22 June 2017

♥ Purrfect Summer Day ♥

17 June 2017

Summer Day

Helloooooooo lovers and lovettes!
Hmm...to be honest I kind of like that intro. I keep it for nao *giggles* I've surprisingly been in a rather cheerful mood despite how hot it's been, and not just hot but the humidity has been 51 percent so all of my clothes have been clinging to me and the sweat was NONSTOP but as I said, despite it all I've actually been looking....forward? to the summer. Does this mean I'm growing up as a person? Am I evolving? Is this what getting old feels like? Just adapting to horrid sweat drenched situations? Either way my loved ones, I really enjoyed my little exploration in a cute little sim called Nowhere else and the outfit I wore in my exploration was too cute to pass up the chance to show you. Keep on reading for the details yes?

13 June 2017

Succubus in White

Hey loves!
I know it looks like my boobies are giving you the middle finger but I promise you they are not, even though that would be kind of epic to some degree. I am wearing something a little more showy and possibly NSFW but I adored it and I need to show it to all of you lovies so just keep on reading for more information yes? Yesssss

08 June 2017

Forest Imp Princess

Hello loves!
How is your morning going so far? Good I hope. I'm just enjoying a nice greek yogurt and whole grain toast wishing it was eggs and corned beef hash *Le sigh* must wait for the weekend to treat myself. Since I must wait to treat myself I decided to treat all of you instead with some affordable and cute pieces of clothing *grins* it sounds like a fair trade right? I thought you would say that. Just keep on reading for all the informations for all the things

01 June 2017

Cutely Active

Hey Loves!

Remember this face? Trust me I know it's been quite some time but for semi good reasons. I've been trying to get myself to be a healthier person mind, body, and soul. I've been eating healthier (Even though I want carbs and cheese ALL day) and I've been trying to go to sleep at reasonable times and I've even been *gasps* being more active.
The look was inspired by a really cute activewear set I saw at Kohl's a couple of weeks ago but sadly it didn't come in my size which is boo sauce but I felt a little better that I was able to replicate it with one of my favorite designers creations. I love the mix of cute and active that I achieved today and though it's not all super new releases I LOVE the look! Keep on reading for credits yes?