20 January 2016

Just Right

Hey Loves!
 Sometimes a girl just needs to....swim around in donuts to relax and feel beautiful amirite? I've never really been a girl with a big sweet tooth. I know looking at my tasty treats posts you wouldn't believe that but I've always been the girl that leans towards the more tasty treats in life. One of my favorite things to eat is ANY carb covered or stuffed with cheese but one sweet treat I can never EVER turn down is a good glazed donut. 

My post today was inspired by not only donuts but also one of my favorite Kpop songs. The video (linked below) gave me tons of inspiration and the words to the song always leave me feeling absolutely beautiful! Like what you see? Keep reading for credits and a closer up picture of the outfit!
Mwahs & Happy Shopping!
Love Always 

♥ BODY ♥
♡ Eyes: Angelica - Hazel Eyes Collection Idol #1 ☆ Epiphany
♡ Hair: Ayashi - Nessie Hair ☆ Wayward Winter
♡ Lipstick: Angelica - Jelly Lip Coat in Pink
♡ Heart On Face: Angelica - Candy Make Up Heart in Mix1 ☆ Old Gacha Prize
♡ Blush: Dead Apples - Anime Blusher
♡ Pajamas: Sweet Thing - Silly Pajamas in Berry Bear ☆ Kustom9
♡ Slippers: Blah - My Piggly Slippers in White ☆ Old Gacha Prize
♡ Choker: Blah - My Donut Choker in Strawberry
♡ Necklace: Sweet Thing - SleepyChi Charmed Necklace in Donuts ☆ Old Gacha Prize
♡ Rings: Blah - My Donut Ring in Strawberry & Vanilla
♡ Plushies: Abrasive - Unicorn Pony Plush in Coral ☆ OMGacha
♡ Donuts In Antlers: Cubic Cherry Kreations - Yummy Donut Puffs ☆ OMGacha
♡ Macaroons in Antlers: Cubic Cherry Kreations - Yummy Macaroon Puffs ☆ OMGacha
♡ Bow: Cosmic Dust - Lovely Hair Bow in Vanilla
♡ Facemask: Blah - Heartbeat Gasmask ☆ OMGacha
♡ Antlers: Bokeh - Candy Dipped Antlers in White

♬ Song Of The Moment ♬
Got7 - Just Right

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