28 May 2014

While You're Away....

Hey my loves!
So my soul mate is down in Florida at the moment without me, so I'm here all alone (WOE IS ME) but it's okay! Thanks to the lovely life of the second I can have my own little beach outing while he has an amazing time tanning under the sweet sun and enjoying himself (He deserves it). Today I have on an amazing little bikini that I just ADORED from the moment I saw it and I just think the colors and the available patterns are perfect for the quickly approaching summertime heat! Keep on reading for all the details on what I have on okay?!

26 May 2014

Butterfly Babe With The Power

Hey my loves!
I know it's been forever but it's for good reason I swear. See....something lately has been bringing me down and I had to fully get it out my system. I've cried, laughed, and cried some more and then moved on. I've also started some life improvements for myself and to do that I HAD to take some time away from it all sadly including this blog but I'm back now, we will just call this month the "Lost month" hehe. For this look I wanted to be pink, pretty, and powerful and darn it that is exactly what I did! Keep on reading for clothing details! 

16 May 2014


Fashion Heads!
Today I'm bringing you serenity and beauty because...well sometimes a girl just wants to be beautiful okay?!?!

I based this look off a song I ADORE by a Kpop group by the name of EXO. The song is called "Mama" and I think the song is absolutely beautiful and amazing. I am taking the part of  Mama in today's post so just sit back relax and enjoy the beauty okie dokie? OH before I do start talking about the clothes! The pose that I am using for the picture above can be yours for only 50L at Infinit Poses in the Butterfly Gacha machine....OKAY TO THE CLOTHES

14 May 2014

My Summer Jeans | Sittin on the Dock

Hey Lovely Ones!

Sittin on the dock of the bay? Well today I am hehe. I used to have a friend who had a dock at his house and sitting out there was always amazingly fun even if all I was doing was reading Harry Potter with him and his grandparents. 
Today I have on a casual but colorful outfit for my fashion heads! I just wanted to capture my bright outlook on things in an outfit and I think I did an okay job PLUS we have lots of goodies today so lay back on the docks with me and keep on reading for more info on the goods!

13 May 2014

Talk Show on Mute

Hey Fashion Heads!

What is up with your beautiful faces lately? I've missed you so but don't worry I am here and have lots of amazing to spread around! I've been getting out  lot more and it's not that I don't love you guys it's just...given the last month or so being in the house alone makes me feel really lonely but don't worry I came up with a solution....BLOGGING ON THE GO! Thank you smartphones!
I honestly paid no attention to the vast amount of apps there were on a phone until recently including lots of awesome free ones but I must say....the blogger one is by far my most used at the moment. Just type (or talk) what I want to say get those pictures up and BAM happy fashion heads!

I'm sure you didn't come here to talk about smartphones right? YOU CAME FOR CLOTHES so keep on reading for all the awesome clothing goodies on mah bodeh!

07 May 2014

Cotton Candy Lingerie

Hey my loves!
Sorry it's been so long since I've posted but I just haven't been myself and I hate not bringing my sparklies to my blog posts.
I have some awesome new lingerie to show you guys a long with some other fun and amazing goodies to spice up your second life wardrobe! Keep on reading to find out where to go.