07 May 2012

Boxing My Emotions

Hey peoples.

So yeah...today was a down day for me I'm sure you guys are sick of hearing about them but don't worry...you're not! I think I've battled myself long enough with my emotions lately. I'm starting to realize that its okay to be sad or happy or sexual or HOWEVER it is I feel  doesn't mean something is wrong with me just makes me a person. The defining line or whether or not I need help is how I handle it and I think I'm going to choose to express it with creativity.

Today I found a few fun buttons on Photoshop and I went and had a bit of fun with them take a peeksy weeksy shall we?

I guess its like a tool that makes different areas Transparent I can't wait to perfect it and make some more fun things to show you guy. Remember when I said this is not your average fashion blog. With each day I learn something new and I like to share it. I want to give you guys me...not just what I wear..I want you to know WHY I wear it.

What I put on today is a creation of Alterego from the perfect wardrobe this time around (Knock Out). I was hesitant about even visiting but this outfit called to me along with 1 or 2 others. I wanted to keep it kinda cutesy so I paired it with Pigtails from Exile (Bring it on in Frost) and the newest release from Glamorize which is quickly becoming a favorite of mine called "Center of attention" it has a little bit of a partial thing going on that's to die...okay well...box for (I dun wanna die)

I guess I just wanted to blab a little today I hope you don't mind hehe See you guys tomorrow I love you lots I'm almost at 3000 views...that's nothing to some but it means the world to me it either means 3 people refresh my page 1000 times. 3000 people have read or I have people who actually come back to see me rant and rave and that means so much to know I'm interesting to read about 

Thanks you guys I love you Forebers

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  1. Asia NightshadeMay 7, 2012 at 9:43 PM

    Guess this means we are stuck with you <3 well I am glad to hear it. I for one love having you around. Reading your blog is like hearing a story unfold "A day in the life of our Lili". Your quirky, sexy and sometimes dare I say knock out way of looking at this I know has many down for the count!

    Go get em girl!