25 November 2014


LOL So there is a funny story behind this title! 
You know how our lovely Second Life can get sometime, not wanting to play nice and making our life of the second overall rather hard and unpleasant? So we all have that one friend I'm sure that loves to mess with you even when you're close to tears. On a day of infinite SL problems I had a friend YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE turn thier name into "Loading...." and put on a ruth outfit and a grey skin. I spent about 40 minutes thinking it was me until he finally burst out laughing and switched to his regular Av....I love my friends I swear :D He's away so much now I kind of long for his SL Trickery but he's gonna be a pilot and I'm so proud of him! 

I know "Lilllllll the clothes...." as if you guys don't know by now I ramble *sighs* I have on an outfit of alternate endings :D Keep on reading to see all the goodies!

Let me start with saying "Yaaaaaaas" for this new release from Yumyums for the Geeks & Nerds Fair (Year number 2) You all know how much I love Iokko's hard work but this one THIS ONE GAVE ME SO MANY FEELS! This is called School Daze and it's Fitted Mesh and soooo easy to work with. You all know how much I love uniforms but this is a uniform unlike any other, you get so many customization options it's crazy. It comes with a basic HUD which is not at ALL basic but if you are eying this outfit I personally suggest going fatpack and using this outfit over and over and over again! You don't believe me? BAM!
You can do a sweet look, a festive look, an everyday look, a gothic look, an all white look the possibilities are as big as your imagination! Once you get to the event just give it a demo and I'm almost sure you'll love it as much as I do. 
It's not the easiest to see in my first picture but in this picture UNF I adore this thought bubble from Buttery Toast so much that can also be found at Geeks & Nerds numero dos. There are not only 4 choices for a thought bubble but there are 4 choices on speech bubbles as well with some catchy little sayings :D *swings her energy bottle* I'm a sucker for potion bottles and our Pretty Fayfay has made a cute one that you can hang from your neck or nomnom on depending on how bad you need it hehe. Be sure to snatch these up while you're at the event as well as all the other tons of goodies to be snatched up! 

I hope you like what you see! Remember being a nerd or a geek doesn't make you weird, hiding it makes you weird. Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

♥ BODY ♥
♡ Head: Utilizator – M3 Anime Head
♡ Body: Utilizator - Kemono
♡ Shape: My Own Shape
♡ Eye Mod By POMF
♡ Skin Mod By POMF
♡ Hair: Ayashi – Rini  Cirque De Seraphim
♡ Nails: Ni.Ju – Kemono Nails in Normal Solid (Must set hands to 50 to use) New Release
♡ Outfit: Yumyums – School Daze Outfit Geeks & Nerds
♡ Socks:  Come With Kemono
♡ Shoes: Rei’s Stuff – Mary Janes For Kemono in Pink
♡ Necklace: Buttery Toast – Little Darling in Pink 
♡ Energy Potion: Buttery Toast – Potion Collection Long Necklace versionGeeks & Nerds
♡ Bows on Ponytails: Altair – Rabi en Rose MODDED CosplaySL
♡ Thought Bubble: Buttery Toast – Thought Bubble in Loading… Geeks & Nerds
♡ Bow on Ear: Buttery Toast – Penny Bow in Yellow
♡ Glitter: Pinku Pantsu – Kawaii Sparkles
♡ Tail: Come With Kemono
♡ Ears: Come With Kemono

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