04 April 2016

Call Me Baby | Kawaii Pon Pon Stuffs!

My loves!

How are you lovely divas feeling today? Me? Well I'm getting it together. I WAS enjoying the weather here by going out on the patio with my kindle, eating potstickers and enjoying the papa's <fill in blank>ira's until suddenly...it was..snowing? If April showers bring May flowers....what do April snowstorms bring?
Anywhoooo today I am wearing some really adorable things from a VERY new event that I want to keep around for as long as I possibly can so I definately want to get the word out about it! Keep on reading for more details on my items and this event!

So I'm not completely that great at Lolita looks but I've always appreciated the style and if you yourself are a lolita dresser then I have great news for you! A brand new event started up this month called Kawaii Pon Pon and it's put together by LoveFox, [D]oki, and many other AMAZING designers. Not only is the design of the event super adorable but it's easy to navigate through, the pricing of the items is very fair and affordable, the items are TOP quality, and the lag is relatively low. They are starting it up with a Lolita theme to knock any lolita girls petticoat right off! 
Today I have on a couple things from the event including this adorable dress from Nocciola which is a new place to me but I definitely see myself going back and looking around. This is the Hime Lolita Dress and I of course have it on in light pink but there are tons of colors to pick from. There are sizes for regular, mesh, and kemono bodies as well which is a BONUS. I paired this adorable dress with MUST HAVE shoes from Anachron also found at the event and they are called Hole Hearted Rocking Horse shoes and I have them on in white! With a little adjusting they can honestly work with....any flat foot. There is amazing items with every turn so give it a look yourself! Even if you aren't into full lolita they have very cute pieces that can be paired with any style!

I hope you guys enjoy the look I offered today! I must go play in snow....in the middle of spring....? (What is life?) See you guys soooooon! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

♥ BODY ♥
♡ Skin: Enfer Sombre - Amy Skin in Light 2 ☆ Gacha Prize
♡ Shape: My Own Shape
♡ Eyes: POMF - Galaxy Eyes in Purple Mix
♡ Hair: Chemistry - Quinn Hair
♡ Bangs: Chemistry - Prue Bangs
♡ Body: Utilizator - Kemono Body
♡ Nails: Ni.Ju - Kemono Nails
♡ Dress: Nocciola - Hime Lolita Dress in Light Pink ☆ Kawaii Pon Pon
♡ Shoes: Anachron - Hole Hearted Rocking Horse Shoes in White ☆ Kawaii Pon Pon
♡ Glasses: Bodhi - White Spring Glasses
♡ Plushies: Precious Angel - Fluffy Angel in Lil Pure
♡ Hat: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Ichigo Cake Hat in White/Pink ☆ Kawaii Pon Pon
♡ Ears/Tail: [D]oki - Bunny Ears & Tail ☆ Kawaii Pon Pon

♬ Song Of The Moment ♬
♪ Call Me Baby Performed By EXO ♪

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