26 December 2015

Belated Christmas Wishes

Hey Loves & Happy Belated Holidays!

I'm sure you haven't gotten sick of your toys just yet so I can't be too late right? Today is short but sweet post showing you the holiday goodies that stuck around to wish in the new year with you as well. Keep on reading for credits! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

21 December 2015

Not Naughty Outfit

♡ Like what you see? Keep on reading for the credits ♡

13 December 2015

Found Myself A Cheerleader

Hey my loves!

Today I just decided to cheer myself right into your hearts! Just a quick post I did with me and my new friend over here *points to cheery bunbun* if you're into the cheeerleader look and want to grab it up for yourselves keep on reading for all the cheertastic credits. Just don't be aggressive B-E aggressive cause my heartu can't take it

11 December 2015

I've Studied Hard

Hello my dear lover faces!
It's been WAY too long since my last blog post. I've noticed lately I get so into making the outfits and end up making 4 or 5 outfits before actually posting. Either way the outfit I have on made me such a happy critter. We all know like WE ALL KNOW *slowly nods her head with you* that I'm obsessed with school girl outfits. Not in like...a sexual way either I've always just LOVED school outfits and putting them on just makes me a happy happy coral reef (Shoutout to my wifers giving me nickname) If you're into school girl outfits almost as much as I am then I think you'll like this look. I have some really cute noobies on so keep reading to find out more about them okay? :D

04 December 2015


Hey Loves!

I am SUPER late with my post today (boosauce) but it's heeeere and I'm really happy with it! Lately the weather has really taken an even colder turn. I mean I know  it's december and all but the cold had nothing to do with me then all of a sudden hit me in the face...and here I am with only a little nightie on!
I had a REALLY cute outfit I wanted to show off meant more so for the summer but WELP...it's summer somewhere so LET'S DO IT! Keep on reading for more pictures & credits!

30 November 2015

Up In Cloud Nine

Hello my angels!
Funny I'd call you angels today when I'm up here on cloud nine! I have some very beautiful sky related things that I wanted to show off and what better way then  to bring you to my cloud nine (Let's be honest here my cloud 9 wouldn't be right without some kind of glitter, Snacks , a bed, and cats)  Keep on reading for more pictures and of course credits so you can grab all the goodies for yourself!

29 November 2015

Seraph Pixie | Ft Ayashi Hair Goodies

Hey Loves!
After a nice day of stuffing my face (Mmmm lobster Mac & Cheese)and THEN a day of scrumptious sales and discounts I came back to the life of the second and thought....I really would just like to sit around in lingerie today so...I did :D. I feel absolutely gorgeous today and I want you guys to feel gorgeous too so if you're interested keep on reading for credits!

25 November 2015

KiraKira Kind Of Winter

Hey my rainbow unicorns!
One more day until I'm shoving food in my mouth in tremendous  amounts and announcing to the world what I'm thankful for. There is only one thing missing....SNOW! Where is the snow this year? There's not even signs of snow making an appearance anytime soon. Since I got sick of waiting I decided to take a snowy walk through SL. My inspiration today was....my want for snow? I have TONS of goodies on today so keep on reading for info and credits okay?!

18 November 2015

Mints & Strawberries

Hello Dears!...or Deers! Either way HELLO (and if you're a deer reading this I'm actually even more impressed!)
To be honest, when I make my outfits the inspiration can really come from anywhere and I mean ANYWHERE. Are you wondering where this inspiration came from? Well....quite simple really. I was watching youtube (I LOVE youtube) one of the many cooking channels that I'm subscribed to and they made strawberry salsa with mint in it and it looked...REALLY good and I DID recently buy this minty delicious new release from Moon Amore and thought that pinks would be a nice combo with it. TADA Inspiration *paints a rainbow over her head and smiles* Lots of cute and awesome goodies today! Keep on reading for more info and credits.

13 November 2015

Plaids & Whatnot

Hey Loves!

I made two looks I really loved today and couldn't figure out which one to post today so I posted both clearly :D Hope you enjoy! 
Credits at the bottom as usual!


My Loves!
So I must admit for the longest time I had NO idea what spoopy meant....it was just an adorable sounding word to say. Thanks to the power of the internet I am now in the know and for anyone that doesn't know it's a word to describe something comical & spooky which I kind of think describes me quite well. When I love someone...I love them HARD and my "threats" are comical and spooky or as some would say...spoopy "If you ever leave me I'll uppercut you in the kneecap and keep you in my magical dollhouse" is one of my favorite threats to people I love. Today I did a look inspired by...I'm honestly not sure I just wanted to say SPOOPY at least 12 times today before I finish my Shrimp fried rice (homemade btw) Today is a quick-ish post (because I might post twice). I hope you enjoy the look and the pictures and if you see something on me that you HAVE to have, Credits on the bottom!

06 November 2015

Usagi Named Shiba | Yay For SL no werky

Hey Loves!
Just a quick post to show you this adorable outfit I put together. Unfortunately SL decided that after this picture that was IT for the night BUT FEAR NOT I'm actually pleased with the outcome of this picture even with all my difficulties. I feel so cute and cuddly and I want you all to be able to grab the pieces for yourself before it's too late. Like what you see? Keep on reading for all the credits!

03 November 2015

Serene School Daze

Hey my loves!

Can you believe we've made it to November 2015 already it literally feels like yesterday I was talking about the summer time and how I couldn't wait for it to BUZZ OFF....and let me make it really clear I got that wish in massive amounts of cold breezes up my dress. 
Looking back to my high school days I was always such a derpy dresser. My closet mostly consisted of demin jeans and shirts with those bunnies with the funny sayings (if only I could remember the name of them grrrr EDIT: They are Happy Bunny shirts) I really wish I had the fashion sense I have now and could have worn all the cute little things I wore in college. My look today is inspired by....in a sense the girl I wish I was in high school? Lots of affordable goodies dripping off my body today that I think you guys will like so keep on reading for tons more info.

26 October 2015

Naughty Nuns

Hey Loves!
I know a big part of why some people read my blog is because of the things I write in my posts relating them somehow to the outfit but lately I haven't really been able to since I haven't really had much time to collect my thoughts and really give you all a nice chunk of my mind. I will be starting that back up though cause let's be honest...sharing my thoughts on things is 80 percent of why I started blogging. 

Today I went with a...Nun gone bad type look. I have on lots of great goodies just aching to be talked about so if you want that info you know what to dooooo....right? *Whispers* Just keep reading.

12 October 2015

Breakfast Dreams

Hey Loves!

Been FORVER since I've blogged which sucks because blogging is the bee's knees.
Soooo....most of the people who know me know I am OBSESSED with breakfast food. Not like oh let's eat buttery toast (SHOUT OUT TO FAYFAY) for breakfast! No I just want to have a sexy dish of waffles, bacon, eggs, with nice sweet syrup just WAITING to be drizzled on my plate. I want a nice fluffy omelet filled with goodness and texas toast. I WANT ALL THE PANCAKES! I'm absolutely obsessed with breakfast food my loves. Today I just laid around second life in the comfiest section of my home and looked up breakfast goodies on Yummly. Do you like the look? Well today is a bit of a short and savory (because breakfast) post so keep on reading for the credits!

22 September 2015

Noodle Head

Hey Loves!
Today is a bit of a quick post with some things I picked up around the grid as well as news of another (yep another one) new event just waiting to knock SL's socks right off. I wanted a very cute but fall friendly outfit today and I think I accomplished it not to mention the outfit isn't really that expensive so money saving + looking cute? Um yes please! Keep on reading for more info and credits.

21 September 2015

VainDeer | New Dress From Moon Amore

Hey Loves!
Today I honestly just had fun with my post. You know how much I love play on words and how much I love dressing like pretty animals so...today I am a Vaindeer. A Vaindeer draws powers and energy from looking at itself in the mirror or reflections in the water. In my RL room I have mirrored drawers and a HUGE Mirror on my dresser so if Vaindeers were real I'd be one in RL hehe. Not only do I LOVE my makeup today but I also love the dress and the whole feel of the pictures I was able to capture for you today. Do you like the look I'm flaunting around in? Well lucky for you I have not only credits but a little info about all the new releases! Keep on reading for more info!

12 September 2015

Eggcellent Week

Hey Loves!
It's been such a long and hectic week for me but it was all rather eggcellent if I must say so. Get it...CAUSE Eggs? You all know how much I enjoy punny and themed outfits and this one is NO different. I saw eggs and my mind scrambled (BOOM ANOTHER PUN) and I knew these things had to be mine! Want to know where to go to grab them for yourself?! Keep on reading for more infos and credits!

04 September 2015

Lost Puppy Princess

Hello my love smoothies!

Sometimes I honestly have no idea what I want to blog about when I log on and today was one of those days. I just knew I wanted to be cute as a button so I gathered up some super cute things and smushed them into a cute lost puppy look. I have no only some cute things from Sweet Thing on but I also have some other super cute releases.
Short but sweet post for your faces! Keep on reading for more pics and credits!

27 August 2015

Special Ingredient

Heyyy Fashion Heads!

I got a little bit of time after the BF headed home to share a look with you that I'm kind of loving right now...so here I ish sharing it with your faces!
Something I've noticed about myself is that I LOVE cooking. I'm very adventourous when it comes to combining flavors to fit what I'm in the mood for but what I REALLY have come to notice is when I am cooking for someone I love I ALWAYS do a good job! I mean it's perfect when it's for my family, friends, or boyfriend but when I'm sitting on my lonesome and make something it always feels like it's...missing something? Maybe because I want to impress and make everyone happy when I'm cooking for a group so I try harder and when it's just me my only thought is "GET IN MY FACE"? Or maybe....just maybe "love" is an actual ingredient that makes things taste better? 

The look I have today has TONS of ingredients used to make ADORABLE and they are all credited below so if you like what you see keep on reading kk?

19 August 2015

Not Goodbye, It's See You Soon

Hey Loves!

I'm sure you've noticed my...sporadic blogging. I thought after my last break I'd be able to get back into the swing of things but honestly. I couldn't and I can't. As much as I love showing off some of the cute things in SL right now....I can't. Instead of letting myself implode I think for now I am going to step away from blogging indefinitely. Will I be back one day? Maybe. Most Likely, but I can't promise you a date. Will it be this year? Let's hope so? Right now I just need a break from not blogging...but from SL and because I need that break, blogging needs to be put on halt as well.

Before you wonder, no nothing bad has happened. Actually a lot of good has happened. I'm in the process of finding an apartment in RL AND buying a car which means the money I HAD to shop in SL is going to things I feel are far more important. I've recently started dating  (I know I said I wouldn't update you on my dating life anymore but meh...things change) as well as started a part time job and the time I had to sit in the house and really complete a look has dwindled to almost nothing. I have to re-balance and find my sparkly happy place again because blogging always makes me sparkle but second life has been a place of many heartbreaks and I told myself I want to leave the negative feels behind.

I will see you guys again and when I do my looks, skills, and time will be so much more cheerful, more me, and more entertaining for EVERYONE involved. I love you all never forget that. Mwahs & Happy Shopping (without me...for just a little while)


06 August 2015

Rebels With A Cute Cause

Sweet love faces! 

Hey there! How I have missed you so! Does ANYONE else have windows 10 installed? How do you like it? Me personally I disliked it at first some programs (like SL) disconnect from the internet randomly HOWEVER once I do connect I have a ton less problems I was even able to take a couple pictures with no crashing.
Today I honestly just wanted to be cute and cuddly because I mean seriously, how could I not miss you guys' community cuddles? I have on tons of stuff from Manga Fair which ends tomorrow (sooorrryyy) and I feel like they need to be shown and bought and made to be your very own while you still have the chance PLUS some other goodies from other events that need your monetary attention. Keep on reading for more info and landmarks!

27 July 2015

OctoCream Road

Hey Loves!

I decided to log into SL and do a little 'splorin! Since I've been hella lazy in RL when it comes to dressing up I carried it over to SL and did a little pants off dance off with my outfit today! Long shirt and thigh highs? What else could a girl need in 3 million degree weather? Keep on reading for credits!

14 July 2015

Oceanic Oasis

Hey Loves!

*Sigh* So I've decided I needed a vacation and since I'm still a broke bizneetchi, I decided a vacation in SL was in order. I've always loved being around water maybe it's the Aquarius in me but it always calms me down to be in or near water. Something about slow breaths while floating in water just...relaxes me. I dug through a couple popular pics and came across a lovely place called Windwept.
It's a lovely place really lots of beautiful rocks and ocean with many places to sit and hang out if you're having an SL day with friends. I can't seem to get my music to work via SL but I played some music on spotify that just completed the aura of this place. Definitely check this place out next time you want some serene time! If you are gazing at the outfit I have on well my dear your in luck because I have lots of yummy info and credits to boot! Keep on reading for both!

13 July 2015

The Candy Buffet

Hey Fashion Heads!
I'm sure many of you know by now that I OBSESS, LOVE, and APPROVE of all things Candy related one of those candy related things being the Annual Candy Fair! This year I'm not an "official blogger" for the event but I love this event and will always support and appreciate it for all that it offers. Today I just wanted to surround myself with candy goodness. Candy always makes me feel better about life, not eating it but looking at it. My tumblr is full of candy and cupcake goodness and it always seems to bring a smile to my face. Since I have soooo much to show I won't be doing too much talking since I wouldn't be able to say how much I love each and every item shown. Keep on reading for more pictures and credits okay?

Sakura Romp

06 July 2015

Miss Lili Muffet

Hello Fashion Heads!

Long time no see! In an upcoming post I will explain why.
When I was a little girl I was obsessed with reading and nursery rhymes. One of my favorite children's authors was Dr Seuss I think because of the rhyming. Rhyming to this day helps me remember important things. My favorite nursery rhyme to date is Little Miss Muffet. Not only can I relate because of my almost dramatic fear of spiders but it taught me something to you know? Curds & Whey was just something I could not understand but I now get it's like...cottage cheese, which I LOVE. My inspiration for this outfit was Little Miss Muffet! Most of my friends said that's what it reminded them of too so here it is! I have not only a cute and inexpensive outfit to show you but also a skin so keep on reading for lots of info doodles.

30 June 2015

Music On The Docks

Hey Loves!
The month of June is LITERALLY about to be over and I've been so busy this month I can't say I'm sad to see it go. Not saying the things I've done are unimportant of course but you know me. I like to dress up and think VERY LITTLE about ever growing up. With all this grownupness I needed a nice, cute, and playful look and I knew just want I wanted to wear to shake off the adulthood of June. One of my all time ways to relax is to listen to music so today I decided to do it at the docks :D I love all types of music so I can have what feels like ENDLESS playlists...if I wasn't too lazy to make playlists. To the outfit? Mkay keep reading for more infos!

23 June 2015

Lazy Kitten

Hey Fashion Heads!
Just two lazy kitties here to show you a comfy and lazy outfit!

Elastic Heart

Hey Loves!

I had such an antisocial weekend but I think I needed it after WEEKS of not getting any time alone. I love being the happy and upbeat sparkle in people's lives especially the people that I love but there are just...days that I need to just snuggle my baby Phantom, watch youtube videos, and eat slightly healthier snacks than I used to (trust me...not as bad as I thought it was when I first did the change). I mean...I watch A LOT of youtube videos, like A LOT!
A song that has been stuck in my head AND on replay is "Elastic Heart" by Sia so I think that is what my post is inspired by? Okay well also I just had a fun time in Flux Ser Mer! I even met a couple of friendly people who had a giggle or two with all of my crashing ways! Are you enjoying the look I offer you today? Wanna get the stuff for yourself!?! Keep on reading for credits and a better picture of the outfit!

19 June 2015


Hey Loves!
Honestly it's a quick post tonight! My mom is back up and walking like nothing ever happened! It was almost like watching a baby take it's first steps *wipes a tear from her eye* well except the "baby" swears like a sailor, falls asleep watching culinary shows, and loves telling me about this time called "the eighties". I wanted a beautiful casual outfit to kind of just lounge around in and pop on to chat with friends when I had the time! I have credits down below as well as a head to toe pic so keep on reading for those two things!

15 June 2015

RL Stuffs | Surgery Recovery Time!

Hey Loves!

For the next week or so I will be very distracted helping my mother recover from a surgery. If I get the time to post I definately will but I'm not sure how likely it is to happen. My mother is healthy and...er not happy but  it's nothing life threatening however she will need help around the house while she is stuck on bed rest orders so I'm not home and when I do pop up on SL I know I will be called away (and happy about it) to help with things she needs. 

See you soon!

12 June 2015

Inspirational Shirts

Hey Loves!
I have such an obsession with shirts with uplifting and inspirational messages on them. I always have and most likely always will! Not only do they help ME stay positive and upbeat just feeling AMAZING about myself but they also help anyone reading feel that way too. I mean think about it, with the power of just a shirt, a fashion statement, you can bring a smile to someone's face or help someone through a difficult time with JUST THE POWER OF YOUR SHIRT. 

Anywhoness, Today my outfit is inspired by...I don't know actually it just made me very happy when I put it on and I thought maybe you guys would like to see it? Was I right? you're DA...rn right I am! Keep on reading for more info and credits/slurls!

09 June 2015

School Of Tricksters

Hey Loves!

I know I've been gone for a bit but for good reasons hehe. My mom had her birthday recently and I must admit she had a blast on her trip to Baltimore and I've just been trying to be a good daughter and doting on her for a bit but I'm back with pretty stuffs :D
Today I am the cutest little Kitsune. I've been lacking in my usual tail and ear obsession and I think it's time for me to show off a very beautiful AND animated set today as well as MANY gacha goodies for your faces. I've been on a tighter budget lately and as always gacha prizes help me out hardcore! Keep on reading for all the information!

04 June 2015

Bunbuns & Dangos

Hey my loves!!!!
I'm on computer number TWO and firestorm still gives me so many problems to use but you know what? Nothing keeps ME from blogging...well unless it's real life scenerios, hmm...or pizza! 

Moving past my usual picture taking issues I had TONS of fun making this outfit. I love gachas and there isn't just one but TWO gacha events happening and I'm JUST GETTING STARTED with showing them off (so keep a lookout) If you want to know about what I have on just read the credits I have then get your cute little tushies to these events to grab all the things you can afford!

02 June 2015

Fairy Pond

Hey Loves!
You know how my life gets on the first of every month by now I hope hehe. I did all I needed to do though and now I'm here to do a quick post of me as a purty water loving fairy! Keep on reading for all the credits your face can handle mkay?

21 May 2015

Sky Goddess

Hey Loves!
As of lately I just haven't been feeling very....goddess like. Don't you go thinking I'm crazy my dears I know I'm NOT a goddess but the fact that I don't feel like one is the problem. We should all feel like goddess, like we've been put here on this earth (and/or Second Life) to be something extraordinary and special. Everything done by a person JUST ONE has the power to change the world forever. Don't any of you forget that. Your worth in this world is endless...even if you don't know it yet.

This is my second posty of the day and I really had fun with the pictures so I'm not really going to talk too too much and just let you take a gander at the pictures :D