26 May 2012

Guitar Hero!

Hey Fashion heads!

I am back bearing pretty pictures. So...have you ever wanted to be a rockstar or is that just me? I recently was thinking "Hmmm...what would Lili look like as a Dark singer Goddess?" and then it hit me...lets find out. I was playing Guitar Hero with a friend of mine and I really PULLED my inner rock goddess out and I felt soooo good. Read below for the credits <3

TADA! I am a sexy Demon...thing...
I took a few pictures at this new place that I found called Machinima Film Studios but the pictures got epically ruined to non saving proportions there were lines through my face and jiggly jaggys around my body that made me rage face BUT I did manage to put something together for you guys to see so not many pictures today but you do get to see the look I put together.

The skin I'm wearing is from an AWESOME event with Special Edition Skins only available here and MADE for this event. I have on one of the amazing skins offered by Hush called Christine in the Bronze makeup. I am a huge fan of Hush and you bet your backside I was going to grab this one asap. Come check it out its definately worth a look or 17 :D (x)

 What Lili is Wearing
Skin: Hush - Christine in Bronze (Honey Tone) Skin Addiction's skin Showcase
Shape: My Own Shape
Eyes: By Snow - New Moon Eyes in Volturi
Hair: Mina Hair - Moriko found @ Attic at The Deck
under 100L
Hairbase: Happy Face - Eyebrow Shape 3
Tattoos: Salt & Pepper - Angry Leopard Tattoo
Teeth: Izzie's - Teeth 3
Lashes: Damned - My Perfect Lashes
under 100L
Dress: Luck Inc - Petite Net Dress in Black
Shoes: Ten 10 - Megas Boots in Black
Bracelet: Comes with Nails
Nails: Dirtyland - Punk Perfect hands under 100L
Face Piercings: Hebenon Vial - Liquid in Ink
Cheek Plugs: Twisted Snitch - Lower Cheek Gauge V2
under 50L
Tail/Horns: Twisted Snitch - Demonic Bone Tail/Horn in Onyx under 100L
Posing By Glitterati
Song For The Moment
Evolution By Korn

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