02 May 2012

Daddy's Girl

Hey Fashion Heads!

I used to always want to be a daddy's girl but I grew up with a single mother so I always had a subtle yearning to experience the father daughter stuff.

You know the stuff the awkward boyfriend interrogations...The first time he realizes you're a woman and men want to have sex with you (GASP). The one to buy you something just because you're his little princess. I mean yeah sure it may be a teddy bear at 17 yrs old but....because he loves you. Oh wait....I had that. HI MOM!

Even though me and my mom fought like professional wrestlers at the end of the day we still loved each other we are both just 2 stubborn people and neither of us back down and it leads to..interesting moments but we worked past it all with maturity in us both. We are a lot closer now than we ever have been. Not many days go without us talking I have to admit I NEVER thought I'd be here with my family I always thought it was a lost cause. But...I was soooo wrong

So yes sometimes I wonder if I missed out on the father/daughter moments and wonder if I would have been a daddy's girl who was spoiled to the bottom of her heart...

But then I realize...

 ...I'm a Mommy's Girl that was spoiled to the bottom of her heart...and I kind of liked it 

Love Forebers

What I threw on
Skin: Hush - Marin in Natural
Hair: Point B (Analog Dog) - Quest in Cacoa
Eyes: Hebenon Vial - Venustas Eyes in Emerald
Lashes: Damned - My Perfect Lashes
Dress: Snatch - Make No Mistake in Gold
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Giselle Necklace in Pink (Medium Size)
Earrings: Bewildebeest - Mucha Earrings in Pink Pearl
Bracelet: U & R Dogs - Gondoliera Bracelet in Gold
Shoes: Glow Studios - Nite Nite Pumps in Gold
Posings By: Shey Poses
Song of the Day
Got It From My Mama by Will.I.Am

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