19 January 2019

♡ A Muse of Her Own ♡

17 January 2019

♡ Love Of Wifi ♡

13 January 2019

♡ Snowy Daze ♡

Hey loves!

I know it's been quite some time but honestly for some reason I just couldn't get pictures that I was happy with. I mean I know I'm not the best at photography but I don't ever post something I'm just not happy with so I just take snapshots until one of them makes me smile so here we go!
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Around this same time last year we had to pull out our big winter coats and snowboots but this year I've only seen a light trickle of snow that melted before even touching the ground so this year I just have to find all the snow covered places in world to get inspired for some winter looks and this look is no exception. I know that fishnet isn't exactly winter attire but my thighs always stay warm so I don't worry about covering them up too much. I hope you like the look my dears. Mwahs & Happy Shopping! 

Love Always 

04 January 2019

♡ Shine On Me ♡

Hello loves!
I am TERRIBLE at photographing myself when I am in lingerie and this picture was a complete fluke but I LOVE IT so therefore it became "the picture". I mean nothing wrong with a little artsy mixed in with my usual whimsical styled postings right? Hope you like! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

03 January 2019

♡ Pastel Paradise ♡

Hello my loves!

The beginning of the year is looking amazing already right? 3 Days in and what can I say I'm actually looking forward to not just the achievements I will have but ALSO the struggles I have to conquer that will continue to make me a better person.
I've been told I'm a realist (not the worst thing to be called) and I realize that life hands you the good with the bad and the bad is not so bad if you look at it as a lesson. I've been stomped many times in life but each time you get back up always remember that you didn't think you'd get back up...but here you are....a little bruised but standing and ready for more of this journey we call life.
A big part of my life is and will be for a bit is this blog talking to you guys sharing my struggles and triumphs even the triumphs in the form of adorable outfits and today is no different. Even showing a little skin and still feel cute as ever! Keep reading for those credits and remember...you're going to stand again. Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always