23 December 2014

Super Bear-Beario

My Love Doodles!
Not only do I have a fun look for you today but I also have my super cute wifers by my side to celebrate all that is retro gaming! I do love blogging solo but when I get to actually have my Jinkers with me in a picture my heart explodes into millions of happy :D (I'm so mushy) Today we are just gaming around with super cute looks full of....retro? For my credits just keep on reading and for hers <PRESS START> (what up game reference!) 

My actual outfit isn't that new but hey you know what? Blogging isn't always about showing off the newest! I have on a cute little outfit which I credit below but what inspired me to use it is this round of Level Up which is Retro game inspired stuff! You can find house decor to Hair inspired by the old classics including the hair I have on today by Ayashi based off of our favorite mustached plumber turned hero called "Mario" which I was loving from the moment I saw it. I also have this unique and WELL MADE Tail from Cubic Cherry Kreations called Chompytail that I had to show you guys because uh...me + tails + well made = happygasm. There is a BUNCH of Level Up stuff in this post so make sure to read not only MY post but swing over to ShopTart Insanity and see what my wifers has to say too!

Short(ish) but sweet post for your faces! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

♥ BODY ♥
Skin Mod: Candy Mountain - Kemono Bear in Chill
♡ Shape: My Own Shape
Eyes: POMF - Kemono Star Gazing Eyes in Black & Red
Hair: Ayashi - Mario Hair ☆ Level Up
♡ Body/Head: Utilizator - M3 Kemono
Outfit: Ritz - Custom Overalls
Clothing Mod: SugarNova - Ritz Mario Overalls Textures in Mario
Backpack on Back: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Classics Bag in It's Me RARE ☆ Level Up
Glasses: The Sugar Garden - Kokoro Glasses in Royal Blue
♡ Bracelet: Crash Republic - Strappy Bracelet in Red
Scarf: NS - Scarf ☆ Group Gift
Tail: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Chompychain Tail in Black ☆ Level Up
Mario Setup: Mien - One Up ☆ Level Up
My Pose: Mien - One Up #2 ☆ Level Up
Bags in My Hands: Cubic Cherry Kreation - Hoshi Purses in Cherry & Tangerine ☆ The Gacha Mania
Bag Being Eaten by Blue Chompy: Cubic Cherry Kreations - Classics Bag in Tetris ☆ Level Up
Bag Being Eaten by Black Chompy: Cubic Cherry Kreations - Hoshi Backpack in Guardian RARE ☆ The Gacha Mania
♥ Pacman Goodness ♥
Pacman 1:  Frogstar - Grungy Pixel Ghost (Blue) ☆ Level Up
Pacman 2: Frogstar - Shiny & New Pixel Ghost (Pink) ☆ Level Up
Pacman 3: Frogstar - Grungy Pixel Ghost (Pink) ☆ Level Up
Pacman 4: Frogstar - Shiny & New Pixel Ghost (Orange) ☆ Level Up
♥ Posters ♥
Poster 1: Frogstar - Retro Geek Print (Just Play) RARE ☆ Level Up
Poster 2: Frogstar - Retro Geek Print (Extra Life) RARE ☆ Level Up
Poster 3: Frogstar - Retro Geek Print (Snowboard 2K) ☆ Level Up
Poster 4: Frogstar - Retro Geek Print (Winner's Circle) ☆ Level Up
Poster 5: Frogstar - Retro Geek Print (Racing Game) ☆ Level Up
Poster 6: Frogstar - Retro Geek Print (Grand Theft Taxi) ☆ Level Up


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