03 May 2012

Cherry Blossoms!

Heya! Not sure if I should call you fashion heads or fashionistas so I did a bit of both

I did a little SL exploration today and ran across this AMAZING place .... I would have taken more pictures but SL was being mean to me but I managed to get one extraordinary picture done. In front of me (Which I wish I could have captured) is like a Japanese tea house and further behind me was a cherry blossom garden I could have stayed all day but I had to go and do work...boo

In this picture I have on this AMAZING dress from a somewhat new SL designer named YureiOnna. She is a sweety and her stuff is available on marketplace just search for Virtual Beauty she has a few cute things to offer us for a nice Linden saver price that doesn't skimp on quality. Something about the color and drawing in the shirt makes me squeal happiness so give her a pat on the back if you see her around and welcome her to the designers world hehe

Oh and I will be adding a Slurl Page so be on the lookout for it and I'll try to always keep it updated

Love you guys so much 

What I have on
Skin: Hush - Marin in Honey
Lipstick: Glamorize - Priss Lips in Tomato
Eyes: Nerd Monkey - Brown Intensive eyes
Hair: Exile - Alyssa in Frost
Headband: EY:NO - Sakura Headband
Rings: EY:NO - Sakura Rings
Dress: Virtual Beauty - Pompy Dress
Milk box: Yulicie- Milk Box in Strawberry
Love Letter to Japan by The Bird and the Bee
"From the west to the east I have flown to be near you I have come all this way to be close to be here with you and now all my heart I will lay down precisely at your feet. My Beloved oh my sweet all the gifts you have given me the patience and the peace cherry blossoms and the candy I am yours I am yours for as long for as long as you will have me"

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