13 February 2015

Piggies With Rainbows

Mwahs to your faces!

So not sure if you've noticed after THREE YEARS (I myself can't believe it's been that long I've been blogging either) but uh...I'm obsessed with rainbows and glitter and all that pretty stuff and when I see something covered in rainbow I squeal like a pig....then this blog post happened
The idea for this pic was that a pig was supposed to see me and squeal from happiness but alas...photoshop won again BUT I do love the pictures that I did capture as well as the outfit that inspired it so...LEGO! Keep on reading for some outfit details.

So this cute little sweater dress I have on? Would you believe me if I said it's under 100L AND fitted mesh? I didn't think so BUT IT IS. This is another amazing release from Katatonik that you can pick up from this round of The Kawaii Project! It's not only amazing but it's a gacha and I was determined to get the rainbow version of this sweater dress and at only 70L a play I got it as well a couple other really cute versions but this one is just...the one I had to have.
Speaking of gachas...I have a couple other cute things on that were gachas and if you swing over to The Gacha Mania they can be yours too :D As hard as it will be to believe these shoes from Cila that I have on are a gacha prize under 100L and with all the colors offered there is a right prize for everyone. I have on the sunny version of these shoes today with my look and the little bunny tail on them just bumps up the cuteness to a new level. These are called Furry Suede Shoes if you're looking. I also got my glasses from The Gacha Mania from Nani Soulstar's cute release of sunglasses. I'm not a fan of wearing sunglasses but I love the way they look so I just slid them up on my head :D

Both of these events will be ending soon so RUNNNN to get the goodies you WILL regret it if you don't get them. Mwahs & Happy Shopping! 

Love Always

Places To Go!

♥ BODY ♥
♡ Head: M3 Anime Head
♡ Shape: My Own Shape
♡ Body: Kemono Mesh Body
♡ Hair: Olive - the Ara Hair
♡ Nails: Ni.Ju - Kemono Nails
♡ Dress: Katatonik - Fitted Mesh Sweatshirt in Rainbow ☆ Kawaii Project
♡ Socks: Come with Kemono
♡ Shoes: Cila - Furry Suede Shoes in Sunshine ☆ The Gacha Mania
♡ Backpack: Altair - QT Backpack in Weeaboo Trash
♡ Sunglasses: Nani Soulstar - Sunglasses B ☆ The Gacha Mania
♡ Necklace: Geek - Kraving the Rainbow Necklace in Skit-tels ☆ Old Gacha Prize
♡ Piggychan: Oopsie - Little Piggies in Lemon ☆ Gacha Prize
♡ Collar: 2PM - Star Choker
♡ Bunny Ears/Tail: O.M.E.N - Bunny Ears/Tail in Light
♡ Hairtie: Amai - Spoopy Eyeballz in Yellow (Modded onto the hair)

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