30 September 2013

Picture Perfect | I'm back! You Miss Me?

Hey Guys!

I'm back a little earlier than planned but that's okay my mind is refreshed and my sparkles are back as well. You know that feeling that nothing you're doing is right? No matter what you were attempting to do it just wasn't making you happy? Well I had a bit of that and you all know how much I hate portraying my sadness here so I took a step away. 
Today's look is inspired by...well...me being a princess of course *giggles* I'm a self proclaimed glitter princess with a love for fashion & cute. I have dug up a lot of ultra cute things newly released or coming soon so keep on reading to find out where to go YES! (and now I talk like a skritt)

24 September 2013

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Hey Loves
So....sorry to inform you all but you lose me for a week or so. Due to RL circumstances I will need to take a bit size hiatus and I plan to be back at the beginning of October. IT'S ONLY A WEEK OR SO please don't think I'm not coming back. To all designers & creators I will be back to blogging as soon as I'm able! I didn't want to leave you with nothing so I did this rather cute Summertime Sadness/Fall Welcome picture. I'm not going to do much talking today but I do have those credits at the bottom. See you when I get back okay? OKAY?! I KNOW YOU HE-...Yay!

21 September 2013

Rather Stay Inside | Clothing & Home Goodness

Hello loves

I want to make sure its not just me. Have you ever gotten up and got dressed, put on a cute shirt did your womanly breast placement to get them looking perfect in your bra, slipped on your sexiest panties underneath your bottoms, put some lipstick on OH YEAH and threw on some sexy heels...then changed your mind about going out?
Goodness I do this all the time and I always thought it was a bit funny. I take a lot of effort to be half decent when I go out but sometimes at that last minute I'd rather stay inside. I'm sure I'm not the only one right guys?...guys?! Well maybe I am! Comment down below! Today's post is a mixture of a casual but cute outfit and some of the many things I gathered from around the grid to make my home pretty. Keep on reading!

19 September 2013

Paper Gangstas

Hey Lover Faces!

I told you it would be a busy week for me so no yelling at me! It's been a crazy but amazing week for me I finally got a decently looking resume done (I know...at 23....lame) and I've applied for some jobs that I know for a fact I would love to work in since they are all fashion related and I have this amazing love for fashion and I'd love my job to revolve around fashion!
So..I'm sure you all can tell I have a love for women (and men) with their own sense of taste and fashion one of my favorites being Lady Gaga. She can dress as a man or in a meat dress and feel absolutely beautiful and that is one of the most amazing things in the world to me. Not to mention she is amazingly smart underneath her mind blowing looks. My outfit today was inspired by one of her older songs that I love. Want to know where I grabbed all these pieces? Keep on reading!

16 September 2013

Lili's Review: Luck Inc's Phat Azz

I know it's weird to see me call something "review" I feel weird saying it myself but I digress! Because of what I am reviewing all pictures, comments, and opinions will be after the break so keep on reading to learn more.

14 September 2013

Stuck in Dreamland | Gacha Crazed Outfit

Hey Loves!

Have you ever had a dream that felt so real that you in a way had no idea it was a dream? Like finally getting a date with that super hot co worker...go in for the kiss and BAM your alarm starts ringing? Bummer Dude. Or even something like getting past level 1 million on Candy Crush because come on....we're all stuck somewhere on that game amirite? Most of you may not know but I'm an insomniac and when I finally get to sleep I sleep HARD and I frequently get very realistic dreams. I seem to wake up and pull some truth from it every time though...like they are almost showing me a better version of who I will become. 
Today's post is inspired by being happily stuck in your dream. Nothing better than feeling absolutely adorable when crawling into bed right? Want to get this look for yourself? Well you're in luck because I'm going to tell you where to go! Still thinking this is a dream? That's okay there are credits at the bottom

12 September 2013

Apples to Apples | That Fall Weather

Hello loves!

I promised you all a fall look and HERE IT IS! Nothing says fall like apple picking!
When I was a young Massachusetts girl my mom and I went apple picking with a family friend. Sure it may have been easier to just go to the store like most people do but there was just something so amazing about going and picking the apples yourself. They were so crisp and fresh plus my mom made an amazing apple crisp for our family (which I will link to you all) I'm sure you all have guessed by now that this cute look was inspired by apples! If you're looking for an apple inspired look I can tell you where to go. Just keep on reading! If you're grabbing a bushel of apples right now its okay...credits at the bottom.

07 September 2013

Swagger Jagger

Hey Fashion Heads!!

"Swagger Jagger, Swagger Jagger. You should get some of your own..." 
Not only has this song been stuck in my head but...I love the words. I've always felt like a bit of a strangeling in the SL Fashion world because of how I like to "piece" things together. Don't get me wrong I like being the strange one but I know that when you guys read its because you like it to right? I'm never going to be the blogger that keeps it simple...at least not all the time. I love to accessorize...its my Swagger Jagger *giggles* 

I adore the outfit that I have on today to bits and I want you all to buy every single item from it! Come on! Keep on reading to find out where to go! Are you on the search for your swagger? Well I guess it's okay if you jump right to the credits!

06 September 2013

Tiny Tempura

Fashion Heads!!
Did you miss me? I bring you a sophisticuted look today a little mix of sophisticated and cute...give or take a pair of shoes of course. Most of the time you see the playful side of me but I do like to show that underneath all my pink, frills, and glitter is a woman who does know how and when to be mature yes? No not really BUT I TRY! Keep on reading to get the goodies for yourself!

04 September 2013

Angelic Twist

Hey Loves

I know its been a few days :( I've been looking for new fun accessories but having a rather hard time doing that but honestly...I rather enjoy my look even without lots of bling bling goodness!
I'm an angel! Don't you think I'm cute!?! I felt like being artsy and this outfit felt like the perfect inspiration! Do you want to get this look for yourself? Keep on reading to find out where to go! Are you an angel trying to save the world? Credits at the bottom

01 September 2013

Summer Stories

Hey Fashion Heads!

I just can't let go to my summer posts! The colorful goodness just lights up my heart but its time to bid the summer breeze goodbye with a childhood story yes? YES!
Before I moved to Florida I had the same 4 friends for YEARS. Nykkia, Mariah, Vincent, and John. I had OTHER friends but there were my longest friendships and sadly when I moved I lost contact with them including the strongest friendship which was the one I had with my friend John. We were inseparable if we weren't somehow talking it meant that we were sleeping or at school. I could tell him anything...he was perfect. For a long time I  thought I'd never have that kind of friendship again until...I found him this summer. So this summer was amazing for me for a couple reasons. I found a guy that is weirder than I am....but amazingly cute, AND I got my platonic soul mate back... Great summer of 2013 I wouldn't change it.

My outfit today is just about...feeling good man. One thing that always makes me feel good is pastries so today I am a pastry princess! Keep reading for more info! Wrestling with that VERY LAST sun ray of summer? Scroll right on down the to credits.

Skinliness: Sapphire By Mirror's Enigma

Hello Lovers! Today seems like a great day to show off another skin right? I'm not sure if you'd call these reviews or showcases...I'm not fully sure but I do want to show off the skin I'm wearing right now from Mirror's Enigma. Like what you see?
 Keep on reading to find out more about it!