13 August 2013

Hippie Days | Lot's of Goodies Memes & All

Hey Dears! 

Ah the hippie times...I really wish I was born back then
"Peace" "Make Love, Not War" "Power to the People" We need some of these beliefs today and we'd all be much happier people I believe. If only hugging someone was as easy to do as hitting someone, or yelling right? Oh us humans and our lack of controlling emotions long enough to be rational.

As you may see my outfit today was inspired by the free feeling of hippie days but you now..brought into 2013. I'm not going to talk much about my outfit today because I've jumped on the Strawberry Singh meme train and its one that is near to my heart...my inventory *giggles* Keep on reading for the meme that you too can participate in as well as a closer look at the skin I have on *dances behind the break line*
 Lili's Replies to the Inventory Meme
What is your current inventory Number? 
74,983 (Pre-clean....I'm usually not this messy)

If you had to delete your whole inventory and could only keep one thing, what would it be?
 My accessories folder..no wait...my hair fol-...NO...my ski-...My "Clothing" Folder...I'll count it as a "thing"

What is the last thing you purchased?
Ionic Gacha from Chapter Four

Which item do you wear most often? 
My Anime Blush from Dead Apples (It's perfect for me!)

When you search for the word penis, how many items pop up? (NO LYING!) 
Nothing "pops up" (LOL sex jokes)
I know, I know, I need more penises..or is it peni? ANYWHO 

I did want to show off this skin a little more because I actually really enjoyed wearing it. If you haven't gone yet then go and check out the Black Fair. While there you can demo & buy these cute skin from Modish called Vyna. 
Mostly pictures today but I did my best to make them prettyyy! Everything credited below!
See you guys soon! Mwahs & Happy Shopping! 

Love Always
♥ BODY ♥
♡ Skin: Modish - Vyna in Dune New @ Black Fair
♡ Shape: My Own Shape NOT FOR SALE OR TRADE
♡ Eyes: Insufferable Dastards - Brooding Eyes in Dark Green
♡ Hair: Lamb - Zelda in My Little Pony New @ Collabor88
♡ Hands: Slink - Enhanced Mesh Hands (Elegant)
♡ Lipgloss: Izzies - Glossy Lip Highlights
Nail Polish: Izzies - Rainbow Nail HUD Old Group Gift
♡ Blush: Dead Apples - Anime Blusher
♡ Top: Peach - I Love Simple Tee New @ Chapter Four
♡ Short: Geek - Bubble Pop Shorts in Pepto Pink New @ SL Fashion Week
♡ Panties: Sakide - Valentin Slide Panties in Cupidon 1
♡ Feet: Slink - Enhanced Mesh Feet (Flat)
♡ Bracelet: UtopiaH - Anchor Chain Bracelet in Baby Pink New @ Perfect Wardrobe
♡ Ring (Right): Olive - The Mr Letter Ring in Silver New @ SL Fashion Week
♡ Sparkles: Pinku - Pantsu Sparkles
♡ Phone: VCO - Bunny Phone in Hotpink Gatcha Prize TY FluffyCakes <3
♡ Tail: Lemon Tea - Short Hair Neko Tail
♡ Wings: Deviance - Titania Fairy Wings in Rainbow Taste The Rainbow hunt
♡ Ears: Mutation Industries - Notched Ears in White
♡ Whiskers: Utopiah - Winter Kitty Whiskers

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  1. LOL I didn't even realize the joke when I wrote "pop up" but now it sounds funny hahaha. Thanks for joining us with the meme! <3