29 January 2013

One Lazy Nugget

Hey Fashion Heads!
This will be my last post as a 22 year old *sadface* I know you're all thinking Oh Em Gee that's not old GOD but..My Birthday always causes me to think a great deal and sometimes in life those thinking days are very much needed especially to better your future but MOVING on...today I wanted a post that reflected my current mood....and today I'm...lazy....and very much so hungry. Of course I'm doing it in style hehe....I hope. Keep on reading for the goodies

28 January 2013

Lady Cupid FTW

Hey Fashion Heads!
I got a few messages from you all saying my home looks like my personality and that means a lot to me. I try to portray myself in everything I am a part of and I wanted to just say you guys made my day a lazy AND happy one. I got my mojo back and was playing in some clothing then the thought hit me...I wonder how it would feel to be cupid. I mean....slapping people around with arrows and making them make lovey-dovey eyes at one another *sighs* I love to make love WAIT let me rephrase that (YOU NASTIES) I love to CREATE love hehe. I've got quite some goodies here keep on reading! If my magical arrows still can't make you read that's okay I has my lovely credits for you just scroll on down

27 January 2013

Lili Has a Home? | Lazy Sunday Home Edition

Yes she does! Hi Fashion Heads!

Today I was a little tired out with clothing and it IS my lazy Sunday. I think I just wanted a relaxing day especially with all the new stuff hitting the grid so I decided I would show you a look around my home. I have a lot of goodies even in my home for you sexy people. The pictures aren't the work of Homes & Garden but I tried my best and I hope you enjoy. Keep reading for more information & Pictures

26 January 2013

A Citric Moment

Ohai Fashion Lovers!
Inspiration: Lemon Lime Soda....YUM!
In 5 days I become old! ;.; Okay fine I'll be 23 but still. I always get so antsy on my birthday but instead this year I plan on going a different route. I'm going to do something different to my hair...I experiment with natural tones but I think this 23rd year of life I want to be a bit more daring...so going to add pink streaks! Yay right? In the spirit of doing things different I wanted to experiment with a bit of a different look somewhat different than my usual style. Keep on reading for more information.

25 January 2013

Skin Goodness | Eliza By Mirror's Enigma

Hey Fashion Heads! 
I just can't seem to keep up with skins these days. I've been trying to branch out a bit and try skins I haven't before and since I'm only one person its hard for me to cover EVERY new skin I encounter. I may not be the fastest blogger BUT I always try to keep what I find fun to read and informative. Today I am wearing a new release from Mirror's Enigma. Keep on reading for more pictures & Info 

24 January 2013

On To The Next One...| Boobies & Milk Releases

Hey Fashion Heads!
So today I was trolling the infamous Facebook (my RL one) for some of my childhood friends. When I moved to Florida I kind of lost touch with a few and since I'm back for awhile I thought it may be fun to catch up. Well...someone I considered one of my besties was happy to hear from me and we chatted for a bit before she needed to leave for work and it was quite nice. Sadly not ALL wanted to hear from me but you know what they say....On to the next one hehe...I know my friendship is a valuable thing so I don't need to beg someone to accept it. ANYWHO on the SL-ness...lots of goodies to be worn. Keep on reading for some info! Not a reader? That's quite alright credits on the bottom.

22 January 2013

Pretty Girl Swag

Hey Fashion Heads!

This right here is mah...pretty girl swag! *Bootypops* Okay I'm being a little silly tonight but that's nothing new. I was in a bit of a funk today so decided to listen to a bit of music to get myself out of it and now Pretty Girl Swag is stuck in my head. I always started cleaning my inventory and landed upon a treasure from last week that I want to show you guy because its super cute! Keep on reading so you can take a look

20 January 2013

Just Like a Lantern...My Heart Shines Bright

Hello AMAZING Fashion Heads!
I know I know bad Lili ;.; but my weekends are crazy lately hehe. Fear not though I always have something epic prepared for you when I finally get the chance. I was actually just rummaging through my inventory and ran into this lantern from a place called Hanaya and then the look just developed. I was going for a somewhat serene scene of just a girl in the woods lighting the way for others and because I'm a slave to fashion....I did it in style. Keep on reading to find out where to go and get some pick me up goodies. 

18 January 2013

Taking Care Of Business

Hey Fashion Heads!
Finally back home hehe! I had fun with my mom at her house. As much as I love her I'm STILL happy we still don't live together (I super love you though mommy) but going over for some snacks while watching the morning talk show dramas is always going to be a guilty pleasure for me. I can see myself in 20 years still doing the same with my mom and enjoying it just as much. *Giggles* just wanted to catch you guys up on my RL a little bit. Keep on reading for the SL goodness.

17 January 2013

Blogger Loves You....

Hey Fashion Heads!
Today I want to talk a little bit about something my super cute Succubus brought up last night on her blog. I've since the day I started my blog have always put my love, time and attention into it fully and completely and my "sponsors" mean the WORLD to me and I hate to see that so many bloggers take it for granted. I mean....as a woman self employed I appreciate these amazing designer who put thier faith in me and I like to think of them as people not as a business giving me free things. I try my best to learn about designers as people who are actually very fun to be around and I don't really want to rant my biggest message is really a blogger doesn't love just your creations....the Blogger loves you and loves what they do, that's what I enjoy showing to everyone I encounter. Keep on reading to find out what I'm wearing.

16 January 2013

Lolly Lollipop | Perfect Wardrobeness!

Hey Fashion Heads!

I'm SO sorry I've been so busy but RL has been keeping me away from the computer but I just HAD to pull myself away and show you some of the amazing goodies I found.
When I was a teenager I LOVED going to the mall with my friends. I live in a bit of a small town so our mall was a big deal. Inside of our mall we had the most amazing candy store. Candy from top to bottom. The WALLS were filled with Jelly Belly Jellybeans that you had to use ladders to dispense from. That is the thought that filled my head while I did this outfit....want to know more about my "sweet" attire? Keep on reading! If you would rather suck on a lolly instead well you don't have to read...credits below

14 January 2013

Holy Skins Pt 3 - La Petite Morte @ Genre

Hey my dears!

In this posting I want to show you some amazing skins from Genre

Holy Skins Pt 2.

Its me again!

I don't want to bug you with all my mumbo jumbo so let's just roll on with the pictures!

OH MAH GERD! I absolutely adore this skin. The lips are very defined but still have a pouty look to them and I really like the nose shaping on this shape. I decided since I didn't on the last batch this time around I'd wear the lolas appliers to show you how they look

Holy Skins Part 1

Hello Fashion Heads!

So...today I'm going to drive you all crazy with happiness. I got super lazy with skin showcasing over the holidays even though I was shopping like a crazy person so..I decided to start now ans show you all the goodies that I've been hoarding  and give you my opinion. After I am done this week I will do a nice little index posts but today I would like to start with Iren....Keep on reading for pictures and amazement

So the very first goodie I would like to show is Janine. I love the young look of it as well as I've always been a fan of the color...I guess you could say the color jump of one skin tone to the next. Not too much to FORCE you to have to be many many tones darker or lighter than you intially wanted

From Left to Right: Redhead, Powder, Pale, Tan, Mocca, Dark Tan, Ebony

13 January 2013

Wintery Weekend!

Hey Fashion heads! 

I know I've been in hiding this weekend but I didn't forget about you guys at all you guys are ALWAYS on my mind but I wanted to have a little fun and explore a bit this weekend. I took a very handsome friend with me this weekend and among it all I managed to snap a picture for you guys hehe.
I know I know but you have to admit that the picture is cute hehe. I'll tell you about the goodies we grabbed for this picture if you keep on reading below 

10 January 2013

Who's Laughing Now?

Hey Fashion Heads!
Let me just say...wow. Today I felt like doing a bit of traveling in SL since I really haven't actually went to a sim lately and REALLY enjoyed the scenery it was a bit more picture time *click click* so I stopped and took in a smell of the amazing pixalized air and boy was it wonderful hehe. Not to mention I have on an outfit that I really enjoyed putting together and making myself feel adorable in. Nothing like a day of exploring the Juicybomb Sim while being cute right? Keep on reading for more info on the sim AND the outfit hehe. Its okay if you hate reading just take a glance at the pics and credits are on the bottom

09 January 2013

As the Snow Melts...So Does my Heart...

Hello my dear readers!
I missed you guys today but RL called and I had to answer AND also today was my Rezz-day which I didn't even notice until someone pointed it out to me. Today's theme was...well it was letting go really lol. When I first started this blog I was hurt...alone...and very hesitant to share my heart again and now a year later...the past looks *looks way back there* almost like a hazy nightmare. I have amazing friends & Family who always put up with my...rather unique personality.  I have a new person in my life that makes me feel like a princess. Heck I even have a kitten that loves me to bits! *looks down at her RL lap at the purring bundle of joy* I must say...2013 is treating me good.

08 January 2013

Overexposed! NSFW

Hey Fashion Heads! (I think it might be time for a new nickname)

Today I honestly felt like exploring so I did a bit today with my Caramel Uni named Dulce and it was a bit of a randomly picked place and I didn't get to snap many pictures before I had um...a little bit of an accident..IF YOU ARE AT WORK OR YOU HAVE KIDS READ THIS LATER! But if you would like to see whats going on well...keep on scrolling my dears!

06 January 2013

Let's Play Baseball!

Hey Fashion Heads!
I have never been a very active sports lover but I've always liked participating in the little baseball games with the pole you rest the ball on...I honestly forgot the name of it but I was actually quite good at it. I've always been somewhat if a girl so just imagine a girl with neatly painted nails trying to swing a bat hehe. Don't worry the image makes me giggle a little bit too. I know its not baseball season or anything but this cute new outfit had to be worn TODAY because I really loved it THAT much. I can tell you where to get it if you just keep on reading! Not in the mood to read? Credits on the bottom

05 January 2013

Let's Make The Most of the Night...

Hey Fashion Heads!

So far so good with this beginning of the year business! I've been somewhat successfully mixing RL and SL activities together and I have to admit....I enjoy my SL activities a lot more. Don't get me wrong I do love my RL and everyone I have in it....but my SL family is much bigger. I just think the most important thing is doing and being around people I want to be around. I can chat with my RL-ers while typing to my SL-ers right? Right. I put together a rather cute look today that's a bit different than my usual look as you can see...Keep on reading to find out more! If you STILL hate reading ("STOP PRESSURING ME LILI") that's okay...I still have my credits just for you!

03 January 2013

I Won't Apologize...

Hey Fashion Heads!
So I decided to change up the way I present my pictures. The one I put on the bottom will now be at the top and then any live pictures or raw shots will be after the break since I spend so much more time on these in photoshop than the rest of them. Today I just wanted to be very relaxing looking and enjoy my day. I have decided that its time to let my concious clear and apologize for the wrongs I've done but I have decided to stop apologizing for being who I am. Last year I spent most of the time trying to explain and defend myself as a person instead of apologizing for my actions I apologized for being me....No more will that be happening Want to know more? keep reading...

01 January 2013

My Pajama Dress!

Hey Fashion Heads!
Still enjoying your new years? I hope so because I certainly did. I'm beginning this year healthy and happy with many people who love and care about me and that's really all I ever wanted. Knowing you are loved by others seems to make many scary parts of the world a lot less scary. So today I planned on sitting in my house all day today and just have a nice lazy new years day but I really wanted some chinese food so I went in my cute little nighty mhm mhm...I'm super cool that way. I may have froze my buns off but this eggroll makes the trip worth it. 

New Years Celebration

Hey Fashion Heads!
Happy New Year! I'm so excited to say I've made it into another year with you all and I am eager to begin showing the fashion and sharing my experiences for 2013! Goodbye 2012 you were loved but its time for new things! Not much talk this morning because I'm a bit tired but I wanted to get this post out before bed. I love you all so much don't ever forget that! Read More for the credits...