30 May 2013

Grape Milkshakes

Hey Sexy Bishes!
So I went shopping last night and they had an epic sale on these nifty little straws called "Got Milk?" they are the cutest little straws filled with little...flavor beads? and they had so many flavors available for only 50 cents but I didn't want to be greedy so I only got a banana, Vanilla, and strawberry. I guess my outfit was loosely inspired by...Flavored Milk? Yes...I like *giggles*

27 May 2013

Gamer Girls & White Knights

Hello Loves!

Did you miss me?  I'm here now because I missed you too!

So get this..I actually have a little bit of a gamer girl in me and I've been enjoying the life of a gamer with a friend of mine. I hate playing by myself because sometimes when its discovered that I'm a real girl things tend to get a bit weird. It goes from gaining XP to gaining...well you get the point. I even learned a new term called White Knight. I'm on a roll with this gamer talk and I'm actually enjoying it!
My outfit today is relaxed and simple but it made me a happy Lili! My little demon pet and I had a nice stroll across the beach! Want to learn more about this outfit? Keep on reading! If you have a game to level on that's okay I have credits at the end!

25 May 2013

Introducing | Daria By Modish

Hello Loves!

I again apologize for the absences I've been having lately and I may as well fill you in yes?

Well...let's just say something amazing is happening with my RL and I really want to see where it goes so I've been away from my computer as of lately. Will I be leaving the SL Blogging world? No, however I do have to share my time I give to you guys with others and I haven't had to do that in a while so please bare with me until I can balance the two better.

I did come baring gifts! Its a gem of a skin from Modish for the Garage Fair! Keep Reading for pictures!

21 May 2013

Prince Charming's Not For Everyone

Hey Loves!

Sorry I've been away so long! It's not like me at all. Between heat, computer issues, and RL-ness its been hard for me to show you all the sexiness in SL!
Today's title is about well...you hear at a young age you are looking for "Prince Charming" but you know...not everyone wants prince charming. If you aren't looking for that you are kissing the wrong frogs. I personally want "Prince laughs at my dorkiness" I want "Prince games with me" and "Prince likes me for not being a princess but still makes me feel like one" I want a real Prince. A prince that is a prince by character not by birthright. You know what I want my prince to be like...Aladdin...he earned it he wasn't given it. It makes sense if you think about it. Kissing frogs is a lot less creepy if you know what type of frogs to pick up.

ANYWHO...I know you totally came here for the clothing right? RIGHT! Keep on reading! Lots of newness for you! If you are busy kissing frogs there are credits below just for you.

17 May 2013

When You're Ready....Come and Get It

Hey Loves!

I think I finally got my sparkle back! For quite a few weeks now I've felt like a trapped butterfly in a jar with no holes. I'm finally out of the jar and now its time for me to soar again! The spring always has a way of lighting up my mood, making me want to shine and this spring is no different. I have a nice colorful outfit on today that makes me an even more sparkly, happy, Lili. I can tell you wear to get this amazing stuff, all you have to do is keep on reading! If you're too busy soaring there are credits below.

16 May 2013

Ophelia By La Petite Morte

Hey Loves! 

Am I a cute gothy Vampires?
*Giggles everytime I write out the name of this skin shop I chuckle but she has a point it almost is a little like an orgasm sometimes to find a skin you like. Today I want to show you one of the new releases from La Petite Morte for the World Goth Fair. Keep on reading for more pictures

14 May 2013

What Do Zebra's Say?

Hey Loves!

Wondering about the title? Well let me explain...

When I was young like most children, I loved to read and I had this crazy book about animals. It told you about where they lived and what they eat and all that great stuff and it even told you what sounds they made which was my favorite part as a child. I finally got to the last page of the book which felt like forever and on that page no "Zebras say..." to be found...
To this day I have no idea what Zebras say guys *cries* Just Kidding I've learned but the story ties into my outfit hehe. Keep on reading for the info! If you're on the search for the sounds of the animal world there are credits on the bottom just for you!

13 May 2013

Princess Of Everything & Nothing

Happy Monday everybody!
I woke up feeling bright, energized, and happy after an amazing Mothers Day with my mom. Something I have recently told myself is that I'm a princess of everything....and nothing. In other words I walk out of my home always thinking that to some I am an amazing being and to others they may not enjoy my presence but one thing that won't change is I will still be who I am at the end of the day. 
I am a happy bundle of bright today (because that's unusual right?) and I had a nice day of exploring! I even met a local! Want to know where to shop? Do you want to get it for yourself? You know what to do...KEEP READING! If you are in a rush don't worry credits at the bottom

10 May 2013

50 Shades of Green (And Some Confused Yellows)

Hey my lovelies!
It's been so hot and muggy here lately that its definitely gotten me ready for summer! All of my winter clothes are officially away and all my bright colored stuff is hanging stunningly in my closet *_*! I felt like doing a nice summer breeze type picture with Sir Greenbottom loosely inspired by the dress I purchased in RL for myself for mother's day festivities! Want to see the details? Keep reading silly! *jumps through the Read More portal*

08 May 2013

Introducing...Azuka By Mirror's Enigma

Hey loves!

Been such a long day today but I have an amazing skin to show off to you that I promised you late last week. Without further ado I bring you *Dramatic, Suspenseful Voice* Azuka by *jazzhands* Mirror's Enigma 


06 May 2013

Pastel Princess | Loads Of New Releases!

Hey Fashion Heads! 
My internet is finally fixed! I feel so pretty and amazing in this outfit and I never want to take this off! Dun worry I will though! I will just save it as an outfit for another day but I plan on sharing the look with you today. My inspiration was flowers to be honest....pretty bright and pastel colored flowers! Keep on reading for all the details! If you are too busy strolling through the flowers, don't worry credits at the bottom.

03 May 2013

Happy, Free, Confused, & Lonely...

 Hey Fashion Divas
*Prances in singing loudly twirling her hair with her neatly painted index finger* It feels like the perfect night to dress up like Hipsters!! Okay Taylor Swift...you got me! This song has been in my head all morning and I'm totally not ashamed. Today I feel...you guessed it I feel happy, free, confused, and lonely in the best ways!

I had a blast not only with this outfit but with the technical difficulties to complete it. Ever since my "upgrade" with my ISP my internet is worse than ever but fear not! I have overcome! I have succeeded! I ha-...oh look cookies! *Types with mouth full* Keep on reading for all the lovely newb around the grid. If you're too busy with your feels that's okay! Credits at the bottom

02 May 2013

Drops Of Jupiter

Hey Fashion Heads!

Its me!  Yesterday was my Bestie/Wifey/Boob Buddy Inu's birthday so if you see her online harass her so hardcore and give her a Happy Belated!! She is now legal!!! Well....legal to drink so lets get her some virtual liquor and keep the party going! 
I really like the outfit I have on today the black & White with pops of red (a combo a really love) and I have on so many awesome new releases! Wanna know more about this outfit? Keep on reading! If you have birthday plans as well then that's okay there are credits below.