29 September 2012

A Few New news| Quick LOTD

Hey Fashion Heads! Welcome new follower! Everytime I see a new follower I smile.
Today's posting is going to be somewhat short because today I think I am going to try out a bit of RP-ing I'm not amazing at it but I can at least get my character going and get a feel for whats going on among this town right? Keep on reading for a little chatty and credits

I went a little more dark colored in my clothing today for no reason other than I really like the look of all the pieces I put on. The jacket I am rocking is a new release from Cynful called Sporty Jacket. I was debating between the black in the red and the black won but its also in brown. light grey, pink, white, and yellow. 

The skin I have on today is from Mirror's Enigma for the Swag Fest starting in just a few short (but long) days. Its called Liberty and I really dig it I have on the lightest tone but of course you can get darker ones :)

I went really light with accessories today but they are kinda chunkier pieces so I didn't feel bare. I put on this CUTE watch from Gitchee as soon as I opened the package. Its non rigged mesh and they look amazing. The necklace I have is from Yopulga which I love it almost looks like a ying yang sign but its not its really cool looking right? definitely worth a looksy and its available in other colors as well as the watches

And now my dears its time for me to get my rp on! I will sooooo tell you how it goes. Toodles

Love Always

What I have on
Skin: Mirror's Enigma - Liberty in Lilac w/ Cleavage (Ivory Tone) New! The Swag Fest
Shape: My Own Shape
Eyes: Mayfly - Liquid Light Eyes in Rainshower Shadow
Hair: Lamb - Brand New Lover in Left-Brained
Teeth: Modish - Prim Teeth V5
Nails: Rezlpsa Loc - Black Cherry French
Lashes: Al Vulo - Mesh Lashes
Top: Cynful - Sporty Jacket in Black New!

Skirt: Splash - Plaid Red Mini Skirt
Stockings: Coca & Wolf - Sockets in Red
Shoes: Enelya's Creations - Army Boots
Necklace: Yopulga - Black Circle Necklace in Silver New!

Watch: Gitchee - Watch in Stars Black New!
Poses: Pose Maniacs

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  1. i love how you posted that your shape is your own. because people are always wantin to know where one got their shape especially me. i think more people need to do that post if it's your own or if it's not ya know? lol so ty for postin that.