31 March 2013

More Bunneh Surprises

Hey Fashion Heads!
I logged on to even MORE Easter goodness and I couldn't not tell you guys about it. This isn't going to be a long post since I don't want you to miss out on the goodies while reading. So let's jump right to okay? OKAY!

Happeh Easters To You | Bunbun Huntress

Happy Easter my sexy readers!
I was going to take a break and maybe eat some eggs (Cadbury of course) but I couldn't leave you guys hanging with nothing to wear today now could I? There are lots of hunts with Easter as their theme that I personally think can be worn all spring long. I love pastels and I don't think I could live without them. Sit back, relax, and let me tell you about the goodies.

30 March 2013

Sakura Goddess, Cupcake Princess

Hey Fashion Heads!
I decided to play a little bit of dress up today! I am Liliandra Baxter, Sakura Goddess cupcake princess! I know I know...that's a lot of control but I think I can handle being the sole protector of all these pretty cupcakes. I didn't really know how I wanted to use these Half Deer cupcakes from the arcade so I decided on creating a story. Like my outfit of royalty? I feel super cute and a little....on display but I'm okay with that! Keep on reading for more info. If you have a village to rule that's okay credits on the bottom.

29 March 2013

Citrus & Strawberries | Vincue Goodness

Hey my lovelies!

So....she's here guys! I've finally snatched her up again for an awesome day of being super flippin cute in my Garden of Dreams while wearing some super amazing outfits! Are you guys seriously STILL wondering who I'm talking about? 
My super besty forevers of course Inuoko Shikami, My favorite demon blogger in the WORLD. We haven't done a picture together in so long I felt like it absolutely had to happen today and look how cute we look! I look all Citrusy and Inu is the Strawberry goodness. My face is currently happy and I want to share the happy with you! Keep on reading...credits at the bottom.

27 March 2013

Miss BunBun Assassin | More Boobies For Me?

Hey Fashion Goddesses!

I have the house ALL to myself so I naturally did what any 23 year old would do. I got a nice greasy pizza, a carton of ice cream, and looked for a new show to watch while everything is on break! What?! That sounds fun right? 
I have tried to watch a show called Nikita but then my need for SL fashion kicked in and I decided to be a bunbun Assassin today! Early Previews to be seen so keep on reading :D

26 March 2013

Purple Angel Punch | Most Good Things Come to an End

Why is it I've been so busy you ask? Well in one more day there is an amazing woman who has a birthday! She gave birth to my mom, who in turn gave birth to me and trust me neither of us are that easy to raise. I want to do something special for her and have a few things planned so we will see! The name of the blog posting really doesn't have a meaning I just thought it was cute and it makes me think of maybe some sort of fruity cocktail that gets you SUPER drunk. Anywhos I love my outfit today keep on reading to find out more. Credits at the bottom if you're not in the mood to read.

24 March 2013

Little Vincue Angel

Hey my loves!
Lazy Sundayyy I am moving as fast as a turtle lately but today I has an excuse right? I would share some RL news with you guys but I've really done nothing today. I painted a few nails and I've pretty much done....nothing else. So let's jump right into the outfit! 

22 March 2013

Can I Have it Like That? | Newness FTW

Hey Fashion Heads!
Please forgive me lately I've had a case of the slows. Lately RL stuff has needed to be taken care of and then right after I need a napsy. I'm almost done with what I need to do then its back to my normal bloggy schedule! I hate when things in my life leave me at a fork in the road because honestly I really don't like picking a path, halfway through one path I usually look back at the start and don't want to continue but life is about making choices so I keep on. 

Anyone....I love my skates! I skates through the Juicybomb Sim in my amazing outfit today and it made me happy! Want to skate through too? Keep on reading to find out how to get the look, credits at the bottom!

Reality is Beautiful in you... | Hanna By Candydoll

Hey pretty ladies!
I'm showing you all yet another amazing skin from the Skin Fair tonight from Candydoll. I can't stop going back there and demo-ing something else but its for the love of fashion I tell you! When I put it on I was going to let myself sit in it for a little while and see how I felt about it but I was in my house and I really wanted to take a picture so that is how the picture above happened. A nice and tranquil time for Lili at home, do you like it?

Scroll on down for information about this skin & My full review on it.

19 March 2013

Frappucino Break Time

Hey Fashion Heads!
Today I look an adult! Don't worry it doesn't hurt that bad and to be honest I actually kind of  *holds back gags* like it? a little? only for a limited time of course if I dressed like this everyday I'd die. This look was inspired because lately in RL I've been job hunting. I've failed at it but it makes me feel good to know I'm at least trying. Sooo let's go into the awesomeness that is my outfit yes? Keep on reading for more of the info. If you have an interview to run to don't worry credits at the bottom.

18 March 2013

Pink Aquatica | More Skin Fair? OKAY!

Hey my lovelies!

Did you all enjoy St Patty's Day? I planned to enjoy it but I got tired and slept for most of the day but that's okay. I salvaged the night by putting on this cute skin from Alchemy that you can find at the Skin Fair my pictures are a little....showy so everything is after the break. If you are at work or have someone that you don't want seeing nudity you might want to check this out a little bit later.

16 March 2013

Modish @ The Skin Fair!

Hey guys! 

I know I said you wouldn't see me again until Monday but I was playing in some more of my purchases and I had to show this off before I started celebrating for the night hehe. 
I wanted to show off one of the skins offered by Modish called Zelf. You can purchase this in any of her skin tones and you will get a Cleavage/Non Cleavage as well as light or brown brows. 

I love that the skins from Modish are all so unique from one another and I don't feel like I'm looking at the same skin over and over. Keep up the good work Ele! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

P.S Lingerie worn in pictures are from Ellemeno @ The Whore Couture Fair

Kiss Me! I Know Irish Folk!

Top o' the Mornin to ya!
It seems this hazy green of Irish fever has taken over me you guys and I have to admit I am enjoying it. Saint Patrick's Day is right around the corner and I can't wait! I don't see the day as a day of drinking but as a day for proud Irish Lads and Ladies to celebrate where they came from and what they believe in as well as tell us non-Irish friends about the celebration. Not only do I have an outfit inspired by the green but I also have dare I say...a new skin to show. Keep on reading for more information

14 March 2013

You're All I Want... | Mesh Head Goodness

Hey Fashion Beauties!

I have so much to tell you guys about but its almost overwhelming so if I'm gone for a day or two I didn't forget about you I'm just gathering more goodies to please you with 
Today I spent most of my day at home cleaning around and during my cleaning break I ate a creamsicle and got amazing dreams of what this summer will be like. I'm 23 and its time for me to really enjoy myself fully right? I got inspired by the colors of the tasty cold treat and used it for my look today with this amazing new release coming out tomorrow. Keep on reading to find out more about the goodies.

12 March 2013

All About The Savory Crepes

Hey Fashion Heads!

I know I've been absent a bit longer than usual but something unexpected came up but its all better now!
You're gonna laugh at me for saying this but when I was younger I thought all crepes were sweet. I had no idea there were such a thing as savory crepes until I had one and ooh it was heavenly and sometimes while sitting in my room I get a craving for a beef crepe mmm would be so good. I was going for a casual look as I nom on my virtual crepe and really enjoyed both the crepe and the look! You want the look? Keep on reading to find out how if you have a crepe begging to be eaten then scroll on down to those credits

09 March 2013

Bento Box Girl

Hey Fashion Heads!
Miss me? Yay! So...I fell in utter LOVE with this bento box by Katatonik from The Arcade and just knew I had to use it with an outfit or seven (DUN JUDGE ME). For those who do not know a bento box is kind of like a Japanese lunch box when you open it, you have your home made meal inside which is usually rice, meat or fish, and a vegetable...I think. If I'm wrong let me know. I have always wondered how it would feel for one day to live in Tokyo, Japan and this cute little creation gets me one step closer. Keep on reading to find out where to go. If you are on a lunch break....credits below

07 March 2013

Bubblegum Treasure Trove

Hey Fashion Heads
Today I was a lazy bum and you know what....it felt good. I wanted a nice beachy look today for my blog posting and I found this awesome little beach but its on someone's home so I won't be sharing a SLURL but take my word....this place is beautiful. I'm not wearing man accessories today because I didn't want to break anything by getting it wet. I just decided to sip on a fruity drink and play in the water. I'm wearing a sexy dress that I love as well as an amazing new skin from Mirror's Enigma. Keep on reading to find out more and see more pictures

05 March 2013

Just Visiting What? | Hushy Blah Blah

Hey My Loves
I've been feeling a bit artistic and loving the way my pictures have come out for the last few days I hope you're enjoying them too. I was at a sim today called Just Visiting and it made me think "o.o Just visiting what?" I did love the sim however so its okay if it confuzzled me a bit. I was strolling around in yet another WCF Exclusive and a spankin new skin! Keep on reading for the details. Are you "Just visiting?" I have credits at the bottom my friend.

04 March 2013

Don't Skate Through Life

Hey Fashionista Chick-a-dees! 
So...I've decided I am going to live by a new motto to my life "Don't skate through life....Skate with it" In other words...I'm not going to let my life pass me by while I just watch it. If you love someone let it be known. If you want pink hair, dye your hair pink. Do what makes YOU happy. Love what you do. OWN what you do. That being said....I MAY (emphasis on may) not blog as frequently as I usually do. But I will of course continue to blog because its something I love.

I have many goodies to show you today so if you like what you see keep on reading to see where to go if you're not a reader that's okay credits below after the break.

02 March 2013

The Flower or The Girl?

Hey Fashion Heads! 

Did you miss me? I hope so! 
Today I have finally blossomed *Wiggles her sprouted flower* I felt like going with green because its about that time for things to begin growing again...Including me. Though I didn't celebrate it, February marked one year of me sharing my adventures and outfit tales with you all and everyday I look back and chuckle at how far I've come at trying to perfect this blog life. *Sighs* I never want it to stop.  I grabbed lots of goodies to get them for yourself just keep on reading and find out where to head