorable doggy boo that I got from Black Bantam some time ago (Sad part is I really can't remember when all I know is that I'm so happy I found him in my inventory) I was feeling lonely and we decided to check out Giadini Di Vita Village and it's BEAUTIFUL here! I'm using my favorite summery windlight made by Runa for my pictures but even with the default the look of this place is STUNNING! 

I'm really preparing myself for the summer months thinking maybe I'll actually go out and do more outdoorsy things! Maybe even catch a Pokemon or two but until then I've been enjoying some fun summertime looks this one included! Do you like the look I've created today? Keep on reading for more info!

24 April 2017

...Then I relaxed

Hey loves!
It's actually a very beautiful Monday. Not too cold and not too hot as if the sun is trying to say "I'm here to be supportive but not to smother you" It would be a great day to enjoy a tropical smoothie (my new obsession) and read something on the kindle.

I did a little bit of traveling in Second Life again while it rained this weekend and made an outfit I was really into. It has a nice mix of urban and casual that I'm really feeling as well as the monotone color palette (must admit I wasn't feeling at all colorful this weekend) Are you liking the feel of this outfit? Yes? No? Do you like parts of it? Either way my loves the credits are down below so make sure to keep reading and get all the information you need.

19 April 2017

Sweetest Wounds

Hey loves!
This week seems to be kind of intense but I just needed to show off this beautiful outfit and second life actually allowed it to FINALLY happen for me. Today I'm wearing a couple of amazing things from the Bloom event including this adorable kimono style dress. I wanted to keep a SOMEWHAT traditional but still Lili like look. Keep on reading for all the credits! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

13 April 2017

A Day In Fillory | Lili Chatwin

Hey loves
I know some of you are like "A day in what?" and some of you might be like "Hey Lili knows about cool things too" I know...sometimes my nerdiness does pay off. Recently a friend of mine got me into a show based off of a book (that I've never read may I add) called The Magicians and I accidentally but approvingly made an outfit loosely inspired by the adorable but very talented and helpful Jane Chatwin. She has a very old English Victorian feel to her looks and since I'm well...me I of course had to brighten it up so I guess you could call me...Lili Chatwin?

To be honest I'm very much into the show the first season at least because it's the perfect mix of humor and morbidity to keep me entertained and sitting on the edge of my seat (okay fine inches away from my computer screen) but I'd like to know what you guys feel about it if you've watched it and how it compares to the books for those who have read it. For those who are wondering why I'm going on and on about this show even though I have on this adorable outfit *whispers* Keep reading for more information

11 April 2017

In Your Feelings....Again.

Hey Loves!
Let me begin this by saying 
1. I'm so stressed out lately
2. Taking these pictures seemed like....forever since the sim I used for my pictures DISAPPEARED before my very eyes and then I rage quit because the pain ensued my mortal being. I was going to post this yesterday morning but it took me a long time to find a similar sim to take the remaining pictures. 
3. I love you guys & this blog and I don't know where I'd be without you/it
With all of that being said that's my introduction...now on to the clothes!

07 April 2017

In My Shell

Hey loves
Sadly another rather silent day since something seems to be making me so tired but I did make a look I completely love and wanted you to see it :D Mwahs & Happy Shopping

Love Always