13 December 2014

Honey I Just Might

Hey my loves
I have been SLEEPING so much but you know...it feels so awesome! Today I did a fun but casual and simple look for Saturday. Keep on reading for infoness :D

♪ I'm gonna go crazy if I don't get crazy tonight!
I'm talking starting trouble, seeing double, hey handsome you got a light?
No matter what you were thinking that I wouldn't, honey I just might!
I'm gonna go crazy if I don't get crazy tonight! ♪

I have a thing for sweaters and this one being offered at this week's Saturday sale from Forever Young has made me a happy Lili. I've always loved how there are so many options with one purchase at Forever Young and this sweater called the Jadey Sweater is no different! I have on this pretty pinky peach color from pack two and if you want darker more winterish colors there is also pack one. It went perfectly with another Saturday Sale offering, if you swing your tail over to Buttery Toast you can *adjusts her bow* get this lovely bow for a nice special price that will make your heart tingle and your head feel honored. This is called Magic Girl (which I am *hairflip*) and when I saw it I just...had to wear it. 

I hope you like it tell me what you think! Comment, Message, Find me on Social Media!  Mwahs & Happy Shopping! 

Love Always

♥ BODY ♥
Skin: The Sugar Garden - Baby 2.0 in C Tone
♡ Shape: My Own Shape
Eyes: Chop Shop - Grey Angel Eyes in Green ☆ HorrorFestive
Hair: Ayashi - Yasu Hair ☆ FROST Fair
♡ Hands: Slink
♡ Feet: Slink
Lipstick: Angelica - Milky Lips in Chop Apple Dark
♡ Lipgloss: Izzies - Glossy Lip Highlights
♡ Blush: Dead Apples - Anime Blusher
Star Tattoo: Candy Mountain - Yellow Cheek Star ☆ Gacha Prize (I have an extra just IM me)
Sweater: Forever Young - Jadey Sweater ☆ Saturday Sale Price TODAY ONLY
Shorts: Pretty Liar - Denim Dukes
Shoes: Flite - Malibu Lows in Pink
Glasses: The Sugar Garden - Shy Megane in Pink
Necklace: Half Deer - Marshmallow Fruit Necklace in Stars Type 1
Doggie: The Sugar Garden - Yorkie Puppies in Choco Collar ☆ The Arcade
Bow: Buttery Toast - Magic Girl Bow ☆ Saturday Sale Price TODAY ONLY
Knee Bruises: Elegant Filth - Knee N Band Aids
Ankle Bows: Forever Young - Ankle Bows in Yellow
Tail: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - DINO Tail in Pink white ☆ J&A Expo
Pic 1: Poppet - Cutesy Pose #3

 ♬ Song Of The Day ♬
Crazy Tonight performed by Clare Bowen (Scarlett O Connor)

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