Angel Wing Heart

Something to Remember

“When you're different, sometimes you don't see the millions of people who accept you for what you are. All you notice is the person who doesn't.”

- Jodi Picoult, Change Of Heart

31 March 2012

I Love her so

Today's post isn't long by words but in meaning it runs forever. A few months back (I wish I could remember the exact date) I met someone I can't possibly see myself being without ever again. At first yes I admit I kept my distance but when we started to talk we NEVER stopped and now she's here with me in my pictures and in my thoughts. 

I don't think I have ever told her how important she really is to me so I decided to display it. An important person on one of the most important projects of blog

Inu, I love you so

Lili & Inu 4ebers?

30 March 2012


Hello Loves:

We did it guys! I've reached 1000 views thanks to you and I am so excited to see that people actually like what I say and do. So first things first I want to thank the designers and the readers who put up with the first crappy set of pictures and typos and are now reading the less crappy pictures and slightly less typo'd entry.

28 March 2012

Misty Blue

You know the old saying when life makes you blue...make blueberry cobbler. Okay THAT might not be the saying but that would be super tasty am I right? 

The crazy thing about my sadness is it hits me so quickly and so hard it stops me dead in my tracks. Recently I've been having a not so needed or wanted pit in my stomach. The world could take or leave the Lili even though I know that's not 100 percent true. 

26 March 2012

Rainy City

Hello sexy fashionistas

I recently did some SL traveling that's always fun am I right? I literally FELL into Rainy City and saw no rain maybe its my graphics no idea but I did have my handy umbrella just in case. I played with the graphics and still nothing I think PARTS of the town are rainy but its still a great find! I was rather happy of my SL find lol I've had a few ask about Jimmy Bob noob in the background. I so gave him my digits. I remember as a child I loved the rain. I couldn't get enough of it that rain rain go away song used to make me mad I loved to dance in the rain...sing in the rain...Add rain and I gave it a try if you want to take a look in Rainy City yourself here is the link Check it out (x) and keep reading for a bit of outfit info...


25 March 2012

My Me-ism

So today I learned never stop learning and you never stop re-evaluating your worth.

I've developed friendships, relationships, and even kind acquaintances who have taught me things. I keep evolving from my experiences and I would never EVER take them back. I actually smile as I re-live heartbreaks and highlights of my life it lets me know I am human

24 March 2012

Fallen Angel

 Today's Post is not like the usual. Last night I read a poem written by an Author named G chen called Fallen Angel that touched me in a way poems haven't in a long time. 

Everyone has days, weeks, months, even years that they feel abandoned and unseen. I won't be posting the poem in its entirety but to read it you can go ---> Here
I'm just a young dove
Who had danced just up Above
But I'm a Fallen Angel

A breath of wind.

A whisper of sound.
I rise through the mist
With my feet off the ground.

Help me fly,

Don't let me die.
I'm your Fallen Angel.

I want to fly...

I want to feel the air beneath my wings...
But I'm down here.
Broken, hurt, and reaching.

You see me all day,

Don't brush me away,
I'm a Fallen Angel.
What I'm wearing
Skin: Al Vulo - Miha in Cacoa
Eyes: Rozena - Coffee and Caramel Series in Black Coffee
Lipstick: Glamorize - Pride Lips in Bronzed Spice
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Kumi in Chocolate
Outfit: Envious Creations -
Piercing - Hebenon Vial - Pitch V.2
Bangles: Mandala - Takara bangle in metal white
Nails: Mad Echo - Bloody Hell
Tattoo: Etchd - Packin
Shoes: HOC - MaryJanes
Tail: How Vexing - Neko Tail
Ears: Neko Medusa - Cat Ears


23 March 2012

I've Gone Green

Not sure if its the lingering Irish flair of St Patty or if my eco friendly nature has been kicking in but I just have the urge to be green these days. Its most likely my Eco-Lili side. Last night I couldn't sleep so I decided to look up easy ways to preserve this lovely land of ours and ladies and gents its so easy there is NO need for any of us to not do our part. 

I went to this awesome site last night and it gives 50 no harm ways to help the planet. So just asking all of you love fashionistas in your RL for even a week just try 5 things from the list and even that will help this planet. Print on both sides of your paper. Recycle. Turn the water off while brushing (That's been one of mine for a while). Just one easy step can bring A LOT of saving. 

On the SL side of things Aura is having a going green sale I'm not sure when it ends so run down and see if you can grab some things. On select items its 60 percent off even some flawless skins of hers! Even on SL we can help the planet..How freakin awesome is that.

What I have on
Skin: Al Vulo - Miha in Cacoa
Hair: Magika - Luna (Brown Pack)
Lipstick: Glamorize - Nibble Lips in Apple (available on Marketplace)
Lashes: Damned - My Perfect Lashes
Blush: Poplivion - Brush Lab in Blush O1 - F
Jewelry Set: Bewildebeest - Alma Gold Set
Dress: Aura - Deschanel in Green Line MESH sale item
Heels: Lynx - Livia COLORCHANGE
Nails: Rezlpsa Loc - Black & Neon in green
Bag: Magi Take - Mini Bag in black

20 March 2012

When Good girls go...less good

I must admit growing up I was an alright kid. I didn't do drugs or drink underaged. No stealing cars or any of those things but I must confess. I did skip school a few days while in high school. I'm not completely proud of it now but at the time that was my thrill. MY bad girl moment.

I'm not like the usual skip math class skipped elective class lol. I loved to learn and in my defense what can you REALLY learn in gym? How to dodge balls to the face (sounds a lot dirtier than I planned for it to sound) 

This new release from Dark Midday Designs brings me back to those days. I wasn't in a private school but the freshman had to wear uniforms and once you passed your classes you could turn in your uniform, get reimbursed and wear regular clothes. If my uniform looked like this I would have worn it all 4 years

Backdrop provided by PNP - Thanks Marit

This outfit is called Elementary Girl's uniform...its so Kawaii and cute and it gives me more reasons to be all pink neko. I got it in the cute recolor but it has the same color options as High School Girl's Uniform (Previously blogged) What I love about this one is that its not as...raunchy as some of the school girl looks you find on SL. Good Job never stop impressing me! This DOES come with Mary Janes of its own BUT I did switch them because I am super short and I need a bit of heel. Its only 175L for the entire outfit.

The heels that I did use are from House of Curio (HOC for short) I grabbed them up for 50L and there are color change. I'm a fan of affordable apparel on SL so you know I had to share hehe. 

Well as the bell rings I must run off and do my schoolwork.
Love Always 

What I have on
Skin: Al Vulo - Miha in Cacoa
Lipstick: Fishy Strawberry - Kokeshi in Shocking Pink
Piercing: KOWP - Temptation
Hair: Exile - Bring it On in Babydoll
Uniform: Dark Midday Designs - Elementary Girl's Uniform in cute NEW
Socks: Included with outfit
Shoes: HOC - Mary Janes
Ears: Neko Medusa - Cat Ears
Tail: How Vexing - Modified Color
Posing: Glitterati

18 March 2012

Clothing is my Medication

Hey my loves!

When I was younger I used to suppress my feelings...keep them bottled for a thunderous day and just blot them all into a heartfelt poem. If you were my face to face friend you'd see my huge 5 pound poem book but you lovelies don't HAVE to skim through my words to tell how I feel you have my outfits to fill you in.

You ever just want to look like a celebrity? The Paris Hilton type? Just me? I don't mean like the whole sex tape thing no no no just the look that makes people LOOK. This is my quick take on my celebrity caught by paparazzi look. Its a bit generic but I did get a few IMs of people that loved the look so...Enjoy.

P.S I know I'm missing the dog :p

What I'm Wearing
Skin: Al Vulo - Miha in Cacoa
Top: Sn@tch - Clare Top in White
Bottom: Blow Up - Mini Skirt in White Tarten
Panties: Insaya - Thong in white
Tattoo:Wicked Tattoo - Simple Delight Tattoo
Lashes: Damned - My Perfect Lashes
Eye Makeup: Glamorize - Liner Fix in Coffee
Lipstick: Glamorize - Tickle Lips in Caramel (Preview! Will be out this summer!)
Boots: Ten 10 - Megas Boots in White
Glasses: Kennedy - Snookie Glasses
Purse: Mentine - Knitted Warmer Set - Fringed Shoulder Bag
Necklace: Bewildebeest - Argus Necklace in White Jade
Ring: Beewildebeest - Arabesque Ring in White Jade
Nails: Rezlpsa Loc - White & Neon in Black

 Sorry No Links today but just message me in world for anything you need!

16 March 2012

Boho Sexy?

You know...I used to have a friend (in the background my BFF shouts "you had friends?!" -.-) ..she was Bohemian...she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Her long curly hair down her back blowing in the wind her exotic almond shaped eyes. Oh I was so jealous! but as our friendship grew our walls collapsed and she told ME she wish she looked more like me. I was flabbergasted! 

Even at a young age us women want what we don't have. I miss you Charmaine.

Today I decided to do my own little...I guess it would be considered boho? I don't know maybe a modernized mix of boho

Poses Compliments of Glitterati

HOLY MESH INU! Lol you just have to know me to understand how against mesh I was at the beginning and now my ENTIRE outfit is mesh. Talk...about...irony. This very long flowy dress is available at Collab88. Anything on sale or a discount you know I'm there. I have no shame admitting I'm a broke college girl...addicted to shopping. This is brought from Hucci into the hands of the innocent Lili for a happy face price of 88L. You have until the 8th of next month so don't hurt yourself getting there but don't....wait TOO long either lol lots of good stuff.

The hair Kumi (from what I'm told...I just fell in love with it) is a new release from Wasabi Pills. I usually HATE bangs in my face I go for side swept but this hair grasped me tight and begged to be brought home with me. I'm actually contemplating getting the crazy color pack (orange/blue/pink) The flower doesn't come with it. I used a flower from a Truth Hair (Erika) I bought a while back

OH and yes! the shoes! I think I fell in love with the shoes! They aren't mesh but you could be fooled am I right? These sexy babies are from Angelic Lefreve Couture. This is the MyeLIC series in the slot 2 pack and you'll never believe me but they are only 799L!?! I love my n-cores but a fatpack breaks me for a LONG time but the fatpack of'm a fan

And lets not forget about my butterfly...I named him Ghost Magic. I bet you know why.

Over at the Seraphim sim, Depraved Nation, They have a gatcha event! I got the cute clutch AND Ghost Magic from gatchas there. Run your bottoms over to see across from the gatchas they offer freebs if you join the group. and trust me...being in the group is amazing

That ends my time in boho land! Til later my dears


What I am wearing
Skin: Al Vulo - Miha in Cacoa
Hair: Wasabi Pills -Kumi in Wild Honey NEW
Eyes: All for 50 (marketplace) - Hermes eyes in Blue 4
Hair Flower: Part of Truth - Erika
Dress: Hucci - O Floral Maxi Dress in Wild Pink Discounted @ Collab88
Shoes: Angelic Lefreve Couture - Myelic Heels
Nails: Rezlspa Loc - Summer Nails in Rose
Purse: Old & New - Studs Purse in Hot Pink Gatcha Item
Butterfly: Epic - Sparkle Flutterfly trails in Ruby Gatcha Item
Necklace - Sian Birke Jewelry - Seasons Sale Item

15 March 2012

College Dreamin

Last year I graduated with an Associates in Network Administration. I absolutely loved my college experience I mean it wasn't frat parties and nothing crazy like that but I loved it because I had independence to control my education the way I wanted.

As you may know Lili always stays with just a few good friends I don't need a gang of friends to make me feel loved hehe. The friends I had in college I still talk to we remember the lunch breaks at the local chinese food place. The events we had...everything in college was AMAZING

So amazing I thought I might even try in SL to see what experience I'd have there...

I looked at a few schools on there but none fit the RP I really want but I did find an outfit that had a very college-ish look and since I hate entering something new by myself I took my Inu Spirit. Now my Inu Spirit is my valentines day present from my Sissy, Inu When he is with me its like I have Inu by my side and I feel better.

A little about the outfit yes? The hair I have on is a gift ftom Analog Dog or Part B...I am not sure which name they are going by now but I think search has both listed. It comes with 4 different colors but since they were all a little light for my taste I tinted it just a little bit. Another Store that may have a name change is the pants when I bought them they were known as Sassy Kitties but I think its called Sadike now but they still carry these pants.

Well gotta grab my books and head to class my dears See you at break

Love Always

What I have On:
 Skin: Al Vulo - Miha in Cacoa
Hair: Analog Dog - Madison 2
Lipstick: Glamorize - Sheer Colored Gloss #3
Nails: Izzies - Classic Nails
Glasses: Found in Library
Books: Part of DMD's - High School Girl's outfit
Bag: House of Curio - Hemp Bag
Top: Sn@tch - Silky Cami Black/White
Bottom: Sadike - Tigress Pants in black
Shoes: FineSmith - Fresh Boots in white

What Inu - Spirit is wearing
 *Sanu Chibi-Heart Pet (Orange)

13 March 2012

Knock his Sock OFF!

Beyonce writes songs about it. Christina Millian gave us PLAIN instructions. Rihanna struts her stuff belting it out, some of the top ladies have already told us. You gotta make him see just how lucky he really is to have you. Am I right? That tight slinky dress....those come do me heels...the surprise factor of coming home from work with you looking STUNNING at the dinner table. Men like to be reminded of what they have. So lets get the reminder started shall we?

Okay I lie. This is not ALL for Ghost but I do like to bring my sexy back from time to time so I remember how lucky I am to be myself. Its easy especially for a woman to forget her worth in a world (or 2) or size 0s and super model pores and no by worth I don't mean the physical I mean the mental. I'm stubborn, strong, smart, witty, and I make a really amazing chicken pot pie! but you forget things like that when you compare yourself to others. 

I myself am guilty of this too but trying my hardest to love me for just me. I will be honest with you guys I always wonder if my bloggy is as good as others "Will I ever be juicy bomb status" but why think about it and we already have a juicy bomb so I'll stick to being My Fashionista Heart. 

I guess this post is also my way of saying thank you all for reading and continuing to read. I plan to get better and stay true to me. 

This may not contain all the newest things or the newest releases BUT it contains every bit of my heart I could possibly Salvage

Love Forever

What I'm Wearing
Skin: Al Vulo - Miha in Cacoa
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Forest
Eye Makeup: Glamorize - Glam Mascara
Lipstick: Glamorize - Treasured Kisses Lips - Chocolate Shop #3
Hair: Truth - Tammie in Clove
Lashes: Deviant Kitties - Deviant #1
Earrings: Earthstones - Ti'ana in Onyx
Necklace: Earthstones - Ti'ana in Onyx
Outfit: Enelya's Creations - Natalie in Leopard
Panties (I was surprised too): Insanya - Thong in black
Shoes: Lynx - Adonia
Ring 1: Nemesis - Winter Love Rings in black
Ring 2: Virtual Insanity - Sub Rosa
Nails: TGIS - French Manicure Set
Handbag: Sticky Fingers (Fanatik) - My Bad Girl Purse in black
Corset Piercing: TGIS - Corset Piercing in black
Props: Glitterati
Posing By: Adorkable Poses
Face Piercing: KOWP - Temptation

12 March 2012

I miss you....Summer

When I was about hmm. 10 or 11 I had this doll. She had a HUGE head and HUGE feet with a tiny torso she was a "Diva Starz" doll named Summer. I loved my summer so much she talked and she used to compliment me and me having the gullibility of a 10  year old thought she was programmed just for me....

Until one day my friend brought her Diva Doll over named Nicki...and Summer stabbed me in the heart by complimenting my friend with the same compliments. Long story short my little innocent heart was crushed and then I started talking to actual people...

This is an Ode to pre-heartbreaking Summer.

Though I am a boston girl at heart...moving from Florida during the winter was NOT a good idea I have a million summer clothes I am just waiting to wear but need more so heading back to florida to rack up some more

I've always been a lover of citrus colors so today I decided to rock them nice and hard. I went with a nice tasty lemony yellow. The top and the bottoms are both from Sticky Fingers. That is quickly becoming my new favorite store. If you are a lovely lady with breast enhancers or prim breasts check it out they have add ons for just that purpose on some of thier clothing.

I'm admittedly a little bit of a hoarder at times. The shoes I have on are from N-core. I bought them on sale a few months back and didn't have anything to wear them with but I never gave up hope then BAM! outfit fell into my lap. They are the Aura series and I grabbed them up in Citron as quickly as I could lol.

 The necklace (which is easiest to say in the topmost picture) and earrings are both available at Collab88 this month. They are from the lovely creators of Earthstones I am a college girl on a STRICT budget if you can't already tell hehe and don't get a chance for earthstones much they are only 188L each so run! grab em! wear em! I snatched up the black/Spectrum collection

And I am usually not really a "props" kind of girl but since the inventory clean I found a lot of cute ones this one is a VIP gift from Virtual Props and Poses. It has about 9 poses but only 1 of them was able to be used to show off the outfit but just with it in the pic it looks awesome

 Well it looks like my TP is here so my lovely ladies and gents til next time with more goodies for your viewing pleasure.

Bon Voyage

What I'm Wearing
Skin: Al Vulo - Miha in Cacoa
Hair: Truth - Mischa in Walnut
Eyes: TechnoLATI - Naturals in Aquarius
Lipstick: Glamorize - Treasured Kisses lips in Bright #3
Eye Makeup: Glamorize - Soft Smoke Eye Makeup in Soft Gold
Jewelry Set: Earthstones - Neisha Set in Black/Spectrum
Shoes: N-core - Aura in Citron
Top: Sticky Fingers - My Yellow lace trim Cami top
Bottom: Sticky Fingers - My Little Black Miniskirt
Bag: Magi Take - Leather Bag in Black
Ring 1: Bewildebeest - Tarnished Seraph Ring in Citrine
Ring 2: Glamorize - Diamondia in Yellow
Nails: TGIS -  Safari Collection
Popsicle: Miss.Murder - Icee Pop in Yellow
Lashes: Deviant Kitties - Deviant Lases 1
Prop: Virtual Props & Poses
Poses by: Glitterati

10 March 2012

New Skin for Lilz (And Ghosty makeover)

So I've been a fan of Al Vulo for a long time has that young face I so desperately want. I am a part of the group so I do get the group gifts but sometimes I feel guilty so I decided to buy one I fell in love with the Miha series in cacoa and can't see myself taking it off anytime soon. I also shortly after buying the skin went and gave my sexy vampieface a re-vamp (pun intended) its fun to make myself over but I wanted a challenge so I decided to do a man makeover. I bet you ladies and gents are curious huh? Here's a quick preview:

He looks hawt right? Don't look too hard I bite. 

Also...I took a trip to the whore couture Fair unfortunately I couldn't stay long but they have an AMAZING gatcha machine at Scrub with cute little tongue things only 30L. There is still a lot of time to go so don't hesitate! Okay enough blabbing on and on here's is my LOTD. I am very happy with it!

Skin: Al Vulo - Miha in Cacoa with cleavage
Hair: Calico Creations - Adora
Shoes: Aleida - Natalie croco pumps in Milky sale item
Nails: Izzies - Metallic Nails
Dress: Perle - Teeny Dress in Brown
Piercings: Iced - Triple Bridge Piercing
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer - Giselle Opal Set in Pink
Tongue: Scrub - Post it Tongue (Bitch Inside) WCF gatcha
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye in Deep Forest
Lashes: Damned - My Perfect Lashes
Poses By: R.icielli

08 March 2012

Jersey Turnpike it!

Like many other people in the world I love Jersey Shore...No...not the place...the show my dears

But what T.V. fails to tell us is that those lovable people we love so much aren't actually FROM Jersey they are from new york. They never mention the great Retirement homes that they offer to thier senior citizens or they never let us know that they have one of the most diverse boardwalks in America. I took a stroll down to the home of Grenade Free Wednesday, The Jersey Shore Sim, and took a few pictures of the beautiful scenery

Posing By: Leafy 
Posing By ICED Pose
Posing Compliments of Leafy
I plan to travel a bit this summer who knows I may even take a detour into the beautiful (in its own way) state and look for the Situation myself...Ooo no...I've always had my eye on Vinny.  I tried to pull out my inner jersey goddess and teased my hair a bit for a day out on the boardwalk...Who knows what I'll find.

Like Pauly always says: Don't let a grenade blow up on you


Windlight Settings: Fairy Blue (Paulina)
What I'm Wearing
Skin: Al Vulo - Corinna -Love motion in porcelain previous group gift
Hair: Magika - Drastic available at March Mesh Madness
Eyes: Nerd Monkey - Dark Green Intensive
Outfit: Blue Slush - Jersey Dress in pink promo
Shoes: Illicit Designs - Devious Boots in White
Tattoo: Etchd - Creeper
Jewelry: Bewildebeest - Mucha in pink pearl you will be missed
Nails: Izzie's - Classic Nails
Poses: R.icielli
Belt: Included with outfit

07 March 2012

Date Night!

Hello my dears please forgive my blog neglecting. A certain very sexy male in my life and I had a bit of a date night via SL (and yes it is possible) So while he oggled me I thought I've GOT to show this outfit to someone! 

What I love most about date nights is how much you learn about your other half and its always fun for me to keep track of things he likes, things he doesn't like, his favorite food and all that other stuff hehe. I know we have recently starting dating but it just feels so right you know? Did your mother ever tell you "When its right..its just right"? Well...mine either but it was implied I'm guessing

I usually do a few pictures that are....lets face is...tiny. So today for you guys I put my photoshop skills to the test the actual outfit is not modified just the layout of it is goes

So...what do you think? Should I keep this kind of layout or what? I am most likely going to so snapshots as well but want to know what you all think. Leave me comments I really wanna know 

kthxbai Love,

Windlight Setting: Fairy Warm Pinks (Paulina)
What I'm wearing:
Skin: Atomic - Grace Series in buff Available @ TDR
Makeup: Acid & Mala - Plastic Lips in Pink Petal (50 percent opacity)
Shoes: Aleida - Natalie Croc Pumps in Charcoal sale item
Bag: Old & New - Studs Purse (Monolux Pack)
Nails: Rezlpsa Loc - Frenched System Nail in Raven
Hair: Exile - Rumour has it in Moreno (Extreme Pack)
Eyes: Nerd Monkey - Dark Green Intensive
Outfit: Hucci - Floral Pop Dress - Honeysuckle Pink
Jewelry: Mandala - Pearl Rain Set in Rose Pink
Poses: R.icielli