29 August 2013

Inventory Blues Part 1 of....goodness knows how many (The Initial Dump)

Hey Fashion Heads!

With all of the shopping I persuade you to do I thought it would be a nice time to maybe help you sort out your mess no? I'm currently in the process as well and I thought it would be a perfect time to show you what I do for my inventory so you get a close look into my mess which will hopefully be cleaned in a couple days

Keep on reading! Mwahs!
How I handle Skins

So skins seem to be very clustery for a lot of people and each folder (fatpacks not included) can be about 20 - 30 items that most of us really don't need so this is what I do. I'm going to use my TSG folder just to show you. 

When I first opened the Kotoko skins there were 35 items in just one folder and I have all tones so that would be 245 Items for just ONE product. Don't get me wrong I am happy the designers give us so many choices but most of us don't need them all right?
  • I never wear anything but the blonde so I can get rid of all the other brows that I know I won't use
  • Landmarks are my Kryptonite...DELETE. As well as notecards or unpacking scripts
  • I usually wear my lolas so I get rid of the busty version of these skins if I REALLY need one I can pull it out of the box for just the day
  • I have a curvy shape so the toned version of skins wouldn't look right on me. 
Therefore I only keep the soft body version of each skin with the blonde hair base..no teeth version of course since I have my primmies. Doing that leaves 7 skins in total which is a LOT less than 245. I just got rid of  238 items in approximately 30 seconds. 
How I handle mesh products/Things with multiple Sizes

Mesh can be a pain as well with a fatpack it can be about 70 - 100 items depending on the company
With these awesome arm warmers I showed a couple days ago there are 22 items per folder per color so that's 154 items for this product if you leave it as is. 
  • Remove sizes you don't wear
  • Delete landmarks & unpacking script
  • Delete duplicate alphas
 By doing that you can get this product count down to about 42 items

The easiest way to deal with accessories with a lot of colors is honestly just to unpack them all clean out the unpack scripts,landmarks, and notecards. After that store them in the same folder and rename it to "Fatpack" and you can always have them available for use and your count wont get any higher from unpacking a million times.
Animations & Textures

The best method for both of these is an animation/pose stand and Texture holders. 

The pose stand I use is from Glorious Insanity which Ive used for years since its the easiest for me.  And I just found a free blank texture board from Marketplace but if you IM me I can send you one

I throw all my dances into my huddlez to keep them from smothering my inventory
 Tops/Bottoms with different layers

I only keep one layer because with firestorm & the other viewers I use I can "add" them if I get the desire to wear one.  my general rule is
tattoos: Keep undershirt and tattoo layer
Tanks/Shirts with no sleeves: I keep the shirt layer if its not a long shirt and the jacket if its meant to be long
Jackets: always jacket layer
Panties: Underwear layer
Pants: Pants layer

Hope this helps! I know I forgot a lot but there will be more parts! Happy Cleaning (So far)

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