04 January 2019

♡ Shine On Me ♡

Hello loves!
I am TERRIBLE at photographing myself when I am in lingerie and this picture was a complete fluke but I LOVE IT so therefore it became "the picture". I mean nothing wrong with a little artsy mixed in with my usual whimsical styled postings right? Hope you like! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

Hair: Limerence - Amber Hair in Naturals ☆ Lootbox
Headband: Nana - Akane Ears Headband in Purple
Outfit: Loki - Sweet & Bitter Gacha ☆ Lootbox
Top: Loki - Sweet & Bitter Lavender Top ☆ Lootbox
Panties: Loki - Sweet & Bitter Lavender Panties ☆ Lootbox
Shoes: Loki - Sweet & Bitter Lavender Shoes ☆ Lootbox
Location: Backdrop City

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