08 May 2018

Taste My Pewky

Hello Loves!

The sun is burning my retinas BUT THE BLOGGING MUST GO ON! Maybe it's age, maybe it's my love of summer clothing, maybe it's just the utter fact that I'm sick of seeing snow, no matter the case having these warmer days is really not that bad.
SO today I am showing off a look that I absolutely fell in love with upon purchase and I not only want to tell you about it but I want to also show how much fun I had taking pictures today in a somewhat dystopian sim with a dancing raccoon (before you ask, yes this is exactly why I picked this location) and my completely utterly non branded chocolate covered biscuit sticks (That sounds good right?) Are you into this look as much as I am? I hope so! Keep on reading for some details!

First and foremost I have to say once again it feels so good to be back and blogging it's even more of a joy when I get to find goodies like this Jacket that I picked up from Kustom9 by a new (to me) designer called Gabriel. When I first purchased it I thought it came with the shorts and shirt she was wearing in the ad but it comes with just the jacket as well as the body bag (with the headphones). I decided on the color pink (Is anyone here surprised? Show of hands. No one? Cool) but they have more than one color AND the fatpack comes with a texture change HUD to cut down on that inventory clutter. PERSONALLY I'm very tight on money, however if you want this jacket in more than one color I'd recommend going fatpack
Underneath I slipped on my go to miniskirt from Revolt and paired it with this very true but suggestive tank that I won from this round of The Chapter Four and it's from a store I'm quickly growing to love called Rust Republic and of course it wouldn't be a Lili outfit without some cute accessories piled on which will be mentioned in the credits!

And on that not my dears I bid you a farewell for the night (I should be back Thursday) and as always
PEACE! No just kidding! Mwahs & Happy Shopping! 

Love Always
♥ BODY ♥
♡ Skin: S0ng - Akira Skin in Mocha
♡ Shape: My Own Shape
♡ Eyes: Hime Dream - Playful Eyes in Blue
♡ Hair: Ayashi - Blood Alice Hair w/ Bow SALE
♡ Mesh Head: Catwa - Catya Mesh Bento Head
♡ Body: Maitreya - Lara Mesh Bento Body
♡ Lashes: Adored - Twiggy Lashes
♡ Lipstick: Adored - Vinyl Glass Lips Bare All Edition
♡ Nail Polish: OohLala - Nail Set Lover Boy in Sweet ☆The Chapter Four
♡ Eyeliner: Mudskin - Chae-Young Eyeliner
♡ Blush: Adored - Blushing Star w/ Freckles
♡ Knees: Izzies - Knee Wounds Maitreya Applier
♡ Top: Rust Republic - Too Sweet Top in Pink V1 ☆ The Chapter Four
♡ Jacket: Gabriel - Stadium Jacket in Pink ☆ Kustom 9
♡ Skirt: R3volt - Akira Skirt V3
♡ Bag: Gabriel - Body Bag in Pink ☆ Kustom 9
♡ Glasses: Cubic Cherry - Lala Glasses
♡ Choker: Nanika - Margaret White Choker ☆ The Chapter Four
♡ Rings: PKC - Keep It Simple Rings
♡ COMPLETELY unbranded Chocolate Biscuit Stick: PewPew - Pewky Stick in HoneyChocoSwirl ☆ Kustom 9
♡ Tail: Aii - Bento Devil Tail
♡ Ears: Mandala - Steking Season5

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