19 August 2015

Not Goodbye, It's See You Soon

Hey Loves!

I'm sure you've noticed my...sporadic blogging. I thought after my last break I'd be able to get back into the swing of things but honestly. I couldn't and I can't. As much as I love showing off some of the cute things in SL right now....I can't. Instead of letting myself implode I think for now I am going to step away from blogging indefinitely. Will I be back one day? Maybe. Most Likely, but I can't promise you a date. Will it be this year? Let's hope so? Right now I just need a break from not blogging...but from SL and because I need that break, blogging needs to be put on halt as well.

Before you wonder, no nothing bad has happened. Actually a lot of good has happened. I'm in the process of finding an apartment in RL AND buying a car which means the money I HAD to shop in SL is going to things I feel are far more important. I've recently started dating  (I know I said I wouldn't update you on my dating life anymore but meh...things change) as well as started a part time job and the time I had to sit in the house and really complete a look has dwindled to almost nothing. I have to re-balance and find my sparkly happy place again because blogging always makes me sparkle but second life has been a place of many heartbreaks and I told myself I want to leave the negative feels behind.

I will see you guys again and when I do my looks, skills, and time will be so much more cheerful, more me, and more entertaining for EVERYONE involved. I love you all never forget that. Mwahs & Happy Shopping (without me...for just a little while)


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