18 November 2015

Mints & Strawberries

Hello Dears!...or Deers! Either way HELLO (and if you're a deer reading this I'm actually even more impressed!)
To be honest, when I make my outfits the inspiration can really come from anywhere and I mean ANYWHERE. Are you wondering where this inspiration came from? Well....quite simple really. I was watching youtube (I LOVE youtube) one of the many cooking channels that I'm subscribed to and they made strawberry salsa with mint in it and it looked...REALLY good and I DID recently buy this minty delicious new release from Moon Amore and thought that pinks would be a nice combo with it. TADA Inspiration *paints a rainbow over her head and smiles* Lots of cute and awesome goodies today! Keep on reading for more info and credits.
I want to start with this AMAZING (have I mentioned it's amazing) dress from Moon Amore for this round of Kawaii Project. I am obsessed with most if not all things made by Moon Amore and this release is no different. Even in the fall I love to wear bright and colorful things and this has that classic fall glamour with the colors of spring :D. I went with the mint because honestly I don't have many mint colored outfits (in comparison to other colors) If you want this for yourself all you have to do is skip to this round of The Kawaii Project which is super special cause it's the one year anniversary so there are discounts and gifts galore. I really wanted something to cover my legs a little and these gift stockings from Quirky (also at this round of Kawaii Project) were the perfect match. When you get the chance my loves, definitely check it out. 
Many of you know I have a thing for gachas....like...a big thing and I kind of went a little crazy with them recently because 1. I'm on a bit of a tight budget (yay holidays)and 2. They force me to sometimes dress out of my comfort colors. I've REALLY been enjoying the Gacha Garden and even though I spent a TON, I got so much from it that I really can't complain. Today my horns and bag from there both of them costing me less than 100L each! The adorable cat bag is from a new (to me) place called Fiasco and it's called the Purr Purse and I thought the gold and white version might look really cute with the look I was going for as well as these gold wendigo horns I won from the Cerberus Crossing gacha machine.

Every once in awhile it's nice to use a free item right? Check out this group gift from Truth! If you missed it just join the subscribo and look through the history and DON'T YOU DARE leave it after cause Mr Truth works hard on his creations and the least you can do is check them out from time to time right? Word of mouth is one of the best advertisements. This is called Louisa and you get the variety pack 100 percent FREE!

Still tons of goodies but those are down in the credits! Scroll down to know EVERYTHING I have on okay!? Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always,
~> Kira Kira
~> Gacha Garden
 *~♥*~* CREDITS *~*♥~*
♥ BODY ♥
Skin: The Sugar Garden - Baby 2.0 in C Tone
Shape: My Own Shape
Eyes: S0ng - Nina Eyes in Brown
Hair: Truth - Louisa Hair ☆ Subscribo Gift
Body: Maitreya - Lara Mesh Body V3.4
Hands: Slink
Lipstick: Angelica - Milky Lips in Chop Apple Dark
Nail Polish: Nylon Outfitters - Geometric Mint & Nude Slink Appliers
Blush: Dead Apples - Anime Blusher
Hearts on Face: Angelica - Candy Make Up Heart in Mint
Freckles: Buzzeri - Cutiepie Freckles with Heart
Dress: Moon Amore - Danielle Dress in Mint ☆  Found @ Kawaii Project
Socks: Quirky - Happy Birthday Stockings in Rose ☆ Gift @ Kawaii Project
Skates: The Secret Store - Vintage Roller Skates in White Leather  (I Tinted the Wheels) ☆ Gacha Prize
Bag: Fiasco - Purr Purse in White & Gold ☆ Found @ Gacha Garden
Glasses: C'est La Vie - Vivi Glasses in Mint ☆ Gacha Prize
Necklace: Altair - Magica Necklace in White ☆ Found @ Kira Kira
Ring: Lost Junction - Krazii Kawaii Ring in White Kittii ☆ Found @ Kawaii Project
Collar: Altair - Kokoro Collar in Purity Pink
Food: Love Soul - Bunny Parfait ☆ Gacha Prize
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season5
Antlers: Cerberus Crossing - Wendigo Antlers in Gold ☆ Found @ The Gacha Garden

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