13 May 2012

Deerly Beloved....An Al Vulo Story

Its the Lilz again ready to show off yet another LOTD. By now you all know I suck at keeping up with what's new and what people consider "in" I just dress to make me feel good no matter who really likes or doesn't like it. I guess being a fawn has its...perks (See what I did there?)

I got a beautiful notice from Hlin about a new group gift and I was soo happy I went to get it...Sim full..heart break. So I waited a few hours and I get there press and crash got no skin so I clicked when I got back and it said I had already received it HEARTBREAK! and then this afternoon I received it Yays! 

The pictures are a bit of a Fawn seductress living in the woods type thing. The outfit made me happy so I ran with it hehe. I am never disappointed by Al Vulo. I love when group gifts are actually something usable not just something thrown together. It makes me actually want to shop there.

Only Sadsy Wadsy I have is that every month the gift giver breaks :( I think a subscribo would make poor hardworking Hlin's life so much easier and also everyone...click once...clicking 43 times won't cause it to work any faster

So Hope you enjoy the look today <3 I will see you tomorrow with something else quite interesting to say the least

What I Frolicked in 
Skin: Al Vulo - Debbie Oh Deer in Chantilly group gift
Shape: Handmade Shape NOT FOR SALE
Lashes: Damned - My Perfect Lashes
Eyes: Acid & Mala - Winter Eyes in Glaciar
Hair: Alice Project - Sohee
Hairbase: Modish Eyebrows
Lips: Tuli - Parted Lips 2

Top: Izzies - Pasties
Skirt: Blow Up - Miniskirt Zipped in white Tartan
Thong: Insanya - Stars Thing in Black
Hooves: Epic - Lunar  Demon Legs

Nipple Flowers: Izzies - Daisy Set
Flower in Hair: Izzies - Daisy Set
Mouth Flower: Damned - Little Daisy
Piercing: Hebenon Vial - The  Minimalist
Nails: Ey:No - Sunflower Nails
Antlers: The Black Forest - Oak Tree
Bangles: Mandala - Takara Bangles in Metal White
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer -White South Sea Pearl Necklace
Ears: Hebenon Vial - Pierced 3.0 in Cutie Cartoons
Song for The Moment 
Insensible By Mandalay

"It's like I hardly see the sky some days
It's like you hardly said a word
It's like I hardly see the sky some days
And I'd do better if I turned my head
Knowing you did

Knowing you called

Knowing you held her
Knowing you kissed
Knowing you did all this

It's like I hardly see the sky...."

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