15 September 2012


Fashionistas! And Fashionistos who like me! and *GASP* Hello New Follower!
Hugs for jugs....interesting title right? Okay so pretty much you'll see a lot of outfits with appliers over the next few weeks. So if you're offended by them or they scare you or you're allergic to them see you in a few weeks. All outfits I show won't HAVE to be worn with appliers but women with them should know there are great things for them out there. Rant continues in 5...4...3...2...

Okay so...I'm tired of the mindframe that big breasts have anything to do with personality or behavior. I'm not a whore nor a slut but I love my big breasts and I always will. I know many small breasted woman who sleep around so PLEASE...stop looking at prim breasts as something vulgar and see it as what they are....freedom of appearance in SL.

That being said the outfit I have on today is from Sugar. Goodness I love this place it has appliers for Lolas and the bottom is made of mesh. Today ONLY its 150 but then it goes to its regular price. Its called the Weekender Top but I wore it as a dress because that's how I is! So come grab it. The dress not me! *slaps hand away*
OH....also. The cute little hangy thing on the wall. I LOVE it I want all of them. Its from the Cloud 9 Gatcha Event definite place to check out they have a variety of gatchas from home decorations to makeups!

The Cute little shoes I have on are I believe the newest release from Gaeline Creations so I snatched them up. I'm a big fan of the look though these are a little harder to color than the rest of her shoes but I still HIGHLY recommend buying them cuz its not that hard.

Happy shopping to you all and hope to bring you more goodies soon

Love Always

P.S. I forgot to ADD the antlers back :( but here is the full look down below!

Hugs For Jugs Outfit
Skin: Pink Fuel - Alyx in Candy Hearts
Shape: My Own Shape
Eyes: Mirror's Enigma - Naturelle Eyes in Hazel
Hair: Truth - Bunny in Clove
Hairbase: Truth Base in Clove
Blush: Dead Apples - Anime Blusher
Nails: Jamman Jewels & Accessories - Ultimate Nails
Teeth: Modish - Prim Teeth V5
Breasts: Lolas Pushup
Dress/Top: Sugar Weekender Top w/ Applier
Bottom/Panties: Insanya - Panties in Black
Shoes: Gaeline Creations - Donna Shoes in Black
Necklace: Earthstones - Niesha Necklace in Black/ Spectrum
Earrings: Earthstones - Niesha Earrings  in Black/ Spectrum
Tail: Lemon Tea - Neko Tail
Antlers: Viita - Reindeer Antlers
Non Wearable Credits
Chair/Table: U & R Dogs - Dressing Chair
Food On Table: Poche
Wall Hanging: Storaxtree - Word Of The Day in HUGS Gatcha Prize 

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