23 June 2015

Elastic Heart

Hey Loves!

I had such an antisocial weekend but I think I needed it after WEEKS of not getting any time alone. I love being the happy and upbeat sparkle in people's lives especially the people that I love but there are just...days that I need to just snuggle my baby Phantom, watch youtube videos, and eat slightly healthier snacks than I used to (trust me...not as bad as I thought it was when I first did the change). I mean...I watch A LOT of youtube videos, like A LOT!
A song that has been stuck in my head AND on replay is "Elastic Heart" by Sia so I think that is what my post is inspired by? Okay well also I just had a fun time in Flux Ser Mer! I even met a couple of friendly people who had a giggle or two with all of my crashing ways! Are you enjoying the look I offer you today? Wanna get the stuff for yourself!?! Keep on reading for credits and a better picture of the outfit!

Song Quote
♪ And another one bites the dust, oh why can I not conquer love? And I might have thought that we were one wanted to fight this war without weapons. And I wanted it, I wanted it bad but there were so many red flags now another one bites the dust yeah, let's be clear, I'll trust no one
I hope you enjoy the post! Remember fashion heads, message me, leave comments, stalk my house er...okay don't stalk my house BUT DO THE OTHER TWO! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

♥ BODY ♥
Skin: VCO - Vivi's Makeup Recipe No.05 ☆ New @ The Arcade
♡ Shape: My Own Shape
Eye 1: Insufferable Dastard - Demon Eyes in Solid Black
Eye 2: Insufferable Dastard - Super Shine Eyes in Sage
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Reiko Hair in Crystal Pink ☆ Old FLF Hair
Body: Maitreya - Lara Mesh Body
Hands: Slink
Feet: Slink
Eyelashes: Candy Mountain - Dolly Falsies
Nail Polish: Flair - Set 197 in #7
♡ Top: Peach - I Love Simple Tee RARE 
Bottom: U.F.O - Highwaist Shorts in Denim E ☆ New @ The Arcade
Socks: Cream Spaghetti Hair - Short Socks in #111 ☆ New @ Ai Gacha
Shoes: Blah - My Creepy Doll Platform Flats in Red
Bow: Happy Undead - Elmyra's Bow
♡ Glasses: Moran - Unique Glasses B
Necklace: Secret Love - Skull Long Necklace ☆ New @ Kowaii/Kawaii
Choker: Secret Love - Skull Choker ☆
Crown: Secret Love - Princess Crown ☆ New Release
Dorayaki: EMBW - Heart Dorayaki ☆ Gacha Prize
Garter: Sweet Thing - Coal Pentagram Trick Garter
Kitties: Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations - Mr Meow in Choko & Reeve ☆ New @ The Kawaii Project
Tail: CerberusXing - Bone Tail
Horns: Random Matter - Borgin Horns in Black
Pic 1: Imeka - Sit 2 Pose Pack
Pic 2: Bounce This - Mega Pose Pack ☆ New @ The Dressing Room
Location: Flux Ser Mer

♬Song Of The Day ♬
Elastic Heart Performed & Written By Sia

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