08 February 2019

♡ Drippy Donuts ♡

Hello my dears!

I know I've been away for a couple days (okay fine a week!) BUT for good reasons I wanted to find some new ways to make my pictures look a little more fun and playful and me so I binged with some "healthy alternative" snacks and watched all the tutorials I could find and I'm feeling a bit more confident.
Can I just say I'm LOVING the look I have today. I mean it's so nice to have a more kinky curly pigtailed look that actually looks amazing and available in TONS of colors not to mention this cute casual sparkly outfit (pieces sold separately but fit together like perfection) and then when you thought I couldn't be even MORE extra? Ya girl threw on a fur coat because why not. Want more information on what I bought...keep reading of course.

So first off let's talk about this hair yes? A long time favorite hair store of mine has been Ayashi and I LOVE thier hair but being a melanin princess I'm always happy for more ethnic releases and this kinky curly pigtail by the name of Lilo is just so perfect. It comes in all of the ayashi color palettes we know and love and can be found at The Cupid Inc Event. I paired it with this set from Cynful that can be found at this round of FaMESHed they are sold sepately and mixing and matching the colors is so much fun to get the perfect look for you only downside is I couldn't get the socks to work with shoes but looking this cute you wouldn't be walking anywhere anyway :D

All credits on the bottom as usual and I hope this inspired my love taters to shop their little hearts out! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always


♥ BODY ♥
Mesh Head: Catwa - Catya Mesh Bento Head
Mesh Body: Maitreya - Lara Mesh Body
Skin Applier: Okkbye - Dalila Skin
Skin Tone Name: Tone 008
♡ Shape: My Own Shape
Eyes: Demicorn - Exo Eyes in Copper ☆ Gacha Garden
Hair: Ayashi - Lilo Hair ☆ Cupid Inc Special

Lipstick: Adored - Vinyl Lips LA Nights Edition
Nail Polish: Aleutia - A Promise is a Promise Nails ☆ Older Sat. Sale Item
Eye Makeup: Adored - Cyndi Shadows Shibby Edition
Blush: Okkbye - Kawaii Blush
Lashes: Michan - Minji Lashes

Top: Cynful - Zaidee's Casual Silky Top ☆ FaMESHed
Jacket: Abrasive - Unisex Fur Jacket in Ivory ☆ Gacha Prize
Bottom: Cynful - Zaidee's Casual Silky Shorts ☆ FaMESHed
Socks: Cynful - Zaidee's Casual Silky Top ☆ FaMESHed

Glasses: Mudskin - Ruda Round Glasses ☆ Gacha Prize
Necklace: Cae - Enamored Necklace ☆ FaMESHed
Rings: Ama - Planetary Rings Fatpack RARE ☆ Gacha Prize
Earrings:  Cae - Enamored Earrings ☆ FaMESHed
Donut: Zombie Suicide - Bitten Donut in White RARE ☆ Gacha Garden
Sprinkles: Cake Inc - Sprinkles Tattoo Blusher
Drool: Dirty Secrets - Bento Drool
♡ Bows: Happy Undead - Elmyra's Bow
Fanny Pack: Mug - Fumi Fanny Pack

Tail: Aii - Bento Devil Tail
Horns: Aii - Pearlescent Devil Horns

Location: Coffee Cats Cafe
Poses: Besha - Kawaii Hito Bento Pose Pack ☆ Fluffy Kawaii
♡ Windlight: Runa's Windlight
♡ Pose Modified With: Animare
Face Animations: Catwa Animations

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