31 July 2014

The Bone Magician

Hey Loves!
I'm a magic woman today and gonna DAZZLE you with my fashion and accessories. Another quick posty but full of my magical lovin! 

29 July 2014

Bunny Baroness

Hey dear readers & hallo new subbies *wavewaves*
Sadly today I have NO energy. Not only was I not home all this weekend but I also didn't take my iron pills or my vitamins so my energy is at -48697 and I hate it BUT I have a couple things to show before the end of the month so I am pushing myself! There won't be as much talking but will be lots of content so keep reading and stay tuned!

Keep on reading for the credits of great goodness!

23 July 2014

Ensya By PUMEC

Another really quick post! 
Just want to show off these skins from PUMEC available at The Gacha Mania for under 75L per play! Keep reading for info!

Love From T.T.P

Hey Loves!

We just can't stop blogging together! You know why? because it's fun! 
Today we rocked and rolled out with the best of them! Funny enough we were originally going to dress as the outcasts at school then it took an amazing turn to an even better idea! Do you want to know what the amazing Trio is wearing today? For mine just keep on reading but for Jinki <--& --> Lala you just go and check out there bloggity! In a rush to our first concert? ;) I don't blame you hehe my credits are at the bottom!

18 July 2014

Limey Lime Beachy Time | Wowmeh Updates!

I'm baaaack
Today the crazy trio went to the beach! Guess who's computer NOPE'd outta there? Mine did hehe but my love love was sweet enough to do this picture for us and goodness I love it sooooo much.  Later on I was able to stabilize and get more pictures whipped up.
It's a bit late and I'm kind of tired BUT hey fashion doesn't sleep so I will just have to suck it up and give you all the clothing details huh? You got it! Keep on reading!

17 July 2014


Hey my loves!
Sometimes I must admit...I don't want to be social or go outside I just want to dress up as pretty as I can and then watch TV on the couch taking random selfies for my friends. I just feel like being beautiful sometime without the trouble of being social....I guess my desire trickled into SL today too hehe

Today I am dressed as an Angel moving into her new home in heaven. I just wanted a nice serene feel to my posty today to be quite honest and I'm really happy with the way the look turned out so keep on reading for more outfit newsy pewsy :D Are you a busy angel to? Credits at the bottom!

15 July 2014

Say Che....

Hey Loves!
So the crazy trio, Jinklilala, is back to take a sophisticated and classy picture for you guys :D
Said no one ever..when we get together we have FUN and things go so well. I am so happy I met these two and even happier that they enjoy the time we spend together almost as much as I do and today we share this happiness with you guys!

I picked this title because it kind of fits us when we get together. We get all prim and proper for "the outsiders" but on the inside we are like giddy little schoolgirls who just wanna play! We are wearing some awesomesauce too because we are stylish as fack :D Keep on reading for details

11 July 2014

Giraffe Babe

 Hey my loves!
It's friday and I am just doing a quick bloggity boo with my newest wife and one of my besties HarleyQuinn Constantine from the fabulous blog ,ShopTart Insanity, Isn't she the cutest thing ever? I think so hehe. 

I love her so and am so happy to be doing a posty with her she has this ability to sum things up in her blog in the cutest way and in honor of her and my semi cut finger that burns when I sweat, there will be a "blurble" and that is all hehe.Keep on reading for my blurbledy bloo and credits kkthanx.

09 July 2014

Manga Around

Hey loves

I know! Bad Lili leaving up hanging but don't worry I'm not trust me I just got super caught up yesterday BUT my mind was on you guys the whole time. I know I have the habit of wearing TONS of new things all at once and I always wondered how you guys felt about it. I mean...I'm sure you all know by now I'm a little bit of an accessories freak right? I just love to feel weighed down by the pretties...do you blame me?
Today is no different hehe I'm dripping in goodies and I want to show them all to you guys so sit back and keep on reading all the yummy details okay?

04 July 2014

Count on Me

Hello my loves & Happy 4th of July!

For some of my readers this is a proud American holiday full of Hot Dogs, Burgers and sadly in my area, rain. but for the others its just another day and you know...I can be patriotic even without dressing like it I wanted to do a very cute and bright look for today since it's so gloomy and sad (only reason I'm complaining it because it's still HOT)
Want a nice fun bright "Friends Forever" look to savor on your 4th of July? Keep on reading for some details!

03 July 2014

I Know It's Gonna Be...Alright

Hello my love loves!

It's July and it's blazing hot but it's okay we will make it through right? 
I'm wearing tons of goodies from all around the grid and let me just say....there is TONS this isn't even the tip of the iceberg. Keep on reading for all the yummy and delicious details :D