27 August 2015

Special Ingredient

Heyyy Fashion Heads!

I got a little bit of time after the BF headed home to share a look with you that I'm kind of loving right now...so here I ish sharing it with your faces!
Something I've noticed about myself is that I LOVE cooking. I'm very adventourous when it comes to combining flavors to fit what I'm in the mood for but what I REALLY have come to notice is when I am cooking for someone I love I ALWAYS do a good job! I mean it's perfect when it's for my family, friends, or boyfriend but when I'm sitting on my lonesome and make something it always feels like it's...missing something? Maybe because I want to impress and make everyone happy when I'm cooking for a group so I try harder and when it's just me my only thought is "GET IN MY FACE"? Or maybe....just maybe "love" is an actual ingredient that makes things taste better? 

The look I have today has TONS of ingredients used to make ADORABLE and they are all credited below so if you like what you see keep on reading kk?

19 August 2015

Not Goodbye, It's See You Soon

Hey Loves!

I'm sure you've noticed my...sporadic blogging. I thought after my last break I'd be able to get back into the swing of things but honestly. I couldn't and I can't. As much as I love showing off some of the cute things in SL right now....I can't. Instead of letting myself implode I think for now I am going to step away from blogging indefinitely. Will I be back one day? Maybe. Most Likely, but I can't promise you a date. Will it be this year? Let's hope so? Right now I just need a break from not blogging...but from SL and because I need that break, blogging needs to be put on halt as well.

Before you wonder, no nothing bad has happened. Actually a lot of good has happened. I'm in the process of finding an apartment in RL AND buying a car which means the money I HAD to shop in SL is going to things I feel are far more important. I've recently started dating  (I know I said I wouldn't update you on my dating life anymore but meh...things change) as well as started a part time job and the time I had to sit in the house and really complete a look has dwindled to almost nothing. I have to re-balance and find my sparkly happy place again because blogging always makes me sparkle but second life has been a place of many heartbreaks and I told myself I want to leave the negative feels behind.

I will see you guys again and when I do my looks, skills, and time will be so much more cheerful, more me, and more entertaining for EVERYONE involved. I love you all never forget that. Mwahs & Happy Shopping (without me...for just a little while)


06 August 2015

Rebels With A Cute Cause

Sweet love faces! 

Hey there! How I have missed you so! Does ANYONE else have windows 10 installed? How do you like it? Me personally I disliked it at first some programs (like SL) disconnect from the internet randomly HOWEVER once I do connect I have a ton less problems I was even able to take a couple pictures with no crashing.
Today I honestly just wanted to be cute and cuddly because I mean seriously, how could I not miss you guys' community cuddles? I have on tons of stuff from Manga Fair which ends tomorrow (sooorrryyy) and I feel like they need to be shown and bought and made to be your very own while you still have the chance PLUS some other goodies from other events that need your monetary attention. Keep on reading for more info and landmarks!