30 September 2012

Everyone Should Experience a Picnic...

Its your Lili here for more goodies and ramblings!
Today I decided to have an SL picnic I found this really cute place called Natural Wilderness that I think is really beautiful I am really into wilderness or garden type sims. I wish I could do a far out picture so you could see the place fully but I don't think my poor computer could handle that. I really love the outfit I put on for my little picnic outing what about you? *Giggles*

I personally never got to have a picnic until I was a young adult my very first REAL boyfriend took me to have one I thought it was super funny because it wasn't the "usual" picnic food. He was a great cook so he made lasagna and garlic bread lol. Its was super amazing we had a great time just us and the wilderness for an hour or 2. Trust me fashion heads...you have no idea how much I miss him

So as surprising as it may sound....this dress was free. I have to be honest and say not sure if its still available but if it is grab it up because its soooooo Kyooot! This is made by Tomochi a new-ish place to me but I did grab this dress I believe last month. I love the patches of colors very eyecatching but don't burn the retinas hehe. 

I know I don't cover too many freebies on here its not that I don't like them but honestly there are so many freebie bloggers and I do blog ones I wear but I don't actively do a lot of hunts or freebie hunting but when I do I love to share just like with anything else :D 

I have officially talked your ear off soooo on to finish my picnic and then its shoppy time. Happy Shopping!

Love Always
Picnic Baby Outfit
Skin: Hush Skins - Grace in Natural
Shape: My Own Shape
Eyes: Mayfly - Liquid Light Eyes in Pale True Grey
Hair: Secrets - Marie in White Mesh
Hairbase: Truth - Snow Hairbase
Eyeliner: Censored - Eyeliner 1
Lipstick: Glamorize - Plumped Lips in Pinks & Reds 01
Blush: Dead Apples - Anime Blusher
Teeth: Modish - Prim Teeth V5
Lashes: Al Vulo - Mesh Lashes
Nails: Jamman Jewels & Accessories - Ultimate Nails
Dress: Tomochi - 007 Free!
Shoes: BoobieLicious - Unique Heels in Music is the Key

Picnic Basket: Poche
Necklace: Splash - Stone Necklace in Turquoise
Ring: Splash - Stone Ring in Turquoise
Knees: Dark Midday Designs - Band-aids + Wounds w/ Heart Paint
Tail: Lemon Tea - Neko Tail in Persian White
Ears: Mutation Industries - Notched Ears in White
Location: Natural Wilderness

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  1. Beautiful sunny and happy outfit and pics! It was a long time ago i was in Loch Haven but you reminded me how beautiful it was and i went for another visit, thank you :-)