25 May 2017

Whimsical Breaks

Hey loves!

I know it's been awhile but I severely needed a break I was, to say the least depleted of all creative mojo and honestly...I wanted a bit of a different look with my avatar. As much as I love (and kind of already miss) my usual look it was beginning to bore me and make me less inclined to dress up.
I wanted a tone a little closer to mine so I swung over to Pink Fuel and fell in lust with the look of Sabine and when I demoed I was originally going to get Hazel (which is utter yumsauce) but I ended up being a derp and buying Latte which is still a beautiful tone so I'm not even mad. I'm still tweaking my shape of course but so far? I'm absolutely loving the direction of this new look. I know I haven't been super talkative on blogposts lately but stay tuned I'll have a bit more pep in my step soon enough! Mwahs & Happy Shopping! 

Love Always

12 May 2017

Love To Travel

09 May 2017

A Very Cherry Stroll

Hey Loves!
Today I did a very simple, tranquil picture today and to be honest I'm quite pleased with them. I have on this very beautiful Kimono from Konpeitou that can be found at this round of The Secret Hideout and it goes by the name of Very Cherry Kimono. I'm not going to do much talking today since I'm still a bit groggy (yay for medications) I hope you enjoy the look and I will see you all VERY soon

04 May 2017

30 April 2017

Mother Of Crows

Hey loves! *Grins evilly*
Did you miss my face at all? Not even a little bit? Well regardless I missed yours so there! I enjoyed a nice day out with my grandmother. We got some amazing Dim Sum from our favorite place then swung over to our favorite Sushi place and I we even got Korean BBQ because we wanted it. It truly was a nice time out with her and I thought a great way to end the night is showing off this cute (but creepy) look I put together with the stuff that I got from Konpeitou for this round of Memento Mori which opened up TODAY! 

This is a Gacha by the name of "My Sister" and it's only 75L each try and even though I went with the nice basic black color it is available in other amazing colors too. I mixed American Horror Story with some Game of Thrones and got these sets of pictures that I'm very pleased with! Keep on reading for credits! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

27 April 2017

Bruno Mars & Me

Hey Loves!
Today I decided to do some traveling with the always adorable Bruno Mars! Stop looking around for the sexy man with the amazing voice, today I'm talking about this adorable doggy boo that I got from Black Bantam some time ago (Sad part is I really can't remember when all I know is that I'm so happy I found him in my inventory) I was feeling lonely and we decided to check out Giadini Di Vita Village and it's BEAUTIFUL here! I'm using my favorite summery windlight made by Runa for my pictures but even with the default the look of this place is STUNNING! 

I'm really preparing myself for the summer months thinking maybe I'll actually go out and do more outdoorsy things! Maybe even catch a Pokemon or two but until then I've been enjoying some fun summertime looks this one included! Do you like the look I've created today? Keep on reading for more info!

24 April 2017

...Then I relaxed

Hey loves!
It's actually a very beautiful Monday. Not too cold and not too hot as if the sun is trying to say "I'm here to be supportive but not to smother you" It would be a great day to enjoy a tropical smoothie (my new obsession) and read something on the kindle.

I did a little bit of traveling in Second Life again while it rained this weekend and made an outfit I was really into. It has a nice mix of urban and casual that I'm really feeling as well as the monotone color palette (must admit I wasn't feeling at all colorful this weekend) Are you liking the feel of this outfit? Yes? No? Do you like parts of it? Either way my loves the credits are down below so make sure to keep reading and get all the information you need.

19 April 2017

Sweetest Wounds

Hey loves!
This week seems to be kind of intense but I just needed to show off this beautiful outfit and second life actually allowed it to FINALLY happen for me. Today I'm wearing a couple of amazing things from the Bloom event including this adorable kimono style dress. I wanted to keep a SOMEWHAT traditional but still Lili like look. Keep on reading for all the credits! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

13 April 2017

A Day In Fillory | Lili Chatwin

Hey loves
I know some of you are like "A day in what?" and some of you might be like "Hey Lili knows about cool things too" I know...sometimes my nerdiness does pay off. Recently a friend of mine got me into a show based off of a book (that I've never read may I add) called The Magicians and I accidentally but approvingly made an outfit loosely inspired by the adorable but very talented and helpful Jane Chatwin. She has a very old English Victorian feel to her looks and since I'm well...me I of course had to brighten it up so I guess you could call me...Lili Chatwin?

To be honest I'm very much into the show the first season at least because it's the perfect mix of humor and morbidity to keep me entertained and sitting on the edge of my seat (okay fine inches away from my computer screen) but I'd like to know what you guys feel about it if you've watched it and how it compares to the books for those who have read it. For those who are wondering why I'm going on and on about this show even though I have on this adorable outfit *whispers* Keep reading for more information

11 April 2017

In Your Feelings....Again.

Hey Loves!
Let me begin this by saying 
1. I'm so stressed out lately
2. Taking these pictures seemed like....forever since the sim I used for my pictures DISAPPEARED before my very eyes and then I rage quit because the pain ensued my mortal being. I was going to post this yesterday morning but it took me a long time to find a similar sim to take the remaining pictures. 
3. I love you guys & this blog and I don't know where I'd be without you/it
With all of that being said that's my introduction...now on to the clothes!

07 April 2017

In My Shell

Hey loves
Sadly another rather silent day since something seems to be making me so tired but I did make a look I completely love and wanted you to see it :D Mwahs & Happy Shopping

Love Always

31 March 2017

Bear With Me

Hey Loves!

I'm sure you've missed seeing my face by now so here I am! I'm beary excited to share this look with you today because I feel like I look adora-....so did anyone catch the cheesy pun or?...you did? Okay good. So yes I feel absolutely adorable because something about a bear girl in a sweater just sounds oh so magical.
I've been rather silent in my last posts and I'm not sure if you like that style better or not and I don't plan on doing many silent blog posts but I will have days of less talking SO keep on reading for credits!

28 March 2017

School Lunch

Hey lovelies! 

Yesterday was my grandmother's birthday so I did a very short post. It's funny because I've always had a fear of getting older but looking at my grandmother parts of me are looking forward to surviving this crazy game we call "First Life" for 50+ years, 75+ years , 90+ years? Imagine all of the knowledge I will have in my brain to help this world become better by that time! Just wishing another happy Belated birthday to my Grams and hopefully there will be MANY more to come.
Speaking of knowledge....do you guys remember school lunches? *watches as you all nod* I was watching a youtube video about how disgusting and unhealthy they look/taste and silently vowed to be that mother (if my time ever comes) who makes lunches for her children to eat. I know that not everyone can but I have always seen myself as being the stay at home wife/mom and I would adore even providing lunches for my children's friends...unless my child ends up like me and has no friends *dramatic violin music* 

ANYWHO...my blog post today was inspired by not only the adorable outfit but the feel of school lunches that I have seen in Kdramas and Anime. Do you like the look? I hope so since I adore it myself! Keep on reading for more information and pics!

21 March 2017

Strawberry Heart Sakura Brain

Hey Loves!
Just a quick post today showing off this amazing look I put together and explored around in. I've been doing a lot of exploring in Second Life and this place really inspired me as soon as I got there I knew I wanted to take a picture! I will see you guys soon @.@ Tis nap time for this little potato. Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always 

18 March 2017

Casual (Late) Friday

Hey Loves
It's a lot later than normal for me to be writing a blog post but I had SUCH a relaxed day. I slept in until noon had a nice big cup of cappuccino (I'm becoming an adult slowly, I only added a little bit of sugar) then I finished a book called "Sweets & A Stabbing" by Harper Lin THEN I did a little SL exploring with my super floofy friend that reminds me of my RL baby boy. I just wanted a nice casual day to remind myself that life doesn't have to be fast paced to be lovely. I love having the freedom to pursue my interests even if those interests keep me glued to my computer!

Are you feeling the super chill vibes? Are you digging the Lili with the lipstick? Do you wanna pet my kitty? ;) Keep on reading for more information and pictures (of course)

15 March 2017

The Sound Of Music

My loves!
I was taking pictures today and all of these pictures reminded me of the scenes I've seen from the sound of music. Hilly goodness full of flowers with pretty girls dancing down at you. To be honest of never seen the movies myself but I'm still going to say that it was my inspiration for today's pictures. I've been doing a bit more traveling around Second Life and this place really caught my interest because of all the amazing flowers and greenery. 

To be honest today is a short but sweet post because I'm majorly tired and I think it's nap time! Credits and more pictures below (Including some closeups of this super adorable skin I have on) Love you always & Happy Shopping!

13 March 2017

In The Name Of Love

Hey loves!

So guess who has dealt with cold for the last couple days and froze all of her eyelashes off (and lost her voice) JUST to find out there is a snowstorm on the way? This girl. I mean as a Boston girl I know I have to expect snow literally at anytime of the year but this is just too much.
Even though I enjoy the snow in moderation I really needed some flower power in my life so I took a stroll through some and I loved every second of it. The outfit I have on today is one that I love very much from head to toe because well....I feel like a cute little dolly. Do you like the looky loo? Keep on reading to find out more about it.

08 March 2017

Anime & Parfaits

Hey Loves
How are you? Good I hope because today I'm actually feeling quite wonderful! The weather is pretty decent (In the 40s with a subtle breeze) the sun is hitting my pupils with the force of one thousand sparkles AND on top of it all I had a delicious coffee (Large French Vanilla iced coffee, hazelnut swirl, extra cream & 3 sugars) and the even more delicious sweet pepper bacon sandwich from Dunkin Donuts. I know it's a TON of calories especially for so early in the day but you know what? I'm fabulous and I deserve it...I think...*giggles*

I've been hiding out lately watching anime and eating delicious things and my latest obsession has been an anime called No Game No Life which...describes me very well sadly. It has a nice touch of funny and competitive and even some tears will fall but you will be HOOKED and you'll blame me for changing your life forever and all I have to say about this is....You're Welcome! My outfit was inspired by cool and casual anime playdates. I hope you enjoy the outfit as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Keep on reading for more pics and credits!

06 March 2017

At Your Service

Hey my lovetots

Wow....lovetots, that sounds delicious. To me though, you guys are the most delicious treat. Knowing that you guys like what I do really pulls me from the evil parts of my mind. I think I need you all much more than you need me.
Today is a short but sweet post with an outfit that I fell in love with quickly. It was a love at first sight kind of love. A slow glance to the side and heart skip a beat type love. A sharing our spaghetti plate while giggling over wine type love. A ru...-you know I think you guys get it.

25 February 2017

Breakfast With Lili

Hello sexy critters!

It's Saturday and you know what that means! Pretty much....the same as any other day of the week really BUT WITH SATUR AT THE BEGINNING *giggles*
There used to be an ongoing joke with me and an old friend about how breakfast in bed with me would be candy then I got this adorable outfit and decided to make it a reality I welcome you to my bed for a morning (well....afternoon) of candy and deliciousness. Keep on reading for a little more information and of course the credits :D

24 February 2017

Bear Essentials

Hey Loves!

How are you sexies today?! I'm...beary....good :D SEE WHAT I DID THERE?! Cause I'm a....yeah you get it. So recently I've been (let's be honest) struggling to be a glittery happy fool and sometimes when I want to blog I really just don't know what to say so on those days I will just do pictures and credits instead of hiding under a rock. That doesn't mean I love the items I pictured any less it just means I honestly have no motivation to speak (yay for depression)
I had tons of fun with my pictures today trying a couple of different things I don't normally do and I really do like the way these turned out so tell me what you think yes? My inspiration today was this super cute makeup applier from Lovely Disarray that made me look like a happy lovely bearbear and from there the look just came to me quite easily! Keep on reading for more information.

20 February 2017

My life its a beauty

Hello Loves!
Today I needed something bright and happy to combat this sadness seeping into my soul so I went to a very bright and beautiful place on SL called The Mill and listened to tons of Kpop music that makes me smile one of those songs is Taeyeon's "I" that's always so uplifting to me. As someone who is always so hard on herself it's so easy for me to miss the most beautiful and simple things in my life. It's about time that I embrace them. To be quite honest my inspiration today was....happiness and the beauty of life. If you have to take a moment to close your eyes..are they closed? Close them take a couple of breaths and think about one thing that made you happy. If you can't think of anything, take another deep breath and do something that truly makes you happy. If that still doesn't work I HAS GOODIES so keep on reading to find out where to find some happiness in SL.

16 February 2017

Me & You

Hey Loves!
So um..I've been really REALLY been updating my avatar and things still aren't right so I took this time to put on something very simple (but oh so freaking cute) and show off this super amazing bedroom set. This is a short but sweet post just so I don't leave you hanging! I've been trying to freshen up on my decorating skills (cause goodness knows those skills need some work) and I hope you lovelies see the improvements!

Keep on reading for better views of my stuffs and of course the credits! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!
Love Always

13 February 2017

Snowed In....Again

Hey Loves! It is I!
For the last....week and a half I've been housebound because of the snow that keeps falling from the sky not to mention how unstable it's been making my internet...Boo sauce. I have to admit I usually LOVE the snow. Just cuddle up in a blanket with delicious snacks, Cappuccino, and a fully charged Kindle. Though I put TONS of money into Second Life, I barely ever buy books I usually go to amazon and go BERSERK on all the freebies there. Such amazing snow times indeed yes? But come on I wanna go out *sadface* BUT SINCE I AM HOME...I finally got to bunker down and show off my outfit. Like what you see? Do ya do ya? Keep on reading for more information.

03 February 2017

Winged Wonders

Hey Loves!
You know...I've never noticed how much of a gamer I was until recently. A 27 year old girl who craves a nice night in playing games. I just got into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Just think how awesome a night in riding chocobos and eating amazing food sounds. *sighs in pleasure* it's going to be quite a fun weekend. Today I am blogging a look I instantly fell in love with. Pink, wings, and sparkles is pretty much my main ingredients. Not only do I have some super adorable inexpensive items on I even have some *whispers* free items on today. Keep on reading for the credits and even some more pictures!

29 January 2017

Horny Schoolgirl

Hey my loves!
So...it's my last day as a 26 year old and I am panicking in my boots. I told myself I'd stop blogging at 25 but...I just can't quit you love faces. I wanted to have a very cute but slightly sexy look plus add a little play on word *shakes around her unicorn horn* and we end up with my look of the day. I love LOVE this Catya mesh head (I can't express it enough) and I love all the amazing products I grabbed to put on so keep on reading to learn more about them.

24 January 2017

The Princess & The Pii

Hello Loves!
It's been awhile but here I am! Do you guys remember the story about the princess and the pea? I was never a big fan of it personally. I mean think about it the "test" to see if they were a true princess was to see if they noticed a pea under a TOWER of mattresses? Would I really want to be the princess who loses a night of sleep over a smushed (quite disgusting) vegetable? I THINK NOT. 

I did however do a little play on words with the title because of my super adorable chick pii buddies that kept me company during pictures. Not only did I love my outfit but I love the location (Black Kite) and I LOVE my new Catya mesh head! Keep on reading for details on this look yes? Yessss.

01 January 2017

Updates in 2017

Hey Loves!

I wanted to first take the time and share with you all that 2016 was a very hard year for me. I went through many obstacles iin a short amount of time that left me feeling lost, alone, and in need of some soul searching which is why my blogging was so minimum. I had no true happy inspiration but I've been feeling better, TRULY better and I'm ready to begin blogging more frequently. I will be taking some time to clean my inventory (I'm estimating maybe a week or two) and if possible blog in between after that blogging should feel less overwhelming for me and it will hopefully be back to my older pattern of blogging (with better pictures I hope)

Thank you all for staying with me during such a hard time in my life. I appreciate it so much!

Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always,