28 July 2018

♡ Small Country Town ♡

25 July 2018

♡ Fish Out Of Water ♡

23 July 2018

♡ You Are What You Eat ♡

My love taters!
Mmm speaking of taters I've been so obsessed with potatoes lately it's crazy. I've eaten french fries, Hash browns, tater tots, baked potatoes, mashes potatoes, SWEET POTATOES! ALL THE POTATOES!  Goodness I love potatoes!

22 July 2018

♡ Would You D8 Me? ♡

Hello my loves!

So before continuing on I first would like to acknowledge my "silent" posts. You see I have gotten a bit more private about my dating life but...Well I have an amazing boyfriend and I have for almost a year and on his days off I'm with him so if I DO blog I have a very limited time frame to do it and those are usually my credits only blog post. 'Kay? 'Kay! AS WE WERE

13 July 2018

♡ Adopting Senpai ♡

Hello again loves!

So I've been struggling a LOT with depression, as well as a bit of an identity crisis (aka my last post) BUT...I'm beginning to find myself again.

I had a friendship when I first started blogging that consumed me mind, body, and soul. This friend was my everything I felt like I'd never live without them but I quickly realized that my feelings were very one sided. I began to change myself to make them happy losing the very things that made me, well...me. One day I couldn't do it anymore and in the middle of the night I walked away but since that moment I was wading through a haze wondering "Why was I never good enough?" and last night after talking to ANOTHER friend I'm beginning to realize "I was and am enough and I don't need to change" 
I hope that you all know that I care for you as YOU. If you ever need someone to talk to and I'm online just send an IM, Leave me a notecard, I'm here for you and I'm open to love you for who you are. These are not just words to me this is a fact, a promise I made to myself a long time ago. REACH OUT. Please. If you need to.  

*Smiles* So my loves I love this outfit I have on today and I hope you enjoy it as well. Credits down below yes? YES! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

05 July 2018

♡ Seahorse Royalty ♡

My loves! *fans herself with the fury of a million Kanye Wests*
It's now the 5th of July and Hades himself still wants to be bae but I'm over here like "Nuh uh Hades me and A/C have a long time relationship that I just won't quit!" 

[Insert laugh track here o.o]

All jokes aside I didn't want to wear much in either life so I decided to show off this body suit from Epoch that can be swept up from this round of Suicide dollz. There is an assortment of styles to fit pretty much anyone's personality and I must say it makes my booty look amazing! I'm also loving this hairstyle from Ayashi because it is so casual and fun pretty perfect for this kind of weather! Keep on reading for credits and as always my dears mwahs & happy shopping!

Love Always

04 July 2018

♡ Spooky Spooky ♡

Hey ya'll first of all I feel like I'm supposed to say Happy 4th or something being American and all but yeah...with all the events that are going on here I'm really not feeling the national pride. I'm actually quite disgusted and disassociated with it...But I digress!

Look y'all it's a kawaii girl in a scary place SPOOKY SPOOKY!!!!!
Not even a shudder? A slight shiver?  Not scary at all? Well it wouldn't be the first time I've heard that hehe. As some of you know when I'm deep sea battling with depression my blog posts fall off (once again I'm sorry) but it does give me time to travel and this time around I went to a place called Arranmore. It's not morbid but it is creepy. Absolutely spoopy in the best way! They even give you a flashlight to travel through in the midnight setting so if you ever want to kinda scare yourself in the best way, check it out  ♡HERE  Not only did I have a great time looking around, I also looked great doing it! Keep on reading for more details!