30 October 2018

♡ Pumpkin Hunter ♡

28 October 2018

♡ Just Breathe ♡

06 October 2018

♡ The New Supreme ♡

Hello loves!
I'm not sure how many of you have watched American Horror Story but I was a HUGE fan of the Coven season. It was nice to see such diverse representation of what a witch could be and it was nice to feel like I could "be" if that makes sense. So I present myself as the new supreme hehe. I had a bunch of fun with this post so I really hope you enjoy! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always 

03 October 2018

♡ Autumn Trance ♡

Hello fuzzy pumpkins!
The time has come! Oh you know the time YOU KNOW THE TIME! The time for the best holiday known to man, Halloween. The time for the beautiful browns, reds, and oranges to come back into fashion. The time for *gets super close to the mic and does her best ASMR voice* pumpkin spice everything. I mean I know that you all know by now I am pumpkin spice and pumpkin OBSESSED! These last two weeks alone I've had pumpkin spice twinkies, A pumpkin pound cake, Pumpkin spice coffee creamer and of course *pulls that mic back to her lips for more of that sweet ASMR* Pumpkin Pie

Okay enough of that. In celebration of fall coming...
I'm sorry I had to but in celebration I put on this SUPER amazing oufit from a place I am quickly "fall"ing in love with, Loki as well as some other pretty things I've grabbed up on my shopping travels. I've got on some gachas and some group gifties if you're on a budget and still wanna look Autumn-azing (I have no idea why I'm so punny today) Keep on reading for credits. Mwahs & Happy Shopping

Love Always 

30 September 2018

♡ Bright Stars ♡

Hey loves! Did you miss me?
I've been obsessed and lost in sim land just playing the Sims 4 nonstop. As a gamer I enjoy spending my days playing games but when I'm feeling no so great the stress of those games do NOT help but since you can't really "lose" on the Sims it's a great game for non stress playing time
When I logged back into second life however there was some amazing things to be worn and blogged (I mean...between us...I have 5 outfits ready to be blogged but RL kept me too busy to edit) and this is one of them! Keep on reading for credits my dears! I will see you soon (I promise this time) Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

♡ Hidden Unicorns ♡

24 September 2018

♡ The Hills ♡

Hello my loves!

Let's all rejoice because my depression no longer has me in a chokehold \o/ *pulls out confetti and balloons* so you'll be seeing my face pop up more around these parts
For some strange reason when I'm not in the greatest mood I tend to gravitate towards The Weeknd. Not only is he yummy to look at but he has a voice that just....awakens this dark soul of mine and lets the musical notes erupt into a thousand sunlights *takes this time to fangirl* MOVING ON
Today I have an outfit I fell in love with instantly it has that glamour effect to it like those old time movies with the women in the glamorous houses walking down their spiral stair case in kitten heels and a long furry duster BUT since I'm a lover of all things cute I wanted to cutesy it up just a little bit *adjusts her bow* Are you digging this look as much as I am? Well you're in luck because the credits are DOWN BELOW so keep on reading. Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

19 September 2018

♡ Kitty On The Furniture ♡

Hello my loves!

Sorry I'm not a little more...sparkly. I've been a bit under the weather so I've been taking things mentally easy but the love and support I get from you guys always makes me feel so much better way deep down in there and help me pull myself out of depression for just a little while so I thank you for the love and support literally from the bottom of my heart.
Today is another quick (but very much loved) outfit to symbolize what I've been dealing with. I'm sure every cat parent has had the "STAY OFF THE...-Forget it" conversation with their feline child right? Just me? Either way today I'M the kitty and I'm liking it and I'm starting to understand it all now. Keep reading for credits! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

03 September 2018

♡ We Belong Together ♡

 Hello my loves! Miss me?
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I've been having a blast setting up my own scenes lately and maybe I'm a bit biased but I think I'm even getting a little bit better. Today I am gathered by and covered with so many products that I love some so much *cough* THESE BOOTS *cough* that I even splurged for the fatpack. Keep on reading for the credits so you can grab these things up for yourself! As always, Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

I love you all sooooo much, 

28 August 2018

♡ #Mood ♡

Hey my sparkles! Miss me?
I just kind of woke up one day this week and told myself I need to lighten up and stop being so hard on myself. Life is short right? We're not perfect and we make SO many mistakes (I mean...who here remembers 18 - 23 amirite?) so why are we conditioned to condemn ourselves for learning and becoming the spirit we are meant to become? From now on let yourselves live my sparkles, you aren't perfect and that's okay, you're perfect for the moment you're in and don't let anyone take that from you.
That being said I went a bit pastel crazy today because I felt like it :D Keep on reading for credits and maybe a little more information? Maybe? We will see how I feel after some cappuccino  EDIT: Details are happening

26 August 2018

♡ Party Of One ♡

Hello my loves!

I know I know it's been forever since I've written in a blog post. Quite honestly I was trying to see how I felt about just focusing on pictures and I don't think it's really for me. I like to express myself on MY blog both visually and verbally. I know many bloggers who can do a great job expressing themselves in just a picture but uh...My Fashionista Heart just ain't that blog my friends!
For some reason most people don't believe how much of a recluse I am. If I even go out in public I'm like the silent observer of life. Maybe it's because most of my friends are older than I am and I feel I can learn from them by just watching and soaking in the knowledge? I'm not sure. However, most of my days are spent pretty alone and I don't mind it one bit.

I went over to Backdrop City again and used the amazing set ups they have for my picture today! Hope you enjoy! Credits down below! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

04 August 2018

♡ Date Night ♡

Hey there!

So yeah...it's been hotter than Cajun BBQ out here and my computer decided it was vacation time and no pictures were done! Since when did technology become MY boss? I mean...I'm okay with it I guess. That being said its cooled off and here I am again with the stuffs!
Not only do I have on an outfit I absolutely LOVE I bought a skin that I've been eyeing for a couple of weeks now. As a blogger I change my looks so much sometimes I feel like buying a skin a personal non sponsor skin (not that I don't LOVE my sponsors and appreciate what they do)  and my personal shape lets me keep a little piece of my own identity even though I show you all the things I enjoy wearing so I do tend to splurge when I find something that makes me fee unique and beautiful