31 December 2012

Goddess Iris

Hey Fashion Heads!
I want to begin this post by saying Happy New Years Eve! and Happy New Years as well depending on where my lovely reader is reading from hehe. I'm so happy to be entering another year and still doing something that I love doing so much and everyday see people still enjoy viewing this little blog called My Fashionista Heart. Never in my wildest dreams would I think I'd have over 29k views in less than a year but I'm extremely happy I do thank you all for making it happen!

29 December 2012

Cinderella in the City

Hey Fashion Heads!
Miss me? hehe I hope so. This upcoming year I have many amazing plans for my life I want to have my cinderella moment. I want to find my fairy godmother, my prince charming and most of all find the beauty in myself I've let go to waste for so long. Today my look is a bit of Cinderella meets sex in the city with my usual cuteness of course I don't have the maturity to pull off the Carrie look. I have lots of goodies from all over the grid so keep on reading to find out where to go. Don't feel like reading? Bippity Boppity Boop...scroll on down to the credits

27 December 2012

Soda & Leggy Warmers!

Hey Fashion Heads!
I took a bit of a break for the holidays and I missed you guys so much while I was gone. You know how Christmas is...you bring your loved ones together and enjoy the company of people who tend to drive you the craziest (for some its not a LONG drive) and do the family thing. I'm very grateful for my presents as well as my peaceful time with family. I'm super happy I received a Sodastream! You just put cold water into the bottle carbonate the water and add your own flavoring and voila soda! I used some inspiration from my RL for today's look. I'm pretty much just sitting around in my undies and bra sipping on soda!

22 December 2012

Yule Tidings!

Hey Fashion Heads!
I was only going to post once tonight but then this amazing outfit just fell into my lap and I had to show it tonight while its on my mind. I have to admit I was getting a bit sick of the "Christmas Spirit" and I'm hella ready for New Years to swing itself on in but this dress (and a few others) have made me reconsider feeling festive. Keep on reading to find out where to get it....

Cutie Survival

Fashion Heads!
We've officially survived the end of the world. We are AMAZING! One more thing crossed off of MY bucket list am I right? To celebrate this glorious occasion I shopped...because that's totally different than my usual behavior *shifty eyes* I picked up some amazing goodies and I feel oh to Kyoot today and like a good blogger my fashionista heart is there! hehe keep reading for more info. If you still hate reading AFTER the world ended scroll on down to the credits!

21 December 2012

Snowflakes Keep Falling

Hey Fashion Heads!
 I love snowflakes so much! They say no snowflake is the same but when they all fall to the ground together they make such a beautiful scene....if only us humans could do the same and realize by ourselves we are strong but with each other...we are unstoppable. No jealousy no climbing on one another to get to the top...instead let's build a platform at the top to hold us all...doesn't that sound a lot more peaceful?

20 December 2012

Candy Girl

Hey Fashion Heads!
Sorry about the absence I just needed a few days to reflect yet again. I think this part of the year is the toughest for me since I begin thinking about life changes that I must do to welcome the new year in with my chin up. Today I wanted to do a bit of a costume today to keep myself in a less serious mood and I truly fell in love with this look and I've even added it to my outfits to keep folder. Keep on reading for more info you're going to love it.

18 December 2012

A Bunny's Heartbeat!

Hi Fashion Heads!
I really don't have much to talk about in my RL. I have been so busy busy setting up for the holidays. A lot of presents to keep my family from inspecting. Crazy kittens to be kept off the tree OH goodness so much crazy goodness. I did rather simple pictures today but I do love the outfit very much and I didn't want to wait until after the holiday rush. Keep on reading to find out what I'm wearing.

17 December 2012

Biotanical Artistry

Hey Fashion Heads!
I am back once more after a few days and nights of deep thinking and contemplating. Sometimes in life you wonder if the path you choose to walk is the right choice and I think I debated on turning around and starting again but this path with you guys...I can't say I wouldn't regret not seeing it through so here I am with more goodies! In a BEAUTIFUL sim! Want to learn more about both? Keep on reading! Credits below ;)

15 December 2012

Santa Baby, I've been a GOOD Reindeer

Hey Fashion Heads! (Where did this name even come from?)
Last posting of the night I promise but certainly not the least! I am hopped up on confectioner's sugar and I didn't want to wait until the morning to show off this amazing cute outfit I purchased tonight. Wanna know where? Wanna know the deats? Only one way to find out...

14 December 2012

Winter Rebel

Hey Fashion Heads!
Evening bloggy aren't you excited?! Today I really didn't feel like doing a winter themed blog post so I rebelled yep...I'm pretty awesome like that hehe. I looked for something flowy and bright and I put this look together with much MUCH happiness. Keep on reading to learn more about this summer inspired outfit. Not a reader no matter what time of year it is? That's okay *patpats* I put credits at the bottom just for you.

Teddy Bear Cuddles

Hey Fashion Heads!
I had a long night and was going to post but just as I hit "new post" I dozed off RIGHT on the keyboard but I do want to show this look I thought it was rather cute and this gift from Label Motion was making me feel all types of kyoot. Do I look cuddle worthy? Do you wanna hug me? *giggles* Keep on reading for more info or just scroll down to the credits if you don't want to read.

13 December 2012

Slash me....had a great time

Hey Fashion Heads!
Today's blog posting is a bit of me just hanging around with a very sweet man. I really don't have too much to say beforehand but I did want to say I had an amazing time exploring and getting to know my friend a bit better. We had pixel sandwiches, danced to a few songs, then sat around and chatted. Does that not sound like an amazing time to you? It definitely did to me hehe keep on reading for more info hehe.

12 December 2012

Water Reserve Travels

Hello late night readers!
I just feel that blogger's mojo running through my bones tonight. I did a little shopping and picked up a few goodies that made me want to play dress up and now I am showing said goodies to the ones I love, you my dear readers. Keep on reading to learn more or just scroll down to the credits if its too late to read. Lots of pics tonight. I went a bit snap happy.

Modish Skins @ FROST Fair

Hey Fashion Heads!

I'm having some internet issues today but that did give me some time to work on some skin pictures for you guys. Today the FROST fair opened brought to you by Depraved Nation and OMG its amazing! It's photogenic and very easy to navigate through. Right now I want to show you the skins offered from Modish! Keep on reading to see not one but THREE amazing skins to choose from

Happy Shopping! 
Love Always

Sugar @ FROST Fair

Hey Fashion Heads!

OMG OMG New Skins from Sugar. The lovely miss Iokko (Who is sick let's make her some yummy soup) has made us some amazing skin goodness. They are amazing and revamped called "Lush" and they are definitely something to check out keep on reading to see pictures.

11 December 2012

The Words you Utter Cut So Deep

Hey Fashion Heads!
I think sometimes people forget that behind the computer screen is a real person with real feelings. I don't have all the answers, I don't always make the right choices but I don't deserve to cry for being human and learning just like everyone else. My past is MY past and yes it might be life....but why have friends if they are going to judge you just like everyone else? Anywho TO THE IMPORTANT STUFF! Keep on reading!

10 December 2012


Hey Fashion Heads!
Been a slow few days for me hehe. As much as I'd love to without issues blog daily sometimes I have a few issues. BUT my dears one of the issues won't be gridlines! The newest SL viewer gets rid of gridlines and I used it today sadly I may be dealing with gridlines for a while longer since other issues seemed to pop up for me but I feel that my pictures look alright today and hopefully you agree. Want to learn more of this rather elegant dress? Keep on reading or scroll down to the credits.

08 December 2012

Christmas Anticipation | Goodies To Wait For

Hey Fashion Heads!
I know I've been doing a few Christmas themed outfits but so many events are offering amazingly cute christmas things and honestly...Christmas excites me. No matter the budget you are working with you can find some cute things to wear. Today I'm not my usual cuteness I decided to try a little more mature and closer to my age look and I have to admit I actually enjoyed it....for a day :D

07 December 2012

Don't Ever Call me Doll

Hey Fashion Heads!
I meant to write a blog posting this morning with the amazing look I'm lounging around in BUT when I flicked on my television Space Jam was on OH I feel like I was a fetus when that movie came out but its still super cute to watch. I loved the Monstars lol I have to say the best line of the movie was spoken by Lola and it sticks in my head whenever someone mistakes me for feeble or stupid "Don't EVER call me doll" *giggles* You guys are special though so you can call me doll all you want hehe

06 December 2012

At The Station

It's me....Again! Hehe 
I am a bit of a traveler in RL mostly family things but I travel the east coast or at least used to about 2 or 3 times a year and I would always take the train not the plane for a few reasons one being planes are a little costly I could get train tickets round trip for 1/3rd the price of one way on a plane and well the BIGGEST reason being my mom is very uncomfortable on planes so why not make her comfy AND save money hehe. I guess I wanted to bring that experience to SL so Lili is at a train station hehe. Keep on reading for more info or if you hate reading scroll on down to the credits

Modish @ The Winter Fair

*Slaps Forehead* Hello Fashion Heads!
I thought I posted this DAYS ago but silly me totes forgot to I so so sorry Ele ugh I can be such a dork sometimes. Modish has some amazing skins out at the winter fair for you lovely ladies out there one of them being one of my favorite new releases called One Way Captive in her brand new skin tones. There are more but I'll give you guys a reason to check it out yourselves hehe (Ain't I a stinker?) You only have until the 15th to grab them up so do NOT hesitate and remember to reduce lag try to minimize your script usage maybe some flats and a hair with no resizer? We are all there to shop so we won't judge you for your lack of accessories and such hehe. 


Hope you all have an amazing day not sure if there will be another post tonight but be on the lookout! Mwahs & Happy Shopping 

Love Always

Lady Frost | F R O S T Fair Teaser

Hey Fashion Heads!
♡ When I was younger I used to envision myself as some sort of mythical creature or being it was so much fun but I TRIED to outgrow it but in my adulthood I now have SL to entertain my vivid imagination. Today I present Lady Frost. Lady Frost is a Insect/Human hybrid that lives in a remote area of the world. Each of our fears, our sorrows, our coldest thoughts turn into a snowflake and deliver themselves to her fully consuming her home and her heart. Though her heart is pure and loving her sorrow is endless. She lives with our sorrow in her heart so that we as mortals can live a little happier. Knowing she holds all of our sadness making us happy cancels out the sorrow she should feel replacing it with the purest form of happiness that only regular humans dream about. Skin as cold as ice but a heart so warm....this is MY Lady Frost Story....

05 December 2012

Sad News from Sugar & Cyanide

Hey Fashion Heads
It saddens me to announce that at the beginning of 2013 Sugar & Cyanide will be closing its doors *fights back some tears* (HOLD IT TOGETHER LILI) It seems so short a time I found this amazing store. The very first creation I wore from here was for the Pink Fair and after that it was like a match made in heaven. I guess I'm taking some time to think back and let Jaysee know that she will be missed and her work was always appreciated.

Raspberry Hearts!

Hey Fashion Heads! 
How are you this lovely day?! I took a day from blogging to explore the goodies from The Arcade. I LOVE gachas with a passion they always seem to have the cutest, brightest little things in them. Today I wore an outfit inspired by something I picked up from there by Tres Blah, the raspberry heart dessert tray I decided to place out at my home hehe. This posting is jam packed with goodies! Keep on reading to find out more.

03 December 2012

This Christmas | DMD Style

Hey Fashion Heads!
I am so happy Christmas is on the way! I love surprising my family with things they have wanted the entire year. My grandmother especially...she will hint and hint about something for MONTHS starting in about October and on Christmas day when she opens it she always exclaims "Ohhhhh....'How did you know'?" Hmm...Well my dear grandma maybe it was the flyer you left laying around for about 3 months hehe. I still live for that smile though it makes me happy on the inside.

02 December 2012

Winter Fair Goodiness!

Hey Fashion Heads!
I've been a bad bad girl. I kind of haven't started shopping for Christmas yet so I'm going to be a busy little blogger running around to snatch things up for my loved ones *facepalms* procrastination kills! Until then! I bring you another look from Winter Fair 2012 that I really liked putting together. I usually have a warm summery look but I enjoyed the dark and wintery look too. Keep reading to find out more

01 December 2012

Christmas Demoness | Winter Fairness

Hey Fashion Heads!
I decided to do a cute little demoness of Christmas type look. I know I know...its somewhat sinful irony but I really loved how the look turned out don't you? I used this amazingly cute prop from Katink to get the look I wanted for the picture. This is a new prop available for the holidays and I wanted to wait for December sooooo here it is hehe....

30 November 2012

As Long As You Love Me...

Hey Fashion Heads!
I made some food for yew! Most people that know me already know that I cook for the ones that I love. I mean I used to not be so great at cooking but I would take the time to put it together and make it as pretty as possible now I'm a little better and I still put that effort. Something about sharing and making a meal for someone has an unspoken "I want you healthy and by my side" undertone.

Introducing: Julia Sade & Taylor

Hey Fashion Heads! 

New Skin Newness! Hope You Like!

Love Always 

29 November 2012

Takes Lolas to Tango!

Hey Fashion Heads!
Excuse my tiny absence I am at my mom's house for a few days but she gives me time to blog every once in awhile. Isn't she amazing?! I actually want to show off my BOOBS mhm...mhm I'm going there. I finally broke down and got the Tangos! I was going to wait but I decided it was time and I could wait no longer. Want to know what I think? Want to know more about my outfit? Well keep on reading!

27 November 2012

Sherlili Holmes

Hello dear Fashion Heads!
Had to give you a cutesy closeup of my face! Today I went with a look loosely inspired by Sherlock Holmes. I've never really read or watched any of his mysteries but the smoking pipe I found got my blogger juices flowing so today you can call me Sherlili Holmes *puffs puffs on her bubble pipe*

I have on a few new things today not even sure where to start...I guess we can go from head to toe right? Right.

26 November 2012

Modish News - A Brand New Look (And some discounted Oldies)

Hey Sexy Peeps! 

Today I want to show you not only the great work Ele of Modish has been working on but also her earlier but still amazing work that she is offering to people with a lower budget that still want to look beautiful. Are you ready to feast your eyes upon the beauty? Here we go!....

Every Star in the Sky...is a kiss from me to you

Hey Fashion Heads! 
When I was in 9th grade in Science we studied constellations and I was always so amazed at a stars longevity. Even small stars can last THOUSANDS of years! I've always tried having that philosophy for my life. I will not always be around but until it's my time I will shine as bright as I can.

25 November 2012

The Cute Boobies!

Fashion Heads!
It's early and the title is totes perfect in my early morning mind fudgery (Mmmm fudge)
Today I want to address the fact that almost everyone I've met thinks that women who wear prim breasts are in some way a vulgar or slutty person. Well my dear readers not true. You CAN be cute with your lolas and I like to try and show that its not always about vulgarity but there can be sophistication and in my case uber cuteness....that is unless you don't think I'm cute

24 November 2012

My Heart is Drenched in Wine...

Hey Fashion Heads!
Ever had a day when you have that "What If" about a person you liked but let slip away for total wrong? Or hoped that you didn't let your right just walk away without knowing so? Yep its one of those days. I'm not sad I just wonder...should I say anything or should I just....keep drinking my wine? hehe

Black Friday WEEKEND With Mirror's Enigma

Hey Fashion Heads! 

We've made it through black friday now we have black friday weekend things to buy one of those being the Third Annual Skin Addiction's Black Friday Sales with at least 25 percent off of participating skin stores. You just wear your Skin Addiction tag and let the savings begin. One of the Participating stores is Mirror's Enigma with some amazing skins called Demi....

23 November 2012

Ohai! I'm Back! | Black Friday!

Hey Fashion Heads! 

I'm back with a different look. Well...two now that I think about it. I redid the bloggy! Do you like? I like to think the colors are very me. My blog would mean very little to me if you couldn't feel the radiation of me through it while you read hehe. 
I ALSO got a new skin! I know I love my Kumi to the max but I've always been a lover of The Sugar Garden as well but they never fit my shape but this latest one Baby....well....it made me a happy girl keep on reading to find out more *nodnods* There are credits but gotta tell you...reading is great toooo....

20 November 2012

All I need is a Beauty & a Beat | Whats in my inventory #1

Hey Fashion Heads!
Please dun pelt me with stuff! I had to do some RL things in preparation for thanksgving for the last few days. I had to bring this to that aunt's house and so on but its done for now all we have left to do is cooking. I don't know about you but spending 3 days listening to car radio drove me crazy. THE SAME SONG PLAYED EVERY 10 MINUTES! Though I must admit I have a soft spot for the Biebs so yeah...that's where the title came from....

17 November 2012

Picnic-ing Around The World

Hey Fashion Heads!

So by now I'm sure some of you have seen some of the cute comments I get from a certain blog reader his name is Rik and well...it had to happen we hung out today and we took a few pics but my computer messed up the others :( BUT I enjoyed myself so much! It always means a lot to me when I meet people that enjoy reading and viewing my page. Thank you Rik and thank you ALL for giving me a reason to keep on blogging on a daily!
Today I'm wearing quite a few different options from Around The World. I decided to visit the Asia section today. I guess you can say it's always been on my to go list of places around the world. Hehe.

16 November 2012

Candy + Doll = ME!

Hey Fashion Heads
*Sighs* It seems I'm in a love triangle with Kumi (Pink Fuel) and Patricia (Candydoll) but I pull them aside and tell them "Ladies...ladies...there's enough Lili face for both of you" LMAO. Gosh I'm such a dork. Today I went with a Candydoll look that I love. Its pink, its short, its sexy. Want to know more keep reading if not just make your way to the credits hehe

15 November 2012

How can I Assist you?

Ohai Guys!
Not sure if you have caught on but....I'm a bit of a nerd. I used to be a Junior Assistant for s real estate company and ended up helping them with most of their computer organization and for some reason this dress reminded me of my very first day

Let YOUR Beauty shine

"Make up can make you beautiful on the outside. It wont work if your ugly on the inside. Unless you eat the makeup."
Hey Fashion heads! 

That quote touched me today. A lot of my life I have never felt....beautiful enough like I had to physically meet up to a "beautiful" handbook. Then I decided...meh...I'm an okay writer I'll write myself my own handbook. I still get insecure but being myself has been a lot more easy. I'm a good person on the inside. That's the beauty that SHOULD seep through your pores am I right?

14 November 2012

Pandas be lovin the Orange

Hey Fashion Heads!
I have so much to show you guys but I'm a little not myself today so I am going to save my other postings for tomorrow but I wouldn't wait for this one anymore. I finally found an outfit to be all pandariffic in so that's what I did.

13 November 2012

Birthday Celebration of Shopping!

Hey Fashion Heads!

Did you miss me last night? I missed you too! I did a bit of inventory cleaning AGAIN went from 51k to 44k just in my tops and bottoms folders @.@ but that's not what I'm writing to tell you about. There is a birthday around these parts....Censored Birthday! *nodnods* and in celebration there is a cute little event going on and I snagged up this exclusive dress from Boobielicious! 

11 November 2012

Girls Just Wanna Be Topless | NSFW

Hey Fashion Heads! 

Last post for the night! I know I've been a bit manic with my postings but please at least say you love them hehe. I guess you can call today Skin Sunday since that's what I seemed to have blogged about a lot. This skin is from Sugar Available at Stuff in stock and I'm also wearing panties found at Sugar's Mainstore so check it out and take a hearty look

Mwahs! Happy Shopping Pics & Credits after the break

Skin Decadence | Introducing Birgit

New Release From La Petite Morte! 

Light & Dark Brow Option
Cleavage & Non Cleavage Options
Makeup Versions of the Skins
Personal Opinion: I like every tone of these! I can see myself wearing these to transform myself into a Fae for a day. Keep up the Good Work Voshi!

Happy Shopping! Mwahs
Love Always

10 November 2012

Lingerie Sleeping on your Dirty Pillows

Zzzzzzz.....OH! *wipes up her drool*

All Bunnied Up & No Where to Go!

Hey again!
Quick posty to show you this cute outfit I put on but sadly....still up in my skybox watching YouTube ;.; Credits at the bottom if you hate reading my long summary of what I have on.

A Stroll In Harlem

Hey Fashion Heads!
I took a nice long stroll through Virtual Harlem today and its a breathtaking sight to see. I went with something a little darker than my usual choices but I was really happy with it all. Keep on reading to learn more if you hate reading the handy dandy credits sit at the bottom for your eyes to feast upon

09 November 2012

I Captain this Ship

Hey Fashion Heads!
*Groans and rubs eyes* My nap was a little longer than planned but I am totes up now! Did you miss me? I missed you! Today I had a calling to do a picture near some water. The sim sounds really calmed my soul and its what I needed to say the least. I look super casual today and love what I have on. Keep reading if you don't wanna read well my friend....the credits await you

08 November 2012

Butterfly Dreamer

Hey Fashion Heads! 

Sorry about the little scare I caused on you all last time. My last post was not at all me saying I was leaving this bloggy business no no no...you're stuck with me for quite some time so don't go anywhere we have a long relationship ahead of us. I do have a new rl job BUT I don't plan on letting my sl slip away.
 I stayed up mighty late last night because I just didn't want to wait until the morning to get this jewelry set from collabor88 which opened at midnight. I'm stubborn and had to have it and I think it made this geeky chic look even more perfect. Keep reading for more information kay?!?

05 November 2012

Visions of Leaves Fill my Hair | Alice Project News

Hey pretty people!

I'm sure you guys know by now I go CRAZY for alice project HUDs right? Well last night (okay fine super early this morning) I got a notice announcing not one but 2 great occurrences going on. One...New color Dye HUD with amazing colors its called Fading Autumn SO PRETTY. Two....Falling into the Season Hunt. Alice is offering a nice little I guess you could say sample pack to the new HUD as well as a cute hairstyle to go with it so don't hesitate to come and look for it and pick up the hud. Here is a quick look at what this one has to offer....I'm not wearing the gift hair because I did want to show the color shift a little easier with a longer hair so...here goes hehe

04 November 2012

Just Call ME Dainty Hands

Hey Fashion Heads!
I woke up this morning and was like...no...pajamas are not coming off today so I laid around today and watched reality TV in my pjs. When I finally did log on I had to pick up some mesh hands because well...its that time hehe. Want to know my thoughts on them? Keep on reading