10 May 2012

Captured Blogger Fantasy Time

Hellllo ladies and gentlemen. Today's post is a bit of a fantasy story don't worry it has an okay ending and I will try not to make it a full out novel hehe though I may fail

Once upon a time there were two very strong but separate entities,The Maiden of the Light and the Princess of the Darkness. One lived in her world of darkness unfolding around every corner making her strong....a fighter and a warrior the other living in the world of eternal light knowing the darkness existed..unhappy with her surroundings because she knew it was all fake and made to seem normal...She grew to be a nurturer and a seeker of the unknown. During a day of crashing storms a portal opened between and the girls got to steal a peek at one another and instantly gravitated

Though the maiden of Light was naive and gullible to most the Princess of darkness never left her side and never gave up on her pulling her into the world she knew and slowly teaching her of the things hidden from her in the world she had known the energy around them growing stronger with each day of bonding they achieved without noticing the void between both worlds was slowly closing destined to forever be closed. Trapping the maiden of light into her new home.  

From that day everything changed for the better for both princesses. The Dark was never scary for the maiden of light always lit the way for the one she loved and the paths were never dangerous for the Princess of Dark would fight for the one she loved. The void to both world was the best thing to happen to them both.

The end...Well not really. This is a Dramatized version of my friendship with Midorii but it rings true I managed to capture her into the blogging world she is new but check her out (x) she offers the styles I could only IMAGINE being able to showcase. This is not the end of our pics together so stay tuned

Love Always
      Lili (And Mido)

What I Have on:
Skin: Hush - Grace in Honey
Hair: Magika - Flourish
Nails: Mandala - Milky Nails in White
Wings: Envious Creations - Chibi Wings
Eyes :By Snow - New Moon Eyes
Necklace: Phresh - Forbidden Crest Necklace
Tongue: Pekka - Tongue (Barbie is a bitch)
Horns: Lemon Tea - Bestia Cornu
Tail: Lemon Tea - Upright Demon Tail
Tattoo: Bedlam - Be Mine
Top: Luck Inc - Tanktop in White
Skirt: Evolve - QTpie Mini in Dotty
Thong: Insaya - Star Thongs in White
Hooves: Epic - Lunar Demon Legs

What Mido has on
Skin: Al Vulo - Chantelle (Pure Caramel)
Shape: Panda Punx - Candi Group Gift (HEAVILY MODDED)

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Teeloh in Black Coffee
Hair base: Deetalez - Shaved Tattoo Chess
Eyes: By Snow - Dolly Eyes (Blind)
Ears: GAUGED - Elven Stretched Ears (Dice)
Tail: (pera) - Uni Tail
Horns: Schadenfreude - Kinder Horns
Hooves: Illusory - Goat Basic Black
Tattoo: Para - Gothic Kiss Squares
Nails: AKA - Toxic Long Nails (Mesh)
Nemezi - Smokey Black Eyeshadow
Dead.Apples GlamGoth Bright - Full Liner
Pink Acid - Eye Candy Eyeshadow - Red
Top: Luck Inc. - Tiedtop Black
Skirt: FuK'N'Hawt - "Nice Belt" Skirt Black
Collar: Kinky Designs (Candy Dollinger) - High Posture Collar in Black Latex
ICED - Triple Bridge Piercing
Mad Echo - Abbey Piercing
Bird Next Door - Face Plug Piercings 2
MJ+DADA - Navel Piercing - Gecko

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