30 November 2015

Up In Cloud Nine

Hello my angels!
Funny I'd call you angels today when I'm up here on cloud nine! I have some very beautiful sky related things that I wanted to show off and what better way then  to bring you to my cloud nine (Let's be honest here my cloud 9 wouldn't be right without some kind of glitter, Snacks , a bed, and cats)  Keep on reading for more pictures and of course credits so you can grab all the goodies for yourself!

29 November 2015

Seraph Pixie | Ft Ayashi Hair Goodies

Hey Loves!
After a nice day of stuffing my face (Mmmm lobster Mac & Cheese)and THEN a day of scrumptious sales and discounts I came back to the life of the second and thought....I really would just like to sit around in lingerie today so...I did :D. I feel absolutely gorgeous today and I want you guys to feel gorgeous too so if you're interested keep on reading for credits!

25 November 2015

KiraKira Kind Of Winter

Hey my rainbow unicorns!
One more day until I'm shoving food in my mouth in tremendous  amounts and announcing to the world what I'm thankful for. There is only one thing missing....SNOW! Where is the snow this year? There's not even signs of snow making an appearance anytime soon. Since I got sick of waiting I decided to take a snowy walk through SL. My inspiration today was....my want for snow? I have TONS of goodies on today so keep on reading for info and credits okay?!

18 November 2015

Mints & Strawberries

Hello Dears!...or Deers! Either way HELLO (and if you're a deer reading this I'm actually even more impressed!)
To be honest, when I make my outfits the inspiration can really come from anywhere and I mean ANYWHERE. Are you wondering where this inspiration came from? Well....quite simple really. I was watching youtube (I LOVE youtube) one of the many cooking channels that I'm subscribed to and they made strawberry salsa with mint in it and it looked...REALLY good and I DID recently buy this minty delicious new release from Moon Amore and thought that pinks would be a nice combo with it. TADA Inspiration *paints a rainbow over her head and smiles* Lots of cute and awesome goodies today! Keep on reading for more info and credits.

13 November 2015

Plaids & Whatnot

Hey Loves!

I made two looks I really loved today and couldn't figure out which one to post today so I posted both clearly :D Hope you enjoy! 
Credits at the bottom as usual!


My Loves!
So I must admit for the longest time I had NO idea what spoopy meant....it was just an adorable sounding word to say. Thanks to the power of the internet I am now in the know and for anyone that doesn't know it's a word to describe something comical & spooky which I kind of think describes me quite well. When I love someone...I love them HARD and my "threats" are comical and spooky or as some would say...spoopy "If you ever leave me I'll uppercut you in the kneecap and keep you in my magical dollhouse" is one of my favorite threats to people I love. Today I did a look inspired by...I'm honestly not sure I just wanted to say SPOOPY at least 12 times today before I finish my Shrimp fried rice (homemade btw) Today is a quick-ish post (because I might post twice). I hope you enjoy the look and the pictures and if you see something on me that you HAVE to have, Credits on the bottom!

06 November 2015

Usagi Named Shiba | Yay For SL no werky

Hey Loves!
Just a quick post to show you this adorable outfit I put together. Unfortunately SL decided that after this picture that was IT for the night BUT FEAR NOT I'm actually pleased with the outcome of this picture even with all my difficulties. I feel so cute and cuddly and I want you all to be able to grab the pieces for yourself before it's too late. Like what you see? Keep on reading for all the credits!

03 November 2015

Serene School Daze

Hey my loves!

Can you believe we've made it to November 2015 already it literally feels like yesterday I was talking about the summer time and how I couldn't wait for it to BUZZ OFF....and let me make it really clear I got that wish in massive amounts of cold breezes up my dress. 
Looking back to my high school days I was always such a derpy dresser. My closet mostly consisted of demin jeans and shirts with those bunnies with the funny sayings (if only I could remember the name of them grrrr EDIT: They are Happy Bunny shirts) I really wish I had the fashion sense I have now and could have worn all the cute little things I wore in college. My look today is inspired by....in a sense the girl I wish I was in high school? Lots of affordable goodies dripping off my body today that I think you guys will like so keep on reading for tons more info.