09 August 2013

Sugar Crush | Sugar @ Thift Shop

Hey Ladies!
Is it weird I had that obnoxious voice from Candy Crush in my head when I wrote the title for this post? That game is hella addicting...but I digress. 

Today is actually a skin post because well...I haven't done one in a while and I kind of want to get comfortable in one skin for more than 2 days tops. I'm NOT saying there aren't amazing skins out there but I AM saying it's hard to enjoy the beauty with just a one day use. 
That being said I have on this super color-popped skin from a place called Sugar that I've gone to in the past, and this can be found at the Thrift Shop this round! These are called Emily and they come in 5 tones and 5 makeups to choose from.
Skin 1: Autumn in Tone 1
Skin 2: Plum in Tone 2
Skin 3: Gothika in Tone 3
Skin 4: Static in Tone 4
Skin 5: Tropical Sunset in Tone 5

With each purchase you also get a box of body modifications such as freckles, moles, dimples, eyelash erasers, and hairbases. The one I have on up above DOESN'T come in the pack its my usual everyday blush and freckles. You also get the choice of cleavage or non cleavage as well as dark or light eyebrows which most of you know is essential for me since I NEED light eyebrows. Also, not that I've ever really looked (bad Lili) she also gives you collarbone choices...talk about making a skin perfectly to your liking right?

Not only do you get these super cute makeups BUT you can get both the Slink hands and feet to match for only 99L and the tango appliers which are also compatible with the updated Lush if you head to the mainstore.

Be sure to demo then promptly buy these skins for yourself :D OH! Almost forgot landmarks...here you go

Love Always 

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