17 July 2018

♡ Maker Of Stars ♡

Hello loves!

Today is one of those silent days but I did want to tell you all that I love you! See you soon mwahs & Happy Shopping!
Love Always

13 July 2018

♡ Adopting Senpai ♡

Hello again loves!

So I've been struggling a LOT with depression, as well as a bit of an identity crisis (aka my last post) BUT...I'm beginning to find myself again.

I had a friendship when I first started blogging that consumed me mind, body, and soul. This friend was my everything I felt like I'd never live without them but I quickly realized that my feelings were very one sided. I began to change myself to make them happy losing the very things that made me, well...me. One day I couldn't do it anymore and in the middle of the night I walked away but since that moment I was wading through a haze wondering "Why was I never good enough?" and last night after talking to ANOTHER friend I'm beginning to realize "I was and am enough and I don't need to change" 
I hope that you all know that I care for you as YOU. If you ever need someone to talk to and I'm online just send an IM, Leave me a notecard, I'm here for you and I'm open to love you for who you are. These are not just words to me this is a fact, a promise I made to myself a long time ago. REACH OUT. Please. If you need to.  

*Smiles* So my loves I love this outfit I have on today and I hope you enjoy it as well. Credits down below yes? YES! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

05 July 2018

♡ Seahorse Royalty ♡

My loves! *fans herself with the fury of a million Kanye Wests*
It's now the 5th of July and Hades himself still wants to be bae but I'm over here like "Nuh uh Hades me and A/C have a long time relationship that I just won't quit!" 

[Insert laugh track here o.o]

All jokes aside I didn't want to wear much in either life so I decided to show off this body suit from Epoch that can be swept up from this round of Suicide dollz. There is an assortment of styles to fit pretty much anyone's personality and I must say it makes my booty look amazing! I'm also loving this hairstyle from Ayashi because it is so casual and fun pretty perfect for this kind of weather! Keep on reading for credits and as always my dears mwahs & happy shopping!

Love Always

04 July 2018

♡ Spooky Spooky ♡

Hey ya'll first of all I feel like I'm supposed to say Happy 4th or something being American and all but yeah...with all the events that are going on here I'm really not feeling the national pride. I'm actually quite disgusted and disassociated with it...But I digress!

Look y'all it's a kawaii girl in a scary place SPOOKY SPOOKY!!!!!
Not even a shudder? A slight shiver?  Not scary at all? Well it wouldn't be the first time I've heard that hehe. As some of you know when I'm deep sea battling with depression my blog posts fall off (once again I'm sorry) but it does give me time to travel and this time around I went to a place called Arranmore. It's not morbid but it is creepy. Absolutely spoopy in the best way! They even give you a flashlight to travel through in the midnight setting so if you ever want to kinda scare yourself in the best way, check it out  ♡HERE  Not only did I have a great time looking around, I also looked great doing it! Keep on reading for more details!

28 June 2018

♡ Be Pretty for Senpai ♡

Hello my loves!
I'm sure you all have heard by now there is a brand new event in our proximity by the name of Notice me Senpai! So far, I'm loving it with it's amazing mix of cute and ecchi and I'll be showing off a LOT more of the items but today I'm showing you just a small preview of all the goodies that are just waiting to be grabbed up by us cuties out here! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always 

Peace & Love

♡ Food Squad ♡

Hey again loves!
I'm just pushing blog posts out tonight. I've lately been so happy dressing up with my friends and enjoying life. I've gotten back to remembering why I started blogging. I'm not here to be the best or to hit quotas and deadlines. I'm not here to get free clothes. Honestly I blog to make memories of my amazing time in second life. Today was no different with my two cutesies. We had on some really adorable looks and below you'll see MY credits and for theirs go to their blogs trust me you won't regret it 
Hump Muffin

Mwahs & Happy Shopping!
Love Always
The Food Squad

21 June 2018

♡ Strawberry Freedom ♡

Hello loves!
I'm out for the next couple of days but it's okay I still have on this super cute outfit that I just couldn't wait to show you! Keep on reading for credits! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

19 June 2018

♡ Guardian Of Corgis ♡

Hello my beautifuls
Short but sweet blog post today. In the midst of cleaning my inventory I found these precious little puppers and knew immediately I had to protect them forever and ever. The whole look and feel of this picture make me so happy and hopefully its giving you some happy feels too. I mean really...who can see cute corgi faces and NOT be happy? Keep on reading for credits and hopefully I will see you Thursday! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

18 June 2018

♡ Cat Naps ♡

Hello my loves
The last couple of days have been HOT and today is supposed to be even hotter reaching a record breaking 104 degrees which I am NOT looking forward to at all. Usually when I get too hot I will literally fall asleep in an instant. It doesn't matter what I'm doing I will stop and fall asleep. It's happened in Skype calls,in the middle of eating, cleaning, playing video games. Fatigue hits me like a BRICK when the temperature is over 85 degrees.

Even though my sleeping has been sporadic to say the least I've not only been making a dent in my inventory cleaning but I also have been having more fun with pictures since I am able to find more. Like what you see? Keep on reading for more info and credits. Mwahs & *Yawns* Happy Shopping!

Love Always

14 June 2018

♡ Ducky Ice Creams ♡

Hello loves! 

Goodness I've been so out of it lately and not only that but I have been HATING my pictures and want to find ways of improving so I've been scouring the internet on ways to make photos look....better? I don't know if I will be any better but at least I know I tried right? 
I have a couple of friends who are going camping without me soon and I decided why not go glamping in second life!? It's a pretty chill sim called Yellow Springs and this area was so tranquil for me to just sit and listen to spotify for a bit while I chatted in some groups! Keep on reading for credits and more info!

05 June 2018

♡ Mukbang Palace! ♡

Hello again loves! Today is a literal FOOD FEST!
So remember I mentioned a friend yesterday? Well you've seen this friend before in the past the always amazing Ladonna Oceanlane whose blog, NeonSpiderfoot is just as amazing as she is. She's been an amazing friend to me over the years and I feel like I'd be a much less mature and stable person without her support and mentoring. Not only is she the greatest friend but she also makes the best scenes I've ever seen and she made us one that is the best version of Mukbang I've EVER seen. 

For those of you who don't know what Mukbang is I will explain. Mukbang is a live streaming of a person or multiple people eating or preparing large amounts of food and usually talking to their viewers. They don't rush like an eating competition it's actually a very calm and social experience. Lala was the first one to introduce me to the videos so it's only appropriate we make our own version yes?
It's credits galore along with the ultra cute looks that we put together so of course as always keep reading for my credits and if you want to get a little closer to looking like little miss sweetcheeks on the left (in the mint) go on over to her blog and take a nice look around! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

04 June 2018

♡ Nrrd Girl ♡

Hey loves! Did you miss my face molecules? I missed yours!
Today I have on so many adorable things I don't even really know where to start. My friend and I went out shopping this weekend and it really helped my spirit and creative mojo was flowing hardcore! I was going for casual and kawaii after hearing this amazing song on Spotify. Are you liking what you see so far? Well guess what? ;) there's more! Keep on reading for the details!

31 May 2018

♡ Still Weekend ♡

Hey loves!
Ugh this week has not only been hectic but it's been HOT AS HECK too! I finally did get some quality Lili time to explore SL again and I took a trip to World's End Cafe! It's so pretty there definitely a nice hangout spot or even *gasp* maybe a date spot? I, of course went alone for obvious reasons but I looked super cute and loved what I had on! Want more details on it? Keep reading! Because I love you guys I also added a couple more pictures ;)

18 May 2018

♡ Familiar Scents ♡

Hey Loves!
♪ Sometimes a certain smell will take me back to when I was young. How come I’m never able to identify where it’s coming from?  I’d make a candle out of it if I ever found it, try to sell it, never sell out of it, I’d probably only sell one...

Have you ever had that moment when you're doing something and the wind blows just right and a smell fills your nose that just makes you grin. You can't recall the smell, where you first smelled it but it just makes you absolutely happy. Well that happened to me a couple days ago I was laying on my bed reading "The Uglies" and a breeze blew in and it happened. I just smiled and giggled and to this moment I'm still not sure why I reacted like that. What IS that smell linked to? 

Enough about me yes? Today I have on a cute and VERY inexpensive outfit today that you need to grab immediately keep on reading for more info and of course the sweet sweet credits

15 May 2018

♡ Comfort Creek ♡ | New-ish Makeups!

Hey Loves!!
So unfortunately I'm cutting it REALLY close with the items in this blog post so I won't talk your ears off since these are non-missable items! Skip to those credits and grab all these amazing things for yourself!!!
Mwahs & Happy Shopping! 
Love Always

10 May 2018

Watermelon Castaways

Hi there! Me again!

Did you think I disappeared again? Well I hate to disappoint you HERE I AM...wait you aren't disappointed are you?
Click to fave to Flickr
Well anywho! Being gone so long has it's advantages like buying older releases and feeling like they are new. I fell in love with this very adorable outfit from Moon Amore called Plastilicious and knew that I had to own it immediately so immediate that I may have bugged the creator while she was figuring things out. Here she is doing amazing things and there I am just gawking like some crazy fanatic (which I kind of am don't judge me). Luckily she is a sweetheart and helped me get my purchase a little quicker and I thank her so much for that. I decided on the green version of the top and bottom because well...watermelons and I wanted them to show so I got the clear version of the overalls and I'm so happy with this purchase! I thought this hair from Doe that I grabbed a couple nights ago from Sanarae would pair perfectly with the look I was going for. Keep on reading for credits as per usual! Mwahs & Happy Shopping

Love Always

08 May 2018

Taste My Pewky

Hello Loves!

The sun is burning my retinas BUT THE BLOGGING MUST GO ON! Maybe it's age, maybe it's my love of summer clothing, maybe it's just the utter fact that I'm sick of seeing snow, no matter the case having these warmer days is really not that bad.
SO today I am showing off a look that I absolutely fell in love with upon purchase and I not only want to tell you about it but I want to also show how much fun I had taking pictures today in a somewhat dystopian sim with a dancing raccoon (before you ask, yes this is exactly why I picked this location) and my completely utterly non branded chocolate covered biscuit sticks (That sounds good right?) Are you into this look as much as I am? I hope so! Keep on reading for some details!

07 May 2018

Watch Over Me

Hello my fashion heads! 

I know I know it's been....a while like, A WHILE! It's been so long that honestly I forgot how to do a lot of things in preparation for a blog post which is why for my first day back I could only manage one picture.
Did I do okay?
Even though I haven't been active (here or in Second Life) I kept up with some friends who have kept me updated on the fashion going on and HERE I AM to give it all a gander for myself again. This is just a quick post to say for now...I'm back. I hope you have all been patient with me and decide to start checking things out again. Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always, (Seriously, Always)