27 July 2015

OctoCream Road

Hey Loves!

I decided to log into SL and do a little 'splorin! Since I've been hella lazy in RL when it comes to dressing up I carried it over to SL and did a little pants off dance off with my outfit today! Long shirt and thigh highs? What else could a girl need in 3 million degree weather? Keep on reading for credits!

14 July 2015

Oceanic Oasis

Hey Loves!

*Sigh* So I've decided I needed a vacation and since I'm still a broke bizneetchi, I decided a vacation in SL was in order. I've always loved being around water maybe it's the Aquarius in me but it always calms me down to be in or near water. Something about slow breaths while floating in water just...relaxes me. I dug through a couple popular pics and came across a lovely place called Windwept.
It's a lovely place really lots of beautiful rocks and ocean with many places to sit and hang out if you're having an SL day with friends. I can't seem to get my music to work via SL but I played some music on spotify that just completed the aura of this place. Definitely check this place out next time you want some serene time! If you are gazing at the outfit I have on well my dear your in luck because I have lots of yummy info and credits to boot! Keep on reading for both!

13 July 2015

The Candy Buffet

Hey Fashion Heads!
I'm sure many of you know by now that I OBSESS, LOVE, and APPROVE of all things Candy related one of those candy related things being the Annual Candy Fair! This year I'm not an "official blogger" for the event but I love this event and will always support and appreciate it for all that it offers. Today I just wanted to surround myself with candy goodness. Candy always makes me feel better about life, not eating it but looking at it. My tumblr is full of candy and cupcake goodness and it always seems to bring a smile to my face. Since I have soooo much to show I won't be doing too much talking since I wouldn't be able to say how much I love each and every item shown. Keep on reading for more pictures and credits okay?

Sakura Romp

06 July 2015

Miss Lili Muffet

Hello Fashion Heads!

Long time no see! In an upcoming post I will explain why.
When I was a little girl I was obsessed with reading and nursery rhymes. One of my favorite children's authors was Dr Seuss I think because of the rhyming. Rhyming to this day helps me remember important things. My favorite nursery rhyme to date is Little Miss Muffet. Not only can I relate because of my almost dramatic fear of spiders but it taught me something to you know? Curds & Whey was just something I could not understand but I now get it's like...cottage cheese, which I LOVE. My inspiration for this outfit was Little Miss Muffet! Most of my friends said that's what it reminded them of too so here it is! I have not only a cute and inexpensive outfit to show you but also a skin so keep on reading for lots of info doodles.