15 September 2012

No White After Labor Day....Yeah Right

Hey Fashion Heads! 
So....I have another follower! Welcome to my followers list and I hope you continue to enjoy my ramblings hehe. I've always wondered who started the "No white after labor day thing" but I hate it. So I broke the rule. TAKE THAT FASHION RULE MAKER! I mean come on I look so cute in it right? Right. Wanna know more about it keep on reading if not...Well...we've been through this MANY times lmao.

On my DAY away...which was WAY too much I must admit I had time to organize my inventory again and stumbled upon this cute dress from Sugar & Cyanide. It has a panda! I LOVE pandas! There are other really cute versions too including one that says "Life is too short...and so is your penis" I thought it was epic I truly did lololololol. I know I have this creator on my blog a lot the clothes fit me like a glove though dun blame me.

Also....I am still in LOVE with this Patricia skin from Candydolls but decided to spice it up by adding a bright and shiny new release from glamorize. Its called Dot lips, Aren't they purty? its a pack of 20. 10 colors one version with a mole and one without take a gander

Lots more is coming your way these next few weeks so strap in and get ready for many many MANY fashiongasms. I'm not cleaning it up though I just got my nails done :D. Happy Shopping my loves

Love Always

After Labor Day Outfit
Skin: Candydoll - Patricia in Natural
Shape: My Own Shape
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes in Teal Hazel
Hair: Exile - Little Things in Frost
Lipstick: Glamorize - Dot Lips in Red
Eyeliner: Glamorize - Liner Fix in Coal
Blush: Dead Apples - Anime Blusher
Freckles: Essences - Freckles 01
Teeth: Modish - Teeth V5
Nails: Jamman Jewels & Accessories - Ultimate Nails
Dress: Sugar & Cyanide - Hoodie Dress in Panda
Feet: Ambo Science Inc - Shadow Hound Digi Boots
Bag: Gitchee - Bag Floppy in Music
Ears: Mutation Industries - Notched Ears in White
Tail: Lemon Tea - Neko Tail in Persian White
Drink: Love Soul - Strawberry Pudding Frappe Gatcha Prize

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