29 January 2017

Horny Schoolgirl

Hey my loves!
So...it's my last day as a 26 year old and I am panicking in my boots. I told myself I'd stop blogging at 25 but...I just can't quit you love faces. I wanted to have a very cute but slightly sexy look plus add a little play on word *shakes around her unicorn horn* and we end up with my look of the day. I love LOVE this Catya mesh head (I can't express it enough) and I love all the amazing products I grabbed to put on so keep on reading to learn more about them.

24 January 2017

The Princess & The Pii

Hello Loves!
It's been awhile but here I am! Do you guys remember the story about the princess and the pea? I was never a big fan of it personally. I mean think about it the "test" to see if they were a true princess was to see if they noticed a pea under a TOWER of mattresses? Would I really want to be the princess who loses a night of sleep over a smushed (quite disgusting) vegetable? I THINK NOT. 

I did however do a little play on words with the title because of my super adorable chick pii buddies that kept me company during pictures. Not only did I love my outfit but I love the location (Black Kite) and I LOVE my new Catya mesh head! Keep on reading for details on this look yes? Yessss.

01 January 2017

Updates in 2017

Hey Loves!

I wanted to first take the time and share with you all that 2016 was a very hard year for me. I went through many obstacles iin a short amount of time that left me feeling lost, alone, and in need of some soul searching which is why my blogging was so minimum. I had no true happy inspiration but I've been feeling better, TRULY better and I'm ready to begin blogging more frequently. I will be taking some time to clean my inventory (I'm estimating maybe a week or two) and if possible blog in between after that blogging should feel less overwhelming for me and it will hopefully be back to my older pattern of blogging (with better pictures I hope)

Thank you all for staying with me during such a hard time in my life. I appreciate it so much!

Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always,