27 February 2014

Cake Pops For All!

Hey Loves!

I did this look some time ago before traveling then sadly forgot to post it....I'm terrible right? No Fear! It's to be posted today! Keep on reading for a short but sweet tell all!
Today I have on a very cute and CHEAP lingerie Set from Violent Seduction for the Tainted Love Hunt! For only 1L you get the top and bottom, (both system and appliers),bows, and ruffles and all you REALLY have to do is find a...human heart? Sounds normal right?!?! I added a couple more bows here and there since everything is copiable and you can give yourself a sexy and unique look for almost no linden. IT ENDS TOMMOROW SO GET YOUR TUSHES STARTED! 

The Hint for Violent Seduction is: She might be a dummy, but she keeps a secret well.

Short but sweet posting but soooooo needed to get the word out! See you later my loves! Mwahs & Happy Hunting!

Love Always

♥ BODY ♥
♡ Skin: The Sugar Garden - Baby 2.0 in E Tone
♡ Shape: My Own Shape NOT FOR TRADE OR SALE
♡ Eyes: Chop Shop - Darkness Eyes
♡ Hair: Wasabi Pills - Sugar Rush in Gingerbread
♡ Breasts: Lush 1.4
♡ Feet: Slink - Enhanced Mesh Feet Medium Height
♡ Booty: Luck Inc - Cute Azz
♡ Lipstick: The Sugar Garden - Sweet Luna Lipgloss in Sugar Daddy
♡ Blush: Dead Apples - Aime Blusher
♡ Deer Markings: Half Deer - Faun Face V.2 in Type A Light
♡ Lingerie: Violent Seduction - Cameo Lingerie Tainted Love Hunt Prize
♡ Socks: Blah - My Nylon Ombre Stockings in Roses
♡ Shoes: The Sugar Garden - Jellybean Wedges in Black
♡Cake Pops:  Half Deer - Cake Pops XOXO Set
♡ Tail: The Sugar Garden - Neko Cosplay Clip On Tail in Black Found @ Fantasy Gacha Fair
♡ Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears
♡ Horns: Anc - b b t b Wings in Black
♡ Hands: Death Row Desigs - Demon Hands

26 February 2014

Don't Pinch My Cheeks

Hey Loves!

Miss me? I missed you too! I've recently been in RL with my lovely miss Cho and I've enjoyed every second of it but sadly it's coming to an end rather soon. I would be sad but I know we'll meet up again soon and it will be just as fun a second time...and third...and fourth...and fi-...

ANYWAY I have lots of goodies to show you all so keep on reading okay!? I love everything I have on today so I might rant on a bit if you're just wanting to get right to shopping there are credits at the bottom.

24 February 2014


Hey Loves I'm back all animed up for the love of...being...animed up?

Sometimes I just wanna run around and be a cute anime lovely okay?!? Dun judge!
Anywho today I was all "hmm I wanna wear some purple" and then I did because that's how it works right? Plus I kept thinking of that song Radio/Video by System of a Down with this outfit so I guess you could say that is my inspiration for this  post right? Gonna move right into the credits since I made you guys wait so long for a new post ughhh I feel so bad when I'm not consistant! Keep on reading for the credits okay? Mwahs & Happy Shopping 

Love Always 

20 February 2014

Donut Policy

Hey Loves!

Today I'm a police officer! I'm an officer of the law! Hail to my policey goodness! Jay Kay I'm not arresting anyone but I AM a FASHION Police Officer...hear me rawr? 
ANYWHO me and a couple of my friends here *looks to her right and her left* have some cute stuff to tell you about today so sit tight and keep on reading

19 February 2014

Pink Marshymallow

Hey loves! Remember me?
I know I haven't been blogging as much as I usually do and there are a couple of reasons 

1. My mood RL has been fluctuating up and down and you all know how much I HATE putting negativity in my sparkles
2. I'm not home
3. A lot of new releases I'm seeing are....a little smaller, tinier, and shorter than things I wanna wear leaving me a little more...uninspired than usual

That being said I'm pantsless today and proud! I have on my most favorite color in the WORLD and I have releases to tell you about so keep on reading!

15 February 2014

Eye Still Luv Yew

Hey Loves!
Hope you all had an amazing Valentines Day spent with the one(s) you love and adore to space and back like I did! I um...well I'm a little late showing off this outfit BUT the deal isn't gone yet so this is a quicky post so you don't miss all the cutesy goodness. Keep on reading for all the clothing goodness!

12 February 2014

Solar Eclipse

Hey Loves

I REALLY wanted to show off this look to you guys because I love it so! I picked up this amazing little set from Collabor88 by Katat0nik for this round's "SuperNova" theme called Starry Babydoll along with lots of other goodies!
Keep on reading for the credits :D

10 February 2014

Grandma's Princess

Hey Loves! 

I'm finally all comfy like and now...it's blogging time!

Even as a kid I was always close to my grandmother and to this day it hasn't changed. I mean...sure we get into our little debates and quarrels but that's what happens when you live with someone right? My mom used to tell me my grandmother gave her permission to raise me but as an adult I'd be going back to my "real mom" which I used to think was super funny but now looking at things....I think she may have been right o.o! I'm sure you didn't come here to hear me rant about my grandmother right? 

07 February 2014

Butterfly & Pizza Pie | Lots Of Goodies

Hey Lovely People! 

I know it's been awhile but I am packing up to go and visit a sexy friend of mine AND I looked at my bloggy one day and my background had been deleted so had to find another one :D! I'm super excited but nervous...you know that feeling you get when you first meet someone face to face? I have it running from my toes to my...eyebrow hairs? The nerves will go away once I see them hehehehehe.
My blog post today was based on...well honestly I just loved the outfit and I happened to ALSO wanna wear these cute tentacle pizza thingamahbobbers and accidently clicked the butterfly in my inventory so...it got added too! Hope you like my misclickity and craving goodness of an outfit and if you do there is info if you keep reading!

02 February 2014

Busty Sunday!

Hey Loves!

It's been...forever since I last brought you a lazy sunday look and I thought what better day than today...you know, since it's Sunday hehe. 

Skinliness: Celeste By Morphine

Hey Loves! 

I promised you all my weekends would be for skin reviews and I TRY to keep my word to you guys because I love you soooo!
This weekend I want to show a new release from Morphine that can be found at the Hipster Fair. Keep on reading to see more that is available in this pack! Mwahs & Happy skin shopping!