03 November 2015

Serene School Daze

Hey my loves!

Can you believe we've made it to November 2015 already it literally feels like yesterday I was talking about the summer time and how I couldn't wait for it to BUZZ OFF....and let me make it really clear I got that wish in massive amounts of cold breezes up my dress. 
Looking back to my high school days I was always such a derpy dresser. My closet mostly consisted of demin jeans and shirts with those bunnies with the funny sayings (if only I could remember the name of them grrrr EDIT: They are Happy Bunny shirts) I really wish I had the fashion sense I have now and could have worn all the cute little things I wore in college. My look today is inspired by....in a sense the girl I wish I was in high school? Lots of affordable goodies dripping off my body today that I think you guys will like so keep on reading for tons more info.
I fell in absolute love with the outfit I have on. For less than 100L too and it fits me like a sweet sweet dream. This release is from Dami and it's called Knit n Undershirts Onepiece which you can pick it up from this round of Shiny Shabby. I won the #2 with the more buttoned up style but there is also a more open and casual version to be won from this machine. Something about big comfy sweaters makes my heartu jump and this pale pink color just really completes the heartu jumps. I wanted a bit more of a "schooly" look so I added a tie that I won from VCO some time ago just to get the look I wanted.

Another awesome release is from Candydoll. Candydoll is one of my go to places for shoes and these shoes HAVE to be bought by everyone in the world to ever buy shoes. These are called the Jennie Shoes and I have them on in Pale Rose for slink but if you're one of the fashionistas that uses a different mesh foot there is no need to worry because there are options for you included as well. You have to move QUICKLY and grab them before Collabor88 changes to the new round on the 8th!

Do you absolutely love my face?! ME TOO! The ALWAYS amazing Miss Eilfie Sugarplum, or as some of you know her as just The Sugar Garden, has updated not just this mesh head but ALL her mesh heads. She's updated the tongues to look more slurpable and delicious by giving them more of a "wet" realistic look. Tsu, Mizu, & Dakota (I'm wearing Aya today) Got cleaner looking eyebrows, and the biggest most important update (to me) is the lower render cost and I don't mean by just a couple numbers either she's cut some of them down to about 2% of what they used to be. If you haven't gotten you're update go pick it up at the redelivery terminals 

I had such a blast putting this outfit you guys have NO idea! Keep on reading for a full list of credits and shop your little hearts out! See you all super soon! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always,
♥ BODY ♥
♡ Skin: The Sugar Garden - Aya Mesh Head & Skin in C ToneUpdated Version
♡ Shape: My Own Shape
♡ Eyes: S0ng  - Nina Eyes in Green Kustom9
♡ Hair: Doe - Wednesday Hair  ☆ Kawaii Project
♡ Body: Maitreya - Lara Mesh Body
♡ Hands: Slink
♡ Feet: Slink
♡ Ears: The Sugar Garden - Elf Ear Add On in Modest Blushing Comes w/ Mesh Head
♡ Nail Polish: Koffin Nails - Lucky Charms Nail HUD Gacha Prize
♡ Outfit: Dami - Knit n Undershirts Onepiece #2 Shiny Shabby
♡ Shoes: Candydoll - Jennie Shoes in Pale RoseCollabor88
♡ Bag: U.F.O - Shoulder Motor Bag in SandGacha Prize
♡ Glasses: Toki Doki - Pink Turquoise Frame Glasses
♡ Earring & Ring: Maxi Gossamer - Giselle Opal Earrings & Ring in Pink
♡ Bow: Baby Princess - Moody Bunny Bow in Cute Bow
♡ Chinchilla on Shoulder: Sweet Thing - Perched Chi Chinchilla Gacha Garden (Seed Of Inspiration Prize)
♡ Tie: VCO - Vintage Tie 05 Gacha Prize
♡ Face Stickers: Ni.Ju - Face Stars in White Gacha Prize
♡ Tail: Medusa Neko - Devil Tail
♡ Wings: Cubic Cherry Kreations - Tsuki Wings in Silver RARE Gacha Garden
♡ Horns: Random Matter - Borgin Horns in White

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