12 August 2016

Time To Meet...Tiana | New Skin From The Sugar Garden

Hey lovelies! 

To be quite honest I feel like my creative juices are lost and there is so much amazing stuff I had to focus on just one amazing thing to show off and today I decided to show off this super cute skin from a place you all know I absolutely adore! Keep on reading!

If you're a cutie face on the hunt for a new skin well look no further! This skin can be yours for only 100L! This is a brand new facey face from The Sugar Garden by the name of Tiana. When I tell you I ADORE this face you guys have no idea how deep this love is running. Unfortunately this skin is only available in Vampy and X Tone for right now (Let's pray for the other tones yes?) but it is a gacha you can play at this round of The Chapter Four. 
Today I'm showing the makeup choices in X Tone but the Vampy versions can be won as well. The rares are two versions of adorable mesh lips, one parted and one in a cute little pout that made me squee. Even better? (I know I didn't think it could happen either) the mesh lips are compatible with the makeups from the Rei lips! So you get this beautiful pastelish goodies AS WELL as the selection from the Rei HUD! EVEN MORE GOOD NEWS THERE WAS AN UPDATE VERSION TO THE MAITREYA APPLIER FOR TONED AND SOFT BODY. 

Have I convinced you to give this gacha a try yet? ;) That's what I thought. Have fun and best wishes on getting the skin of your dreams <3 Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

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