23 June 2016

Black Swan

12 June 2016

Sailor Scars

My love nests!

I may be late but you know what? I'm here and that's all that REALLY matters right? Right? I got WAY behind on Sailor Moon Crystal and binge watched a couple episodes with my baby boy Phantom (I kid you not he's into it almost as much as me he sat for 2 whole episodes) while eating Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos! Having that relax time really got my creative juices going and got me revved to get on SL....then...I ran into this!
 ...and I knew what had to be done hehe. I am loving the goodies I have on today and hopefully with a little nudge nudge I can get you excited about the goodies too yes? Keep on reading for more infos!

10 June 2016

Soaked In The Sun

My loves <3

I've always been that girl who finds a clean, safe body of water to relax in when she needs to go into her deep thinking. I mean don't get me wrong, shower thinking is great (and you can't fool me and say you've never done it) but something about sinking myself into water feeling it splash around me as my mind moves through it's manic journey makes me feel....complete. 
Today since I've been thinking so much in real life I decided to give my second life self time to think to while not only wearing a super adorable bathing suit but also taking along a super adorable (and hungry) companion because honestly what is better than a deep thinking session with an adorable pet? Are you in the search for some new goodies for your inventory *whispers* I think I might know of a couple places. Keep on reading for more infos and credits :D

08 June 2016

Sweet Relief

Hey my love pockets!

Today it's raining! I know I shouldn't be so happy about rain but think about it...it's literally water falling from the sky and cooling off our hot bodehs :D
In celebration of my own day in I decided to spend the day in on second life as well with my little furry friends, I went a little...well berserk would be an understatement for what happened with me at this round of the Arcade and I took the chance to try and up my decoration game :D It's a short but sweet (get it?) post today but it's full of goodies and love so keep reading for a closeup and of course for the credits!

01 June 2016

Plastic Barbies

Hey my lovelies!
So the heat seems to have gotten my message about it feeling on my booty and decided to do it again...I hate it less today since it's not so humid and awkward. I've been feeling HORRIBLE as of lately. Some of you may know I'm anemic and for whatever reason my iron levels are WAY down causing lots of sleeping and weird enough belly aches but no matter you know how much I love blogging so once my eyes pop open I'm running to play in clothes! I'm a big fan of my outfit today so keep on reading for more details :D