27 December 2013

See you in 2014!!!

Hey Loves!

Due to...well...RL busy clusterfluck I will not be blogging until the new year starts....

I can't give you an exact date but just know I'll be back so continue to message, comment, and grope me as you please okay?! Mwahs & Happy Shopping! Shop for me!

Love Always

26 December 2013

XMas Day Relaxin

Hey Loves!

I know it's a late post but I've been relaxing all day long! I wish you all a very Merry Christmas...even though it's a bit late!
Today is anther quick post because...well the holidays man! Keep on reading for a quick summary of what I have on and the credits of joy and happiness!

23 December 2013

My Frosted Alterego

Hey Loves!
Been a couple of days so wanted to do a quick post for you all! I love you so and not blogging for you guys makes me a little sad but I has no time thanks to Christmas full speed ahead! Keep on reading for a quick summary of what I have on below! 

21 December 2013

Bubblegum Princess

Hey Loves!
So close to Christmas I can just SMELL the Christmas presents and after Christmas sales. Feel the super fat feeling in my belly after eating my grammie's Mac & Cheese (None better). I just know I have a lot to look forward to hehe. Today I'm not showing off an Xmas look but it's a look I was really into, it's a bit of like...a demoness' night in hehe. I wanted something kinda fun and sexy so....keep on reading if you want a little fun and sexy in your life.

19 December 2013

Princess Of Oz | 100k Views :O

Hey Loves!!
First and foremost...I can't BELIEVE I've made it to 100k views and I thank each of you who take the time to read my random yet heartfelt postings! I'm still amazed each day to see that you guys are still reading and still commenting and making me feel like a million bucks and I just don't know how to express to you guys how much I LOVE doing this. 

Today I went with a look loosely inspired by Wizard of Oz. Do you remember when Dorothy and the gang got to Emerald City and everyone had on green? They had a wizard but we ALL know...They totally needed a glitter princess I mean SERIOUSLY...do you think the "Wizard" would have ordered them to wear something so stylish? Though the look is more simple than my usual I felt AMAZING! Want to get the stuff for yourself? Follow the yellow brick road and keep on reading! Credits at the bottom *snickers "bottom"*

17 December 2013

Many Changes...

Hey Loves!
Sorry I haven't been around much I've been REALLY down in the dumps lately so I haven't been on enough to really dress up however I did put this look together and it instantly cheered me up! I'm not doing much talking today but there are credits below for you all to grab up the goodies for yourself! Mwahs & Happy Shopping 

Love Always

Keep Reading for credits

15 December 2013

Princess Peach

Hey Loves
I know it's been a couple days but my computer was on the Fritz...It kind of still is but I can blog so that's all that matters right? I still can't watch Youtube or play many games and since I just factory set everything to try and run better I don't have all the photoshop brushes I know and love and my picture quality isn't my usual since I'm still updating!

ONTO BETTER THINGS I'm wearing an awesome outfit that I adore and kind of makes me think of princess peach. A little more modern but the color schemes are the same. Want to know where to get this amazing look? Keep on reading 'kay? Yay!

12 December 2013

Santa's Babeh

Hey Loves it's me again!
Lately I've been steering away from the super sexy looks and keeping a cute, playfullness because...honestly the sexy stuff doesn't always fit my personality but with my outfit I have on today I could mix my personality with a little more sex appeal. Keep on reading to get the deets. 

11 December 2013

The Elf With Presents

LOVES! I missed you! 
*Jingles her bells at all her loving readers* I was such a scrooge last week about Christmas I was NOT feeling it maybe because I'm low on funds, maybe because I don't have plans but I don't know it suddenly just lifted and I can't wait for Christmas! I'm sure there are certain little somethings that helped me get into the spirit hehe and I'm wearing them. Keep on reading to get all the details on the goods! 

09 December 2013

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Hey Loves!
Lingerie Day! I think every woman deserves a day to walk around feeling amazing in her cutest pantie and bra set! I decided to lead by example and strut around my dollhouse doing JUST THAT.

Soooo I wanted to be cute and show off some amazing furniture, which is not exactly my strong point but I love pretty surroundings too! I love the sets I have to show off meaning both the one I'm wearing and the one I'm laying on! Want some closer looks at both? Keep on reading! is it lingerie day for you too? Credits at the bottom. 

08 December 2013

Summertime Sadness

Hello my loves! 

I'm sure you've noticed my last postings have been set up in more winter like areas but today I broke out of the shell! I want my summertime back! I am just a sucker for bright colors and looking for ways to incorporate my love of colors into the winter madness that I also love hehe. It never fails for me to miss the summer during the winter at least once...though I'd be totally lost without the seasons.
My inspiration today is...well I guess I have two. I of course LOVE the song Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Ray AND...I HAVE summertime sadness so I used some nice bright colors to shake the winter blues away. Wanna grab the goodies for yourself? (why do I always ask this? Maybe I'm secretly hoping you're nodding right now....hmm) Well my lovelies keep on reading! 

06 December 2013

Rain, Dear?

Hey Loveloves!

Meet my friend Sir Reindeer...we met a little while ago but um....he seems trustworthy :D I did a little more 'splorin around SL because honestly...I missed going to random sims and looking around...I've made a couple of friends doing just that so why not continue :D
Today's inspiration for my post was well...reindeer. I don't know if they are real or not but they are just the cutest little things hehe. Want to grab up the goodies from my outfit? Keep on reading! Are you busy meeting the locals? Well don't worry there are credits at the bottom.

03 December 2013

Jill Frost

Hey My Loves!

You know...I've gotten asked before what inspires me to dress up the way I do or what inspires my blog titles and honestly....I don't know from day to day what inspires me but I know I do love being inspired and sharing it with you!
I've always LOVED winter weather because well let's be honest...its far too cold for me to sweat enough to ruin my hair....and we all know I love to look fabulous right? Today I dressed up as Jill Frost, Jack Frost's little sister he hides away in fear that people may like her better and ruin his good wintery time. Mean old brother Jack can't stop me now! Want to know what I have on? Keep on reading! Credits at the bottom!

01 December 2013

Lazy Sunday | Winter Edition

Hey Fashion Heads!

It's officially winter I suppose so why not embrace it right? I made a couple buddies at Izzies who absolutely fangirled all over me! They were all "OMG IT'S LI..-" what a girl can dream! Anywho I've always been a fan of snowmen but living so close to the city they never really lasted long so I guess you can say I was living out some more childhood through Second Life. 
For my lazy Sunday I went with comfy and I wanna share the deets with you because I luff yew so. Want to get a couple things for yourself? Keep on reading to find out where to go! Are you mid snowman? That's okay I have the credits at the bottom

Mirror's Enigma | Freya

Hey Loves!

I have a couple more skins I want to show off before the sale ends and this is one of them by Mirror's Enigma called Freya! Keep on reading to find out more details

30 November 2013

A Modish Tale of Black Weekend

Hi my love loves!
Well...I spent my day shopping yesterday so I am a happy little glitter princess. I honestly spent most of my money in RL BUT I had to hit up some of the SL sales including a couple skin ones yes? So uh...do me a favor and feast your eyes upon the sexy skin I bring to you today from Modish called Xia! More pictures and details below so keep on reading!

29 November 2013

Turkey Stuffed Black Friday Shoppin'

Hi Loves!
It's weird they say Turkey puts you to sleep however...I can't sleep at all maybe because of BLACK FRIDAY the best day of the entire year...well...minus my birthday of course! OH and Christmas and we can't forg-..okay its ONE of the best days of the year. I know I'll be doing a crap ton of shopping today but I did want to blog this super adorable look before then (look out for daily updates) that makes me think of pumpkins, turkey and Black Friday.

Want to gobbledy Goop with me and my outfit? Keep on reading! Feeling that not so awake feel building up in your bones? Credits at the bottom!

28 November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Fashion Heads!

First and foremost I would like to wish you all the BIGGEST Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones and I secondly want to give you all a HUGE thank you. 
I'm thankful to have you guys as readers and followers that make my blogging journey something special. When I first started on this blog I literally knew nothing. I didn't know what direction I was taking with this blog I got my first handful of views and that quickly became what is is today. One day things got easier with the help of all of you. With each view, comment, inworld message I felt better with what I post to you all, what I say, what I share. I love getting the messages about my stories helping you feel less alone or my looks (as weird as some may be) helping you to express your creativity and of course I love becoming friends with you all. 

I know there are bloggers out there who do blog for the fashion but I blog for so much more. I blog for not only fashion but I want to share my world with you guys and have you all share your world with me. I want you all to know if you ever feel alone there is always at least ONE person you can come to...I'm your long distance friend and this is my way of reaching out and showing you I'm here for you.

I'm so thankful to you guys for reading and encouraging me to continue my blogging journey...hopefully for many more years to come.

Love Always

OH don't worry...my thank you comes with credits dears just keep on reading okay? Mwah mwahs and Happy Shopping! 

26 November 2013

I Just Wanna Fly

Hey Loves! 
Don't yell! I'm sorry I know its been...WAY too long but its the holidays I get a pass right? I did update my layout what do you guys think? As much as I LOVED my last one I had so many problems including difficulties posting and getting comments from you lovelies so hopefully that's all fixed now! 

I come back with goodies and super cuteness for all of you who waited so patiently so keep on reading okay?! I have a lot to say so let me grab a drink and then we begin!

20 November 2013

Going Nowhere

Hey Loves!

Sorry I've been away so long you know how the holidays can be right? 
I hate people that tell other people that their hopes and aspirations aren't important and that unless they want to be....a doctor or something they are "going nowhere" in life. Um...sir/ma'am last time I checked this was MY life...you're not on stage with me..you're in the audience. So my loves don't let anyone put down the things you like or love or want to be. If you want to be a doctor GREAT I love doctors...if you want to be a lion tamer DO IT and don't let anyone tell you it's not worth it. You're worth reaching for the stars no matter what your star may be. No story today just words of inspiration and you can keep on reading for credits okay?! 

Love You Always

Credits below

17 November 2013

Daia No Hana

Hey Loves!

Babysitting...BLEH! I used to have all the patience in the world for it but now? I'm like the bus driver from South Park (EVERYBUDY SIT DOWN!) Does this mean I'm grown up now?
Anywho...Daia no Hana is the name of the theme song from a anime called Black Cat which is actually the first anime to ever make me want to check out other anime so I guess you can say it peaked my interest a little and my outfit is loosely inspired by it. Do you want the goodies? Well you're in luck I will show you where to get them. 

Who's Gonna Save Me?


I think we all have fantasies of being a superhero at one age in life. We all wonder what are power will be. Draining Life? Invisibility? Super Strength? I don't want any of that. I want to be able to take people's pain away. I know it sounds super dumb to some but the quickest way to a safe and loving world is if the people in it are happy right? 
I may have stole a couple of superman's famous colors to make this outfit but uh...I DID IT FOR FASHION! I didn't wear my undies over my dress so I think I'll be okay hehe. Want to know what to grab for yourself? Keep on Reading *flies off* have a world to save? Credits at the bottom.

14 November 2013

Havin It MY Way

Miss me? I'm backkkk

I keep telling you all I'm a princess! Burger King & Dairy Queen Fell in love and had a child...Glitter Princess *nodnods* so now that I have some validity in the words I say...I'm running with it babeh and no one can stop me. 
My outfit was inspired by me finding my TRUE royal roots :D So keep on reading to get all the royal clothing for yourself okay?!

That's MY Kinda Night

Hey Loves!

This sickness just won't give up but fear not here I am. 

So...call me wierd if you must but a great night for me is putting on my headphones and getting on skype to talk to my friends all night. We laugh and play games. watch youtube, we laugh, sometimes we even cry but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm not a clubbing person and I've accepted that. My kind of night consists of a computer screen and headphones...naturally. 
My outfit today was inspired by...well honestly I just liked it soooo you want this stuff for yourself you know what to do...Keep Reading! Are you in the middle of a skype call? *whispers* Credits at the end. 

12 November 2013

The Time Traveler | Snow in Photoshop?!

Hey my loves!
So I have a question for you all today SO I WANT TO SEE SOME COMMENTS! Where would you go if you could pick any location? Anytime? Anyplace? Where would you pick? A friend of mine asked me this today and I was taken back by it but I know my location would be a snowy place since I'm a fan of the cold. I traveled to an awesome location today that some of you may know. It's IZZIES she decorated for winter already and I just had to get a picture! I even decided to play in photoshop and make snow! It may not be the best but you know...it's my first time hehe.

Though the winter is fast approaching I want to keep it bright...so I did. Keep on reading to find out the outfit details!

10 November 2013

Orange Slices

Hey Loves! It's me again!
I used to have this huge love for those candy orange slices so hard. I would buy them from a wholesale place with about...a thousand per bag and I'd spend my summer eating them. I never worried about them not being there when I returned because *whispers* my grandmother hates oranges. So one day I head to my Platonic Soulmates house for an end of summer party (which was amazing btw) and when I get home MY SLICES ARE MISSING! Turns out my grandmother found ONE orange product she could tolerate. My Heart equals shattered but she bought me more so yay times! 

My outfit was inspired by the light and citrus fun of those orange slices! Feeling bright even though its almost wintertime? Keep on reading to find out where to get some bright goodies!

Watch Me Grow | NSFW

Hey Fashion Heads!
"Lili your boobies are showing" Actually...they aren't almost but not quite! I'm sure you all know how I feel about being too..."exposed" so when I do bare it most I try to go with an artsy twist. Today I am a rose garden nymph who somehow fell asleep and woke up here all alone. The only thing to keep me company are the singing happy flowers! I know what YOU came for though...fashion updates? You got it! Keep on reading!

07 November 2013

"Makes me Want Ice Cream"

Hey my dear readers!
For whatever reason, SL got REALLY upset anytime I tried to take a picture. It would freeze for about 5 minutes then I would crash so I have officially moved to the 64Bit version of Firestorm...a little glitchy here and there...but I'm enjoying it. Mean Pictures + Cold = Lili in tears. SPEAKING OF COLD...I want to explain my title! So Keep reading okay?!

05 November 2013

Rock a Lili

Hey Fashion heads!

Another day of fashion to be had yes? It's like the shopper inside of me keeps on shopping even when I'm pooped and/or sick...It's just something I'll have to live with :D
A couple events started and they offer so many cute and amazing things so keep on reading to find out a little more okay?! OKAY!

03 November 2013

You Can't See Me!

Hi my sweets!
Ugh been so busy today you know...the usual gathering of food for the month BUT FEAR NOT I am here bringing you a quick post of something you can gather for yourself at a...rather amazing price. You like what you see? Keep on reading for details and MOVE QUICK because its a special!

30 October 2013

Can I has Trick or Treat?

Hey loves! 
Quick post tonight because 1. one of the items I'm wearing tonight is ending at midnight and I want you guys to have time to go and get it and 2. I'm tired and 3. *looks lovingly over at her pizza* so tonight is a credits night but DO go and get all the goodies for me OKAY?! Mwahs & Happy Shopping

Love Always

Keep Reading for Credits

29 October 2013

Skeletal Pretzel Goddess | TSG Group Gifties

Hey Loves!

Today I'm such a cute faced pretzel killer and I don't know...I want to share my weird mood with you all. I am on the search for a new everyday skin...one that makes me feel amazingly beautiful so if you find a youthful skin with a caramel skintone....let me know. I'm SO picky about my looks and what I present.
So during my adventuring yesterday I was like "hmm? Skin searching? Time to show off a group Gift or two!" so that's what I'm doing not to mention a super adorable lingerie set! Keep reading!

28 October 2013

Chocolate Drop | Friends with Blog Benefits :D

Hey Loves!

It's been awhile since I shared a childhood story with you guys so why not now right?
When I was about...13 I had a little bit more control of what I ate and I loved walking to the corner store with my friends and I'd buy these amazing Chocolate Drops from Family Dollar. I'm sure I'm not the only one am I? They are like these chocolate cover cream candies in the brown old looking paper bag? It was like heaven in a bag for only ONE DOLLAR! Boy have times changed though I used to be able to shovel them in but now after one or two I need a break which isn't a terrible thing since they have almost doubled on price!

I know you came here for the clothing! This look was inspired by the sweet and innocent love I had for chocolate drops hehe so enjoy! Keep on reading for all the sweet detail morsels of my outfit! Are you in the mood for a chocolate drop yourself? That's okay there are credits on the bottom.

26 October 2013

I Love You to Death

Hey Lovers!

It's me sorry I was away yesterday but its not because I don't care honestly...I just fell asleep BUT I feel rested and uh...I may have sleep stabbed *giggles* LOL jk but it would explain why I woke up with blood all over myself right? I am a huge fan of horror movies and pretty much anything that might scare the crap out of me and I guess you could say that is what inspired my outfit
I know I'm usually miss prissy and glitter bombs but for Halloween I wanted to show my "darker side" I didn't go full dark but this is as dark as I can really get. Do you want to get a little dark with me today? Do you wanna let your evil streak show? WELL keep on reading and I can suggest a few things to help! Are you in the middle of a scary movie? That's okay there are credits at the bottom.

Simplest Song | A Skin By Essences

Me again! This time with a skin for you!
It's been some time since I've shown off a new skin and I wore a new one in my last post so I want to tell all you sexies about it. I was wearing the new skin by Essences called Song and I think its very beautiful! Want to see more of it and my thoughts on it? Keep on reading *runs behind the page break*

24 October 2013

Not Another Pastel Outfit | Mint & Bubblegum

Hey Fashion Heads!

Miss me? I missed you too trust me. I've been debating on how I will continue with my pictures and I'd really like you guys' help! Would you rather see more plain pictures and a quick summaries or my usual banter about my look and lots of pictures? Leave a comment I would really love to know 'kay?
So "Not another pastel outfit" is a perfect title right? I love pastels even in the fall and I just can't seem to stop! I made a pastel perfect outfit today to show you guys and I am so happy to be strutting around in it! Wanna know where I got the goods from? Keep on reading!

21 October 2013

Sweet Violent Seduction

Hey Loves!
Me again and I am not going to be talking much but I did get this super amazing dress from Violent Seduction I wanted to show to you all before the weekend is FULLY over and since I'm still awake its a perfect time right?

20 October 2013

Nerdy Witch Chick

Hey Fashion Heads (Wow its been so long since I've called you that)
For some reason my uploader wouldn't work so I have been sitting on this outfit for days and since you all know how I get on the weekends, It will be a bit quick but not at all skimping in the deets so just keep on reading my loves okay? Have a busy weekend too? Credits at the bottom.

17 October 2013

Candy Coated Skins | Candy Fair Skins

Hey loves! It's almost the end of the Candy Fair and I am holding back my tears but I want you all to get as much as you can before it ends so my loves here is a collection of the skins I have from the Candy Fair! Hope you like it! Keep on reading to see all the goodies!

14 October 2013

The Littlest Defender

Hey Loves!

Is it just me or do you guys feel a sense of completion when you literally take up all of your attachment points space? Just me? Oh well I am a bit special that way and I'd like to say I am feeling "complete" today *bows her head* 
Today I am going with the title "The Littlest Defender" because well...I am. I might not be the strongest or the toughest and not even the meanest person out there but I ALWAYS protect or defend the ones I care about so I decided to dress as a...sexy gladiator? with the help of some amazing designers! Keep on reading to find out where to get the goodies! Have some defending to do? That's okay credits at the bottom

12 October 2013

Sprinkle Me With Love

Hey my lovebugs!

I'm not sure if you guys have noticed but I'm obsessed with sweets and maybe that's why I've been OBSESSED with the Candy Fair. I've always been into bright colors and pastels but now this fair certainly gives me an amazing reason right? 
WELL I've decided to..mix it up a bit LITERALLY and grabbed some of the amazing things from OTHER events and made a candy coated outfit that I really love color concept inspired by the little cupcake buddy on my head! Want to grab some of the goodies? Just keep on reading to know where to go!

10 October 2013

Sherbet Princess!


I've always been a huge HUGE fan of sherbet, even as a child watching everyone wolf down the super chunky chocolate ice cream or the cookie doughs I would always want the sherbet with its amazing citrus flavors and strawberry or peach goodness.
Today's outfit is inspired by the tasty cold goodness we all know as Sherbet. Today I am the sherbet princess coming to take over your mind with my sweetness. Though a simple outfit the things I used I'm really into so if you wanna know more well my love...keep on reading! Do you have a sherbet cone just calling your name? Well that's okay there are credits below.

09 October 2013

The Great Candy Harvest!

Hey loves! 

Gotta love being human sometimes! I got a cold so have been sniffly and whatnot but that doesn't keep me from blogging! I put on my big girl antlers and here I am with goodies to show you!
Pose: Infiniti - Gumballs # 6 New @ Candy Fair
Today's posting is a couple things that can be found at the Candy Fair! If you haven't gone go if you have, well go back! Keep on reading to find out what I have on!

07 October 2013

What's underneath?!

Ohai! Quick posty-kins!
I listed in my last post this adorable set from Blah then remembered....you guys can't see it! Soooooo here you go in all my lingerie glory! Want to know more about it?! Keep on reading!

06 October 2013

Redhead Confessions

Hey loves! 
I've been kidnapped for the weekend but I didn't want to leave you sexy bishes empty handed with no news as to whats available in SL for your linden goodness! I will fill you guys in on how my weekend was on Tuesday when I had a day to rest and recover until then keep on reading to find out about the lovelies I decided to strut around in!

02 October 2013

Dolly Paradise

Hey loves!

I know I promised you a post yesterday but it didn't register with me that would be the first of the month and I'm only home for about....4 seconds on the first. That being said, sometimes I wish I was a dolly.
Think about it, dolls only have one task in life...be pretty. No bills, no work, no stress just...beauty. Now that I think of maybe that's why I love being a dolly on SL so much right? Well this dolly found some amazing things for you today (yesterday) so keep on reading so you can pick it up for yourself okay?

30 September 2013

Picture Perfect | I'm back! You Miss Me?

Hey Guys!

I'm back a little earlier than planned but that's okay my mind is refreshed and my sparkles are back as well. You know that feeling that nothing you're doing is right? No matter what you were attempting to do it just wasn't making you happy? Well I had a bit of that and you all know how much I hate portraying my sadness here so I took a step away. 
Today's look is inspired by...well...me being a princess of course *giggles* I'm a self proclaimed glitter princess with a love for fashion & cute. I have dug up a lot of ultra cute things newly released or coming soon so keep on reading to find out where to go YES! (and now I talk like a skritt)

24 September 2013

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Hey Loves
So....sorry to inform you all but you lose me for a week or so. Due to RL circumstances I will need to take a bit size hiatus and I plan to be back at the beginning of October. IT'S ONLY A WEEK OR SO please don't think I'm not coming back. To all designers & creators I will be back to blogging as soon as I'm able! I didn't want to leave you with nothing so I did this rather cute Summertime Sadness/Fall Welcome picture. I'm not going to do much talking today but I do have those credits at the bottom. See you when I get back okay? OKAY?! I KNOW YOU HE-...Yay!

21 September 2013

Rather Stay Inside | Clothing & Home Goodness

Hello loves

I want to make sure its not just me. Have you ever gotten up and got dressed, put on a cute shirt did your womanly breast placement to get them looking perfect in your bra, slipped on your sexiest panties underneath your bottoms, put some lipstick on OH YEAH and threw on some sexy heels...then changed your mind about going out?
Goodness I do this all the time and I always thought it was a bit funny. I take a lot of effort to be half decent when I go out but sometimes at that last minute I'd rather stay inside. I'm sure I'm not the only one right guys?...guys?! Well maybe I am! Comment down below! Today's post is a mixture of a casual but cute outfit and some of the many things I gathered from around the grid to make my home pretty. Keep on reading!