25 June 2014

Wound Up Summer

Hey Love loves!
So here's the deal.
 I'm apparently super busy lately and I have time for the pictures for blogging but the actual writing has been harder for me since I'm CONSTANTLY on the move now. I DO want to keep with blogging for you all as much as I can so for a bit it will have to be quick posts with not much description BUT if you guys want me to continue writing leave comments below demanding it okay? My schedule will hopefully be better soon the things I'm doing now are VERY important things for me.

Please bare with me guys. I know I've slowed down a lot but in the long run it's going to pay off

Keep on reading for credits! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!
Love Lili

21 June 2014

Shark Bait

Hey Loves!

Another hot summery day but there is a bit of a breeze so I'm up to give you a guys a nice quick posty with an outfit inspired by summer and my somewhat comical fear of sharks. 
I love all animals don't get me wrong but I'm deathly scared of sharks. I won't even go NEAR the beach if I have a healing wound. I don't know why but I somehow feel like if I'm bleeding or looking tasty on the sandy shore a shark is going to grow legs and come chase me home. I think I might need help for this but meh...funny little Lili huh? I'm sure you didn't come here to laugh at me (As my friend on skype says "Oh yes...I did"), you came for the clothes so keep on reading for more details! Being chased by a shark!? Find cover and read the credits below. 

19 June 2014

Basic Beach

Hey Loveloves!

Boy is it hot outside and as we all know...Lili doesn't do well in the heat, I have a hard time keeping my eyes open once it's past 69 degrees outside but for you guys I pull out that energy and work to keep you updated on my personal favorites in Second Life and I really hope each day that you love them as much as I do. 

The title on this post is...a bit of an inside joke between me and a couple friends and I just HAD to use it as a title while I'm in beachwear because the comedy just writes itself in this scenerio right? I have some really cute beach goodness for you today so keep on reading to know where to go. Are you a basic beach? That's okay credits at the bottom hehehe.

17 June 2014

Whale of A Time

Hey loveloves!

How was your weekend?! Mine was ugh sooooooo slow.

The name of this post is in reference to another thing in life I was curious about. Some lady said this "Oh me and my husband had a 'whale' of a time" and no joke, I legit thought she was calling me fat for a second but she then explained it. I guess I'm just not that savvy when it comes to sayings and phrases like that but meh, you live and you learn. I'm sure you guys didn't come to see me banter about how moronic I can be sometime now did you? I didn't think so you came for the look of the day! Keep on reading for more infos :D

12 June 2014

Schools Out | I Won't Eat My Friends!

Hey loves!

Forgive me if my typing is all mumbo jumbo-ed my vision is a little...altered today hehe. I was at the Optometrist about an hour ago and my all are all dilated and vision is a bit blurry but FEAR NOT I'm on the road to getting glasses and might I say....contacts (NO). In SL and RL I kind of have an obsession with wearing glasses because I feel like they make me so darn cute. 
Today's look is a school's out look. On the way home I found some brocolli buddies and goodness am I hungry but I won't eat them NO NO NO they are my friends now....I will eat sweets for the sale of friendship! Do you like this look *waits patiently for a nodnod* Well....lot's of tasty details down below! Keep on reading!

11 June 2014

The Beautiful Things I'll wear | I'm a Ballet Princess!

Hey Loves!!

Did you miss me? Goodness I hope so because I missed the crap outta you guys!
Today I am a pretty ballerina princess and I twirl twirl twirl! I have never EVER had the body shape to be a ballerina in RL. Heck I don't  really have the body shape in SL for it either but it's SL and I do what I want!
I was always the little princess as a young girl I wanted all the things pretty and frilly....with a unicorn of course. My co-ordination is #foreverbad and as much as I'd like to be able to Plie I'd end up toppling to the floor like spilled dropping it like it's hot. I'm sure you didn't come to read about my ballet life fails right? Nope. You came for the clothes so let's get right in there! Keep on reading for more info! Are you mid swan lake? That's okay credits at the bottom!